Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/1/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/1/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie is on the phone with someone in the justice department. He requests info on Patrick Lockhart. Jennifer listens to his conversation. She remembers her conversation with Hope, in which Hope had told her that Patrick is with her. Jennifer confronts Frankie on how Bo hates Patrick Lockhart.

Hope admires the flowers on the table. Opening up the desk drawer, she finds a pix of Patrick and Alma, and how much in love that they looked. Hope receives a call from Jennifer, who tells her that she has something to tell her

Chelsea wanders around outside of Frankie and Jennifer’s.

Frankie comes out of the house, still on the phone. He informs the man that it is not his call. Frankie wants to know if Patrick has any alias. Chelsea listens to their conversation. Frankie thanks him, and hangs up. Chelsea walks up behind him. Chelsea asks him if they know where Patrick is. Frankie informs her that they don’t have a clue. He wonders what she is wandering around outside by herself. She tells him that she was waiting for Abby. Frankie tells her that she is in the house. Frankie lets her know that he knows that she hadn’t told her father about her deception. Chelsea lets him know that she had lost her nerve. Frankie holds up the phone to Chelsea for her to call Bo.

Lucas comes up to Sami at the bar. He wants to know what is going on. Sami remembers when she had notified the police. Sami denies knowing anything about what was going on, but someone must know something .

The police officer instructs everyone to sit down, and place their hands on the table .Lucas suggests that they get out of there while they can.

Austin can’t believe that this is happening. Carrie holds up the handcuffs that are still attached to their wrists. Carrie knows that if Victor finds out about this, he will have their heads. Carrie and Austin rush out .

A police officer with a walkie-talkie notifies his superior that they are all under control.

Lexie and Tek panics when she is afraid that Abe wiil catch her there with Tek. Tek tries to calm her down .Lexie sees Abe come into the nightclub. She quickly hides behind Tek.

Carrie and Austin quickly hide in a storeroom. TO keep the police from finding them, Austin props a ladder up against the door. Carrie lets him know that it is not his fault. She blames Sami for wanting to do dancing.

Carrie explains to Austin that she wants them all to be friends. She also explains how much she had missed everyone while she was gone, and she is glad that she came home. Carrie tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him from her life again.

Lucas and Sami quickly hide behind a wine rack. She orders him off her foot. They argue as usual. Lucas can’t believe that this is happening. They both realize that they have to get out of there.

Abe looks around the nightclub. Lexie is afraid that Abe has seen them. Tek suggests that they go out the window.

Abe comes into the room, and sees that the window has been raised. Walking over to the window (not seeing Lexie’s bracelet on the floor), sees something out the window. He exclaims that he can’t believe it.

Frankie tries to get Chelsea to call her father, but she refuses . Instead, she reminds him of the client/lawyer privilege. Frankie insists that she has to tell Bo. Chelsea admits to him if she tells then Bo and Hope will get back together .Frankie encourages to makes things right or her father may never forgive her. Chelsea doesn’t agree. She needs Bo on her side. Frankie tells her not to sell him short. She asks him what is in her best interest. He asks her what is it gonna be.

Hope and Jennifer discuss the case that they have against Patrick. Hope doesn’t think that the case could be too good. Hope insists that Patrick is not a fugitive. Bo wants to think the worst of Patrick. Patrick has urged her to give Bo another chance. Hope tells Jennifer that Patrick has been seeing another woman named Alma, but she is dead now. Patrick truly loved Alma. Hope wants to help Patrick. Jennifer reminds her of how they had trusted Patrick. Jennifer insists that Bo deserves better than this .Hope insists that her marriage is over.

Tek and Lexie hide around the corner as Abe looks out the window. Abe tells the officer that he wants to get a statement from Jada. Abe leaves. The officer looks down, and sees a bracelet on the floor.

Lexie realizes that she has lost her bracelet that Abe had given her. She is concerned that if Abe finds it, then he will know that she was there. Tek tells her not to worry. Lexie is worried. Tek kisses her .

Lucas promises to vouch for Sami if they get arrested. They discuss what effect this will have on Will. She tells him to shut up. He wants her to be proud of their son. They discuss her being a “soccer Mom”. He assures her that Will will do fine. He tells her that Will takes after her. Lucas kisses Sami when he sees a police officer lurking around .

Carrie twists the handcuffs on her arm. She tells him that they are stuck together. He tells her that he feels that it is for the best that he believes that they belong together .

Frankie advises Chelsea from the legal point that it would be a bad idea to tell Bo what she had done, but from the ethical point of view that she needs to tell Bo the truth. Frankie calls Bo, and finds out that he is at the, “Cheating Heart.” Chelsea thinks to herself that she needs to call Billie to tell her where Bo is. Frankie becomes upset, and goes back into the house.

Jennifer tries to get Hope to reconsider her divorce from Bo, but Hope refuses. Hope tells her that Bo has made his decision. Frankie comes in, grabs his briefcase off the table. He lets Jennifer know that Bo is at the “Cheating Heart”, and Billie is on her way there to comfort him. Hope insist that Bo has made his decision. Hope tells Jennifer to tell Frankie to hurry up the divorce proceedings because she wants this to be over with.

Jennifer insists to Frankie that Hope is throwing away her marriage to Bo, and there is nothing they can do about it. They hug.

Frankie urges Chelsea to tell Bo the truth. Chelsea refuses.

Chelsea text messages Billie a message telling her how much Bo needs her .Abby comes up behind her. Abby wants to know what she is doing .Chelsea tells her that she is text messaging her Mother to tell her how much her Dad needs her.

Carrie wants Austin to forget what they once were. She tells him that she is with Lucas now. Carrie admits that she had always wanted Austin. Carrie tells her that what they had is in the past.

Lucas pulls away from Sami, but admits that she still gets to him. He tells her that he is with Carrie. He begins to question her as to what is going on between her and Lexie. He wants to know what Lexie has on her. Sami tells him that it is not what Lexie has on her, but what she has on Lexie.

Tek and Lexie make love in the bushes.

Abe questions Jada as to what is going on. She denies anything going on. The officer brings the bracelet for Abe to look at. Abe thinks that this looks like the bracelet that he had purchased for Lexie. Jada remembers admiring the bracelet on Lexie’s arm. She lies, and tells Abe that the bracelet is hers.

Frankie carries Jennifer upstairs to make love to her.

Chelsea and Abby argue that her Mother would never betray her father.

Abby goes home, and finds Frankie and Jennifer making love.

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