Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/2/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/2/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Green Mtn. Lodge

Shawn surprises Mimi with an application for adoption. Mimi can’t believe that Shawn would do this for her this soon after they had gotten married. Belle stands there in disbelief. Philip notices the look on her face, and pulls her aside. He wants to know what is bothering her. Belle lets him know that no matter how many children they adopt, it will not be the same as giving Shawn one of his children. Mimi and Shawn come up behind them, and listens to what Belle is saying. Mimi begins to cry, and runs off.

“Cheating Heart”

Bo orders another drink. The bartender, reluctantly, sets it on the bar. Billie comes up behind Bo.

Chelsea text messages her Mother to let her know how much Bo needs her. Max comes up behind her. He wants to know how she is doing. Chelsea assures him that she is fine, but that her and Abby had had an argument.

Abby walks into her Mother’s bedroom where she and Frankie are making love. Abby can’t believe that her Mother would be making love in hers and her father’s bed. Abby runs out of the room. Jennifer runs after her. Jennifer apologizes to her for her finding out this way. Frankie comes out, and tries to explain, Abby refuses to listen. Frankie starts to go back into the bedroom, but Abby tells him that they are going to stay there. They are going to listen to what she has to say.

Chelsea feels bad about what had happened to Zach. She is also sorry that she had caused all this trouble. Chelsea remembers e-mailing Hope (pretending to be Bo), and agreeing to the divorce. Max questions Chelsea if she had told Bo what was on her mind. Chelsea tells him that she hadn’t been able to tell Bo. Chelsea admits that she wants her Mother and Father back together again.

Billie confronts Bo about his drinking to forget about his problems with Hope .They argue. They discuss Hope, and how she is grieving right now. She encourages Bo to fight for Hope. Bo informs her that he doesn’t have a choice. Billie admits to Bo that she knows that she isn’t the right woman for him.

Abby confronts Jennifer and Frankie about their making love. Frankie apologizes to her, but Abby will not have any of that. Frankie goes back into the bedroom. Jennifer knows that this is difficult for Abby to understand. She admits to Abby that she has fallen in love with Frankie. Abby wants to know how long this has been going on. Jennifer tries to explain to her how things had happened at the lodge. Jennifer admits that she still has feelings for Frankie. Abby has tears in her eyes as she listens to her Mother. Abby admits that she doesn’t know her at all. Abby runs out .

Mimi runs outside. She has tears in her eyes because she knows that Belle is right. She admits that Shawn does have a child of his own that he doesn’t know about. Mimi knows that she has to tell Shawn the truth. She turns around, and sees Shawn behind her .

Philip and Belle discuss Shawn and Mimi, and how that she had hurt them by what she had said. Belle feels terrible about her remark.

Shawn realizes that Mimi has been crying. Shawn admits that he only wants her. Mimi asks him is he sure. He confirms that his feelings for her are real. Mimi wants to believe him. Shawn tells her that he loves her so much. Philip and Belle come to join them. Philip tells them that Belle has something to say to them. Belle apologizes to them both for her remark. Shawn assures Philip and Belle that they are going to adopt a child.

Max tries to tell Chelsea that she should want what is best for Bo and Hope. Max reminds her how much that Bo loves Hope, and that Bo only loves Hope. He assures her that no matter what Bo and Hope have been through they always seem to find their way back to each other .Max tells her that he wants a love like that. Max tells Chelsea that she should want Bo and Billie to be happy. Chelsea has heard enough of this, and leaves.

Bo assures Billie that she has been in the same situation. Bille tells him that it is not the same situation. Billie tells him that Hope still loves him, and he can’t give up. Billie grabs him by the coat, and shakes him, and tells him that he has to do something .Bo tells Roy that he wants another beer.

Jennifer begs Abby not to leave. She wants Abby to try to understand. Jennifer knows that his hurts Abby. Jennifer lets her know that Jack had made them a DVD. She hunts it out, and places it in the DVD. They sit down to watch it.

Frankie and Max discuss Chelsea, and what is going on with her .Max knows that Chelsea is keeping something bottled up. Frankie remembers his talk with Chelsea. He refuses to tell Max anything .

Chelsea realizes that Max was right, and that Bo deserves the truth.

Roy cuts Bo off from another drink. Bo rushes out of the bar with Billie right behind him. Chelsea sees them leaving, and hurries after them .

Jennifer and Abby watch the DVD. Tears come down both their cheeks. Frankie comes in, and watches them .Abby realizes that this is what Jack would have wanted for Jennifer to move on with Frankie. Abby apologizes. They hug.

Bo and Billie take to the woods. They argue again as usual over Hope. Billie offers her help to find Hope .Bo realizes that he is responsible for all this. Billie assures him that he can still get Hope back.

Shawn and Belle think that adoption would be great. Belle leaves the bar. Shawn has a talk with Libby, the waitress. She tells him that there might be a way that his wife can get pregnant. Shawn is surprised.

Belle takes Philip’s and Mimi’s drinks to them. She sits down with them. They discuss the adoption. Mimi is excited. Shawn comes up. He tells Mimi that there may be a way that she can get pregnant. Mimi is surprised.

Shawn introduces Libby to Mimi, Belle, and Philip. Libby explains to them about in-vitro fertilization. She shows Mimi a pix of her children. Mimi is thrilled at the prospect of having Shawn’s child.

Philip thinks that this is great news, but Belle thinks otherwise.

Max leaves Chelsea a message on her phone.

Chelsea finds Bo and Chelsea making love. She knows that she cannot ever tell the truth now.

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