Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/9/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/9/06



Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi looks at a paper that came with her vitamins. Shawn comes in, carrying a present. She wonders what this is. He tells her to look at it. She opens the edge of the package, and exclaims, “how sweet.”

Hope and Patrick sit on the balcony, eating breakfast. Hope tells him another day in paradise. Patrick suggests that they go for bike ride. She is game, as he picks up her hand. Her cell phone rings. Patrick tells her that he will give her some privacy. He leaves. Hope answers the phone, and finds that it is Caroline. Hope becomes alarmed that something has happened to Shawn, but is relieved when Caroline tells her that he is fine. Caroline tells her that they need to talk.

Bo is at the office. He goes over some files on Patrick Lockhart. He states that it has to be Lockhart. John comes in, and tells Bo that he has proof that Alex is going to kill Marlena.

Alex is on the computer. He sends an e-mail. He takes out an insurance policy on Marlena’s life. Marlena comes in, and sees what he is doing. She confronts him.

Lucas wants Carrie to tell Austin that she loves him, and they are getting married. Austin notices the look on Carrie’s face, and her reluctance to answer.

Sami pushes down the knob on the phone to keep Lexie from calling Carrie. Sami begins to threaten her again about going to Abe with the news that Lexie is cheating on her with Tek. Lexie informs her that she will make Abe understand. Lexie warns Sami that when she reveals the truth that she will lose everything.

Caroline wants Hope to listen to her. Hope tells her to stay out of it. Caroline begins to cry when she knows Hope is not listening to her.

Patrick lies on the bed when he gets a call. He wants to know how they knew where he was.

John fills Bo in that Alex has put up Marlena’s penthouse, and all her belongings for sale. John knows that Alex is going to kill Marlena.

Marlena can’t believe what Alex is doing. He tells her that she wasn’t supposed to see that. She informs him that she had.

Mimi wants to know where he had gotten the rocking horse. Shawn explains to her that he had gotten it out of Zach’s room.

Austin tells Carrie that he loves her, and he wants her to make sure that she is doing the right thing. He encourages her to remember all the good times that they had had together. She reminisces about the past, and her times with Austin. She has tears in her eyes as she turns to face Austin.

Sami orders Lexie to call Carrie. Lexie remarks that Carrie thinks that Sami has changed. Lexie wonders how people can be fooled in others. Tek comes in, and confronts Sami. He doesn’t know how Lexie puts up with Sami blackmailing her.

Patrick tells the person on the phone that he is not available. He tells them that he is on vacation. The person mentions Alex North, and Patrick suddenly becomes interested.

Hope appreciates Caroline’s concern, but this is between her and Bo. Hope lets her know that she is aware of how Bo feels. Caroline begs her to reconsider, but Hope remembers Bo being in bed with Billie. She asks Caroline was Bo alone when he came into the diner. When Caroline doesn’t answer Hope knows that Billie was with him.

Bo agrees to let John use the department’s resources to find Marlena. Bo lets him know that he has to find Patrick Lockhart before it is too late. John asks him about Hope. Bo lets him know that Hope will not talk to him. Bo has come to the conclusion that he will have to just let Hope go. John vows to himself to not ever let Marlena go.

Alex fills Marlena in that he is taking out an insurance policy on her life.

Shawn and Mimi admires the rocking horse. Mimi mentions to him about putting it back. Mimi laughs when Shawn tells her the horse’s name. Shawn knows that this horse had meant a lot to Zach. Mimi hates what this is doing to Shawn his parents divorcing. Bo sticks his head in the door.

Carrie is reluctant to answer. She remembers her talk with Lexie. Lucas tells Austin that this is not the best time for this. Lucas wants Carrie to tell Austin that she wants to be with him (Lucas). Carrie insists that she cannot do this .

Tek tells Sami that the game is over. He forbids her to threaten him. Sami assures him that he will lose his job if Abe finds out that he is having an affair with Lexie. They continue to argue.

Alex admires Marlena’s necklace. Alex tells her not to ever take it off. He suggests a swim to her. While she goes to get on her swimsuit, Alex makes a call.

Bo calls Mimi terrific. Bo apologizes for barging in on them. Shawn admits to him that there is nothing left of his family. Shawn tells Bo that Hope had made her decision, and that he doesn’t blame her. Bo notices the rocking horse, and wonders what Henry is doing here.

Caroline tries to talk to Hope, but Hope will not listen. Hope doesn’t want to discuss it. Caroline wants her to admit that she still loves Bo.

Patrick and the person on the phone discuss Alex and his money.

John gets a call from Alex just to antagonize him.

Mimi and Shawn fill Bo in that they are planning on having a baby. Shawn lets Bo know what Chelsea had done to their family. Bo insists that she is part of the family, too. Shawn gets up and opens the door for him. Before he leaves he asks Mimi about Patrick, and had she heard from him.

Sami, Tex and Lexie argue. They discuss Austin, and how if Sami really loved him then she would want him to be happy. Sami calls Lexie, “a tramp.” She orders Lexie to call Carrie.

Carrie gets call. Lexie gives her the bad news that she will not ever be able to have children with Austin. Carrie is sad, but thanks her for the info.

Bo fills Shawn and Mimi in on how that Patrick had killed Alma. Mimi doesn’t believe it.

Hope tells Caroline that it was Bo, who had turned his back on her. She hangs up.

Hope lets Patrick know about her conversation with Caroline. Patrick offers her comfort.

Alex still antagonizes John. John remembers what he said that he was going to do to Marlena. Marlena comes out of the bedroom with her swimsuit on. Alex lets John listen to his and Marlena’s conversation. She goes out onto the balcony to get some sun. Alex and John hang up.

Patrick and Hope kiss. Marlena looks over, and sees Hope.

Austin tells Lucas that he is in love with Carrie. Lucas tells him that he has to let her go.

Sami, Lexie and Tek argue. Sami leaves the office.

Tek tells Lexie that it is not over yet. He hugs her.

Sami mumbles to herself mission accomplished.

Carrie tells Austin that she will always have feelings for him, but her future is with Lucas. Lucas hugs her as Carrie looks at Austin.

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