Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/4/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/4/06


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Green Mtn Lodge

Shawn sits at the bar, and has ordered a beer. He talks to Libby about him and Mimi having a baby. Libby warns him not to drink too much because it will lower the sperm count. She explains that it is such a joy to hold your own baby in your arms. Belle comes up behind him.She wonders what he is doing here. He informs her that Mimi has crashed for the night, but he just couldn’t sleep because he is so excited over the news that Mimi could possibly have a child. Belle orders a club soda with lemon.

Carrie and Austin are still handcuffed together. Carrie remembers the kiss that she and Austin had shared. Carrie remarks that this is the strangest night of her life. Carrie can’t help, but feel guilty that she had kissed Austin when she was going to marry Lucas. Austin tries to assure her that this is all innocent. Austin seems to be worried about his business, and what effect this would have on it. Carrie wonders if business is all that is on his mind. Austin looks at Carrie, and knows that she still loves him, and he wants to know why she is marrying Lucas.

Lucas questions Sami about this thing that is between her and Lexie. Lucas admits that he is suspicious of her. Sami seems to blame Kate for the breakup of her marriage to Lucas. Lucas reminds her that she had run directly into Austin’s arms. They continue to argue. Lucas warns her that if she does anything to break up him and Carrie.

John is on the computer. He searches as to where Alex had taken Marlena. Kate looks on.

Alex and Marlena arrive at the casino. She apologizes to him for giving him such a hard time about where they were going. She insists that after a week or two she will be ready to return to Salem and her family. She walks off. Alex mumbles under his breath that she will not be returning to Salem.

Patrick stops kissing Hope, and pulls away from her. He reminds her that she is still married. He tells her that she belongs to Bo. Hope tells him that it is over between her and Bo. She lets him know that Bo had made his choice, and he had chosen Billie and Chelsea. She tells him that it is time to move on, and she wants to move on with him. She tells him that she wants him. She kisses him.

Hope whispers in Patrick’s ear for him to make love to her. He looks at her, and asks if this is really what she wants. She lets him know that she is grateful to be here with him. They kiss. She whispers that she needs him. He picks her up, and carries her inside.

Once inside, Hope and Patrick kiss. He stops just long enough to light the candles. They begin to get undressed.

Alex and Marlena go into the garden. He tells her he has many surprises for her as he pulls a jewelry out of his pocket. He hands it to her. When she opens it, it is an exquisite heart shaped necklace. He asks her does that remind her of anything .She tells him that she loves him, and belongs to him. She insists on going to try it on. He pulls a cigarette out of his pocket, and mumbles to himself that he won’t have to drug her as much anymore.

John is frustrated because he can’t find anything on the computer as to where Alex had taken Marlena. He shuts the lid down hard on his laptop. Kate tells him not to take it on his laptop. John knows that Alex had taken Marlena somewhere to kill her. John then remembers his conversation with Alex. Kate tries to calm him down by telling him that Alex may be just taunting him so he will kill him so he will go to jail.

Lucas reminds Sami that she always makes the same mistakes. Lucas doesn’t know why Austin would give her another chance. Sami becomes upset. She wonders if he has any more words of wisdom. He lets her know that he and Carrie are in love. He points out Carrie’s good qualities. They were meant to be together. Sami tells him that she is happy for him. Lucas still questions her as to what is going on between her and Lexie. Sami remembers her talk with Lexie in which she had blackmailed Lexie.

Austin doesn’t get it that Carrie will not tell him anything. He wants her to help him to understand. Austin assures her that he will not do anything to hurt her. Austin gets the idea that Sami is to blame for this. Carrie insists that Sami has changed. Austin asks her if she could have her heart’s desire what would she do.

Belle apologizes for her remark. He tells her not to worry about it. Shawn mentions how much Claire means to him. Shawn admits that Claire is the reason why he wants to have children. Belle admits that she knows why.

Hope tells Patrick that she has feelings inside her that she can’t explain. She tells him that she is not sorry for what had happened tonight. They kiss. Patrick wishes he could take her sadness away.

Kate reveals to John that Marlena will be returning to Salem soon. She remembers her talk with Marlena. She tries to offer John some assurance that Marlena will come back. John knows otherwise. He knows that it is not up to Marlena, but Alex. John knows that Marlena has something to worry about.

Alex gets a call from the realtor. Alex orders her that he wants it all sold. She assures him that she will find the perfect buyer. Alex tells her that he knows the perfect person to ask.

John gets the call from the realtor. He is asked to buy Marlena’s penthouse and its furnishings. John is confused.

Austin knows that Carrie still loves him. She remembers her conversation with Lexie. She orders Austin to just let it go. He orders her to tell him the truth. Carrie doesn’t want to hurt Lucas. Lucas yells at Carrie. Austin urges her to not open the door. Carrie moves the ladder, and opens the door. Lucas lets them know that it is all over. Sami looks around, and wants to know what they have been doing in here. Carrie remembers them kissing. Carrie asks them what have they been doing. Lucas remembers kissing Sami. Lucas tells Carrie that they tried not to kill each other. Lucas suggests that they get the handcuffs off them.

Belle and Shawn both know that most young people doesn’t want to have children. Belle knows that Shawn will be a great Dad. Shawn confesses his love for Mimi.

John and the agent discuss the deal. She tells him to think about it. After he hangs up, he fills Kate in on what the realtor had said. John knows now that Marlena will never be returning to Salem.

Alex mumbles that this is so perfect. He will end up with Marlena, and John, well, he will end up with all the things in the penthouse. Marlena comes back, and tells him that he has gone too far. Alex is stunned.

Hope and Patrick enter the casino. Hope looks ahead, and can’t believe her eyes.

Belle and Shawn discuss Shawn and Mimi having a baby. Belle admits that their marriage will be real to her then. Belle admits that she is not used to the idea yet of them being married. She thanks him for still being her friend. They hug.

Lucas gets Jada to un-loose Carrie and Austin from the handcuffs. Jada tells them that the police couldn’t find anything. She warns the person, who had tipped the police off. Sami remembers her call to the police.

Austin still demands an answer from Carrie.

Carrie asks Lucas for some water. Lucas goes to get the water while Austin pulls Carrie to the side. Sami overhears their conversation.

Belle picks up her glass. She blows out the candle.

Patrick gives Hope a spoonful of the dessert, and then they kiss.

Alex and Marlena enter the casino. Alex suggests that she try her hand. Marlena first objects, but then agrees. She tells Alex that she feels lucky. Alex mumbles to himself that she had better enjoy herself while she can because her luck was about to run out.

John knows that Marlena will never come back to Salem because Alex is going to kill her.

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