Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/5/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/5/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Green Mtn Lodge

Shawn and Philip eat breakfast together. Philip lets Shawn know how guilty Belle feels about the things that she had said about them adopting a child. Shawn lets him know that it is alright that Mimi knows how he feels about adoption. They discuss the fact that it is hard to believe that you can be married to the woman you love plus having a child.

Mimi and Belle are at the spa, enjoying a day of being pampered. Mimi thanks her for treating her to this. Belle tells her that this is just her way of letting her know how happy she is for her and Shawn. They discuss Libby, and the info that she had given her about the possibility of them having their own baby. The woman next to them pulls the towel off her face, and Mimi realizes that it is her Mother. Bonnie is surprised that Mimi and Shawn could have their own child.

Lucas thanks Kate for meeting him. They discuss wedding plans and how elaborate that he wants it to be.

Carrie is on the docks. She is deep in thought about Austin, and making love to him. She knows this isn’t fair to Lucas or Austin.

Lexie, deep in thought. She remembers her conversation with Sami. Lexie wonders how she can do this. Lexie also wonders how she can let Sami by with this.

Sami sets the table for breakfast. She yells at Austin that breakfast is about ready, and she tells him the menu for breakfast. He comes out of the bedroom, and tells her that he knows what she is doing, and it is not going to work.

Lucas and Kate discuss wedding plans, and he gives her a list of things to do to plan the biggest wedding that Salem has ever seen. Kate questions Lucas if his life with Carrie is really going to be perfect.

Carrie meets Lexie on the docks. Carrie lets Lexie know that she came down here to think about the future. Lexie is confused because she had thought their future was already planned out . Carrie tells her that she wants to talk to her. Carrie owns up that she still has feelings for Austin. Lexie is not at all surprised.

Austin mentions how they are sleeping in separate beds. Sami gets the impression that Austin thinks that this isn’t going to work between them.

Shawn and Philip discuss the invitro fertilization. Shawn thanks Philip for his help with the research.

Bonnie confronts Mimi about her and Shawn having a baby. Mimi confesses that they are looking into it. Bonnie begins to blame the doctor for not telling Mimi the truth. Mimi assures her that it is not the doctor’s fault. Bonnie knows that if they have a child then Shawn will never leaver her .Bonnie tells her that children are a superglue for a marriage. Bonnie gets up to leave to get the mask taken off her face. Mimi asks Belle if she is alright. Belle nods that she is fine. Mimi asks her if she wishes that it was her having Shawn’s baby.

Lucas tells Kate that he loves Carrie. Kate wonders how Austin figures into this picture. Lucas lets Kate know that Austin has agreed to be his best man. Kate doesn’t think that that is such a good idea. Kate doesn’t want to cause any problems between them.

Carrie and Lexie discuss her and Austin having a baby. Carrie assures her that she doesn’t want to fight with Sami. They discuss Marlena and how she had left town with Alex. Carrie asks Lexie if she can review the test results, and to see if she could have possibly made a mistake. Lexie agrees.

Sami and Austin discuss their relationship. Austin owns up that he is still in love with Carrie. Austin doesn’t know where this relationship with her will lead, but he doesn’t want to give her any false hope that it will lead to marriage.

Philip and Shawn discuss the statistics on Mimi getting pregnant with a child.

Belle apologizes to Mimi again for the things that she had said to her the night before. Belle feels so sorry and ashamed. Belle lets her know that she has come to terms with her and Shawn married. Belle wishes her every happiness. Belle tells Mimi that she loves Philip and Claire, and they are her family now. Mimi suggests that they re-join their husbands.

Bonnie devises a plan to keep Mimi and Shawn together.

Kate and Lucas discuss Sami and how she is the matron of honor. Lucas lets Kate know that something is going on between Sami and Lexie. They wonder what Lexie has on Sami. Lucas had noticed that there was a hostility between Sami and Lexie.

Lucas gets up to leave.

Kate wonders what Lexie has on Sami.

Lexie and Carrie go to Lexie’s office. Carrie thanks her for going over the test results again. She admires the plaque on her wall that holds the Hippocratic oath that a doctor takes .

Austin lets Sami know that he is not over Carrie. He wants Carrie in his life. He doesn’t want to hurt Sami or lead her on.

Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Philip discuss the invitro-fertilization and how that their children could grow up together, and maybe date. Mimi is totally against this idea which surprises everyone. Bonnie join them, and they discuss Mimi and Shawn having a baby. Bonnie is so thrilled.

Carrie admires the inscription on the back of the plaque of the Hippocratic oath. She admires Lexie for telling the truth. Lexie blurts out that she is not that good because she doesn’t tell her patients the truth.

Sami and Austin still discuss Carrie, and how much he loves her. Lucas comes by the door, and overhears their conversation. He comes in, and wonders what is going on.

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