Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/10/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/10/06



Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Chelsea comes to the garage to visit Max. She asks him for a favor. He tells her why should he do her any favors when she treats him awful. Chelsea asks him to be a character witness for her . Shawn slides himself out from under the car. He lashes out at her for what she had done to Zach. Chelsea walks off as Mimi walks up. Max also leaves.

Austin asks Carrie if she is sure about her decision. Carrie tells him that she is really sorry. Austin apologizes to her for pressuring her so hard.

Sami walks up outside the door, and overhears their conversation. She hears Austin tell Carrie that he had read her all wrong. Carrie apologizes to him for hurting him. Carrie and Lucas start to leave, and meets Sami at the door.

Lucas and Carrie arrive home. He asks her if she wants something to drink, but she refuses. He notices that something is wrong with her. He asks her if she is alright. She tells him, “no.”

John is on the phone with Alex. He threatens Alex if he hurts Marlena. Alex orders John to give up because he has Marlena now.

Bo comes in to the office. John fills him in that he had just talked to Alex on the phone, but hadn’t had enough time to trace the call. John lets Bo know that Alex is going to kill Marlena, and no one knows where they are.

Patrick and Hope kiss on the balcony. Marlena looks over at them and recognizes Hope. Marlena speaks to her. Hope wonders what Marlena is doing here. Alex comes out to join Marlena. Hope can’t believe that Marlena is here. Alex questions Hope as to where is Bo.

Sami offers to fix Austin a sandwich or something. Austin refuses. He tells her that he has to get back to work. Sami lets him know that she has been to a marketing meeting, and hands him a folder to look at. He is real impressed. He lets her know that he has a project for her. She tells him that she has a project of her own. She tells him that she has to move on.

Carrie feels bad that she has hurt Austin. She knows that Austin loves her. Lucas admits that he is glad that she is marrying him. They kiss. Lucas encourages her to cheer up. He hands her an envelope which she peeks into. She wants to know what this is.

Mimi encourages Shawn to give Chelsea a break.

Hope informs Alex that she has left Bo. Alex and Marlena are under the impression that Hope and Patrick are here together. Hope explains that they had just met here. Alex fills Hope in that he and Marlena had gotten re-married. Hope asks Marlena not to let Bo know that she is here.

John plays the tape for Bo of his conversation with Alex. Bo realizes that Alex hadn’t said a word about killing Marlena. Caroline comes into the office, carrying a basket. She hugs John. She lets Bo know that she has brought him some chicken and dumplings. Caroline asks John about Marlena. Caroline tells Bo that she has talked to Hope.

Austin wants to know what she is saying. They discuss Carrie and her decision to marry Lucas. Sami isn’t sure that Austin wanted to be with her. Sami tells Austin that she loves him. Austin knows that Carrie is hiding something from him. He knows that Carrie is afraid to be with him. Sami remembers her talk with Lexie.

Carrie looks at the travel brochures. Lucas assures her that she can pick where she wants to go on their honeymoon. Carrie suggests Venice. Lucas tells her that he loves her so much as they kiss.

Patrick visits Alex in his room. Alex wondered when Patrick would come to visit him. Alex asks for Patrick’s help. Patrick refuses. Alex tells him that anyone that could snare Hope Williams away from Bo Brady, he wanted on his team.

Shawn and Mimi discuss Chelsea. Shawn points out how selfish Chelsea is. Mimi lets him know that Chelsea has to live with what she has done. Shawn asks about her day. She tells him that she is going for tests later in the day. Mimi suggests lunch, but he refuses. They hug.

Chelsea thanks Max for his help. He encourages her that they are going to get through this. He advises her not to go out anymore with boys that she didn’t know. He lets her know that her freedom is at stake. They hug.

Hope comes to visit Marlena. Marlena hadn’t expected to see Hope with Patrick. Hope lets her know that she had filed for divorce from Bo. Marlena asks if Patrick had anything to do with her decision. Hope admits that she is worried about her. Hope finds out that Marlena still has amnesia. Hope notices that Marlena doesn’t seem like her old friend. Hope questions her as to why her and Alex had remarried.

Bo and Caroline discuss Hope, and her filing for divorce. Caroline thinks that Bo is the only one that can reach Hope.

Alex tells Patrick that he will help him to stay in Hope’s life.

Max assures Chelsea that he hasn’t given up on her. Chelsea knows that she has her Mom and Dad behind her. Chelsea admits that she could almost cry. They kiss.

Mimi checks out the car. Shawn wonders where she found out about cars. Mimi lets him know that she learned it from Patrick. They discuss Patrick and Bo thinking he had something to do with Alma’s death. Mimi shows the oil pan. When Shawn tries to adjust it, oil spurts all over them .

Carrie and Lucas make love.

Sami tells Austin that she is going to move on. She explains how she has failed in past relationships. He tries to assure her that she is not a loser. She tells him that she is going to get out of his life. She also wants him out of her life. She asks him to move out. He admits that he cares about her.

Alex and Patrick discuss how that women love money, and lots of it. Alex goes into hotel room, picks up a suitcase, and opens it. It is filled with money. He picks up a bundle of the money. He hands it to Patrick.

Hope encourages Marlena to go home to John.

Bo begs Caroline to give him Hope’s number. She accidentally drops her purse. He picks it up for her, and finds Hope’s number.

Bo starts to call Hope.

Shawn and Mimi clean the oil off of them. He asks her if there is anything that she isn’t good at. She lets him know cooking. They hug. He wonders what other secrets that she is keeping from him.

Chelsea thanks Max for his help. She knows that she owes him big time.

Carrie and Lucas are extremely happy, and this is only the beginning of their happiness.

Austin assures Sami that he loves her, but he wants to take things slow.

John knows that more than prayers will bring Marlena home safe .

Alex tells Patrick that he will be in touch. Patrick leaves with the money.

Marlena and Hope are on balcony. Marlena wonders why everyone is trying to get her back with John., Hope’s phone rings. She goes in to answer it. Patrick comes in with the money. She tells him to answer the phone. He answers it, and it is Bo. Bo demands to know what he is doing with his wife.

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