Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/3/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/3/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie and Jennifer are discussing Abby, and how she had walked in on them. Jennifer knows that she should have talked to Abby about them. Jennifer feels guilty.

At the diner

Abby sits at a table, and is deep in thought. Josh brings her a café latte’. He tells her that he had missed her.

Chelsea takes a bottle from her purse, and starts to take a drink when Max walks up behind her.

Bo and Billie kiss. Bo calls her, “fancy face.” Billie sits up, and tells Bo that she can’t do this. She tells him to look at her. She tells him that it is Billie.

Hope and Patrick arrive at the casino. He suggests that they try their hand at the tables. She is game. She wants to just have fun tonight, and forget everything.

Billie tells Bo that she can’t do this, and him drunk. Billie thinks that it is her fault, and she is taking advantage of the situation. Billie tells him that they don’t need this. Bo blames himself for taking advantage of her.

Patrick is having really good luck at the table. Hope calls him, “hot.” He lets her know that it is more fun to play than to watch,. He talks her into playing. He lets her use his chips. After making a landfall sweep at the tables, Hope quits while she is ahead. Patrick takes onto the patio. A waiter approaches. Patrick orders a bottle of champagne, and the chef’s specialties. While they are waiting for their champagne, Patrick asks her to dance. They share a slow dance. When they go back to their table, the conversation goes back to Bo, and doesn’t she want to give him another chance.

Chelsea hides the bottle in her purse. She asks Max what does he want. He wonders how come she hadn’t answered his messages that he had left for her. Chelsea insists that she doesn’t need a lecture. She just wants to relax, and have fun.

When Chelsea enters the establishment, she sees Abby sitting at a nearby table. She is reluctant to approach her. She gets up her nerve, and walks over to the table. Abby tells her that she owes her an apology. She tells Chelsea that she was right .Chelsea takes out her bottle, and pours some into Abby’s café latte. Chelsea takes a drink of it. Abby makes a face .Abby leaves to go over to bar. Josh approaches Chelsea, and lets her know that he had heard what she had said about Hope and Bo. Chelsea lets him know that Hope had asked Bo for a divorce. Chelsea also lets him know that Bo is hooking up with Billie.

Jennifer sits outside on a lounge chair, deep in thought. Frankie comes out to join her. He lets her know that he doesn’t like her upset. Abby tells him that she didn’t want Abby to see them like that. Jennifer knows that she is acting strange. She tells him that she can’t do this. She also tells him that it won’t work out between them .

Patrick asks Hope if she is giving Bo another chance. Hope tells him, “no.” Hope knows that Bo has moved on with Billie, and there is no sense in going back. Patrick suggests dessert. Hope tells him, “maybe later.” Patrick suggests a walk on the beach that there is something he wants her to see. She looks up at stars, and remarks that it is a beautiful night. He asks her to dance again.

Bo knows that he had taken advantage of the situation. Bo and Billie each blames themselves for what had happened tonight. Bo owns up that he is glad that she had showed up. He knows that she has been a good friend to him, and very supportive. She just wants him to be happy. They discuss Hope, and how she hadn’t changed her mind about divorce. Billie lets him know that he can’t give up. Bo tells her that she has been there for him through everything.

Patrick lets Hope know that he is attracted to her, and that he wants her .Hope doesn’t know what to think, but that maybe, Bo was right about him.

Bo confesses that he cares about Billie. He knows that there is no changing Hope’s mind. Bo thinks that maybe they could find a way to be together .

Chelsea and Abby both hit it off with two boys that they just met.

Jennifer and Frankie make love in their back yard on a lounge chair.

A man is notified that Alex and Marlena have arrived at the airport .

Hope tells Patrick that she wants to stay here with him. They kiss.

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