Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/8/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/8/06



Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi and Shawn stand in front of the nursery at the hospital. As they stand there looking at the other babies, they can’t believe that they could be having one of their own. They kiss. Shawn assures her that he is going to make all her dreams come true.

Carrie wants to know what Lexie is talking about, Lexie tells her that she had let her down. Carris is confused. Lexie remembers her talk with Sami, in which Sami had blackmailed her.

Lucas comes into Sami’s and Austin’s apartment. Lucas orders Sami out so that he can talk to Austin, and get to the bottom of this. Austin raises opposition for Lucas forcing Sami out of her own apartment. Lucas demands to know what Austin had meant when he said that Carrie would leave him for Austin.

Bo and Billie awaken in a sleeping bag in the woods. Bo dreams that he is with Hope. He calls out Hope’s name. Billie sits up in the sleeping bag.

Hope remembers her lovemaking with Patrick. Hope then snuggles up closer to Patrick. He plays with her hair. She smiles.

Mimi wants to know if Shawn thinks that this in-vitro fertilization will really work. Mimi hopes with all heart that it will work. Mimi wonders what Lexie will say about the in-vitro fertilization, and if it will work for them .

Billie confronts Bo about him calling her, “Hope.” Billie knows that Bo will never be over Hope. Billie knows that Bo was dreaming about Hope.

Hope lets Patrick know that last night was special, but it was also a mistake.

Carrie tries to reassure Lexie that she is a good doctor and she hasn’t let her down. There is a knock on the door. It is Abe, and he has brought Lexie a bunch of flowers. Abe hugs Carrie before she leaves. Lexie tells Carrie to wait that she wants to talk to her some more. Abe lets Lexie know how devastated he would be if he ever lost her. She tries to reassure him that she is going to be just fine. Lexie lets him know that she doesn’t want to lose him. They hug and kiss.

Carrie sees them hug through the window and smiles. She remembers her kiss with Austin.

Lucas orders Sami out .Sami puts up a resistance to leave. Austin convinces her to let him and Lucas have a little time alone. Sami grabs her purse, and leaves. Lucas begins to talk to Austin, but then he stops. He goes over to the door, and opens it, and finds Sami listening outside the door. She lets him know that she had lost her keys. He tells her that they are in the side pocket where she always kept them. She walks off in a huff. Lucas recommends to Austin to check to see if Sami is there before he continues with a conversation. They begin to argue over Carrie. Lucas lets him know that he hadn’t misunderstood anything. Lucas tells him that he knows what is going on, and he is not going to let him buy with it.

Shawn and Mimi are at the nursery. Mimi knows that Shawn would love to have a son. Mimi wonders what Shawn would do if the baby is a little girl. Shawn lets her know that sometimes in in-vitro fertilization the woman can sometimes have twins. She daydreams of what it would be like if they had twins, and what they would name them. Mimi picks out the name, “Erin” or “Aaron”.

Bo lets Billie know that he wasn’t using her. Billie tells him that she would never have slept with him if she had known that he wasn’t over Hope. Billie confides to him that she only wants to help. Bo gets up, and tells her that they have to get back to town.

Hope has doubts about doing this. She realizes that she really wasn’t ready. Hope feels as though she was cheating on Bo.

Lexie questions Abe about the drug raid that he had went on, and if they had captured anyone. Abe mentions the bracelet that he had found. Abe lets her know that someone had escaped through the window and that they must have had something to hide. Abe looks at the pix of Lexie, him and Theo. Abe apologizes for thinking that she was pulling away from him. He tells her that he has to get back to work. They tell each other that they love each other. Lexie finds Carrie waiting outside the door. Lexie tells her that she will be reviewing the test results. Mimi and Shawn walk up. They exchange pleasantries before Shawn and Mimi go into Lexie’s office.

Sami walks up behind Carrie. Carrie wants to know what she is doing here. Sami tells her that she had lost an earring. She asks Carrie to help her find it.

Lucas and Austin continue to argue over Carrie, and how that Austin will never accept that Carrie will marry Lucas. Austin tells Lucas that he and Carrie belong together. Lucas will not have any part of that.

Bo and Billie come into the café, and sit down at a table. Caroline comes up to the table. Bo and Billie give her their order. Caroline asks about Hope. Caroline tries to convince Bo to fight for Hope no matter what anyone says.

Patrick surprises Hope with breakfast in bed among some other finery items, such a clothes, perfume, etc.

Mimi and Shawn discuss with Lexie about in-vitro fertilization. Lexie prescribes her some vitamins as well as to do some tests on her.

Lexie walks in on Austin and Lucas arguing over her. Lucas wants to know which one of them does she want. Carrie is at a loss for words.

Caroline calls Frankie and wants Hopes telephone number.

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