Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/11/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/11/06



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Mimi comes out of the bathroom where she has changed her clothes. When she searches for Shawn she finds him on the phone. He makes plans to meet someone at their apartment while she is gone to the doctor. He asks the person not to let Mimi know anything about it. Mimi is shocked that he is making plans which doesn’t include her.

John is on the computer at the police station. Frankie comes in to join him. Frankie wonders if John is back on the force. John nods his head for them to go out into the hall. John begins to fill Frankie in on his plan to catch Alex, unbeknownst that a female officer is listening to their every word. She informs Alex of John’s plan to track him down. Alex vows that John will never see Marlena again.

Marlena plays with the necklace around her neck. She remembers when Alex had given it to her, and the things that he had said. She remembers the times that she had spent with John.

Patrick answers the phone in Hope’s room, and realizes that it is Bo. Bo demands to know what he is doing with his wife. Hope takes the phone from Patrick. Hope demands to know how he had gotten this number. Bo wants to know what she is doing with Lockhart.

Bo wants to know why she had left Salem, and had she left with Lockhart. Bo demands to know where she is. Hope refuses to tell him. Bo tells Hope that Patrick is a killer, and that he has proof.

John advises Frankie that he is going to break the law to find Alex and Marlena. Frankie argues with him. The female officer tells Alex that John is devising a plan against him. Alex informs her that he has John check mated.

Marlena continues to remember her times with John. Marlena wonders what is happening to her that her thoughts are of John. She knocks the black bag off the table, and a syringe falls out. She remembers Alex telling her that he was drugging her. Marlena vows that Alex is through controlling her.

John and Frankie discuss his plans for trapping Alex. John holds up a piece of paper, and tells Frankie to make a call for him.

The officer tells Alex that Bo has something on Patrick Lockhart. Alex realizes that now he has Patrick under his control.

Bo reads Hope the police report, but Hope refuses to believe it. They argue as usual. Hope brings up how he is with Billie and Chelsea now, and how Chelsea had killed Zach. She demands the divorce to get herself away from him, Billie and Chelsea.

Shawn talks to Belle on the phone. He makes her promise that Mimi can never find out .She tells him to hurry. Mimi comes out to join him. She asks him to accompany her, but he makes up and excuse that he has too much to do. They kiss.

Shawn sees Bonnie. They exchange pleasantries. Bonnie join Mimi. She senses that something is wrong. Mimi tells her that Shawn is cheating on her with Belle. Mimi becomes frantic with worry as does Bonnie. Bonnie remembers Belle talking to Sami about Shawn. Mimi tells Bonnie that Shawn and Belle belong together. Bonnie assures Mimi that she will take care of Shawn to keep him on the straight and narrow, and to leave Belle to her.

Alex talks to the police officer. They hang up. He goes out, and runs into Patrick in the hall.

Marlena comes into the room with the bag. She has the bottle in her hand. She knows she has to stop Alex without his knowing that she knows.

Alex tells Patrick about the police report. Alex tells him that he wants John taken care of.

Realtor gets a call from Frankie in which he tells her that John wants to make an offer on Marlena’s apartment.

Alex and Patrick discuss Bo and what he has on Patrick. He will take care of Bo if Patrick will take care of John. Patrick assures him that he needs time to think.

Bo and Hope argue. Hope insists that Patrick is no killer. Hope tries to hang up, but Bo stops her. He wants to know if Hope has slept with Patrick. She refuses to answer. She remembers her lovemaking to Patrick. Hope asks Bo has he slept with Billie. Bo refuses to answer. Bo remembers his lovemaking with Billie. Hope begins to cry because she knows that their marriage is over .She hangs up.

Mimi is in an exam room talking to a nurse. Bonnie calls her, She tells Mimi that she is outside on the ledge of hers and Shawn’s loft. Bonnie shows her some pics of Shawn and Belle.

Belle doesn’t think that this is such a good idea.

Patrick assures Alex that he needs time to think. Patrick wants to do the right thing. Alex assures him that he has him under his control, and he has to do what he says.

Marlena looks at the bottle when Alex comes in. She hides the bottle behind her back. Alex wonders what she is doing. When Alex isn’t looking, she hides the bottle back in the black bag. She goes to get dressed. She pulls off the necklace because it won’t match her dress. Alex mumbles to himself that he needs to give Marlena another dose.

Hope cries as she hangs up the phone. Patrick comes in, and comforts her.

Bo has tears in his eyes.

John and Frankie discuss Alex as they wait for the realtor to call Alex.

Hope tells Patrick that she cannot go back to Bo.

Bo insists that he has to find Hope before Patrick kills her.

Alex gets the call from the realtor. John and Frankie trace the call.

Mimi gets another call from Bonnie to hurry home.

Shawn pulls off his shirt. Belle begins to unbutton her shirt.

Mimi cries over Shawn. Bonnie orders her to stop Shawn before it is too late. Mimi hurries into the apartment, and finds clothes all over the apartment .

Bo makes a call to Billie, and tells her to get over there right away.

John traces the call, and finds that Marlena is on Morgan’s Island.

Patrick and Alex make a deal.

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