Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/28/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/28/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Green Mtn. Lodge

Mimi recalls things about her childhood. She tells Shawn that as long as she is with him everything is fine. They kiss.

Philip and Belle are at the reception desk. The desk clerk tells them that their room isn’t quite ready. She advises them to have a drink in the dining room.

On a remote island

Philip tells Hope that he has read the letter. They realize that Alma had been killed trying to run from her past. He thanks Hope for giving him the letter. Patrick notices that something is wrong, and asks Hope about it. She confides in him that Bo had e-mailed her .

Bo is deep in thought. He recalls memories of the things that he had done with Hope. There is a knock on the door, and then the doorbell rings. Bo ignores both. Billie yells at him from outside, but he completely ignores her .Billie opens the door, and comes in. Bo assures her that it is all over between him and Hope.

Carrie and Lucas dance. Austin watches them closely. Lucas wonders why she was so anxious to get away from Austin. She tells him that she just wanted to get back to her fiancee. She remembers her talk with Austin.

Lexie vows to tell everyone about Sami, and what she had done to separate Austin and Carrie. Sami bristles with anger. She assures Lexie that if she reveals what she did, then she will tell Abe everything. An argument erupts. Austin has to separate them. Lexie tells Sami should she tell him or would she. Austin is confused as to what they are talking about.

Philip and Belle are shown to a table, and given menus.

Shawn orders one bottle of champagne for them, and also one to be sent to their room. Mimi wonders how he can afford all this. He assures her that he will have it paid off in no time. This relieves her worries. Shawn tells her that he wants this night to be special. They kiss.

Philip orders a bottle of champagne, but Belle voices an opposition. She orders a glass of sparkling water instead. Philip is confused as to why she isn’t drinking. Belle reminds him that she wants to conceive, and thinks that drinking wouldn’t be a good idea. He agrees.

Lucas and Carrie wonders what is going on beween Lexie, Sami, and Austin.

Lexie tries to tell Austin about Sami’s manipulation, but Austin doesn’t believe her. Sami blames Lexie that she is drunk, and trying to blame things on Sami. Austin tells Lexie to go home, and sleep it off.

Tek comes in, and asks her if she is ready to go. Lexie fills him in on Sami, and what had just happened. Lexie tells him that Sami hasn’t won yet, and she is going to expose her. Tek gets an idea. He tells her to stay there, and he will be right back .

Billie assures Bo that he can’t give up. She tells him that Hope needs time, but Bo doesn’t believe her. Bo tells her how Hope had blocked his e-mails. Bo tells her that Shawn is the only one, who knows where Hope is, but he won’t tell him. Billie advises him to find Hope, and force her to listen to him.

Hope assures Patrick that it is time for her to move on, and start living life to the fullest. Hope informs him that Bo has made his choice, and he has chosen Billie and Chelsea. Patrick tries to convince her to give Bo another chance, but Hope insists that she has made up her mind.

Belle tells Philip that she wants to do everything right this time to conceive another child.

Shawn makes a toast to Mimi, his honeymoon, and to the future children that they will have. Mimi is sad that she cannot give Shawn any children of his own. Mimi remembers her talk with Bonnie in which they had discussed children.

Austin, Sami, Carrie, and Lucas discuss Lexie’s actions, and what she is up to. Lucas wonders why that Sami had acted so crazy at the hospital.

Tek and Jada approach Lexie. They share some small talk. Jade tells them to leave it up to her. She vows that Sami will get everything that she deserves.

Bo knows that she cannot force Hope to do anything. Billie points out that Hope knows how he feels. Bo isn’t for sure. Bo remembers some of his and Hope’s good times together.

Hope tells Patrick that she has heard all that she wants to hear from Bo. Hope confesses to Patrick that the reason she had left Salem is because she had seen Bo in bed with Billie. Bo hears a beeping sound from her computer, and sees an e-mail from Bo.

Hope looks at the e-mail. She knows that she has to stop wallowing in these sad thoughts. Philip suggests that he take her to the mainland for dinner and gambling. She agrees, but she hasn’t anything to wear. He tells her to let him take care of that. He leaves.

Bo has given up hope contacting Hope. He feels that maybe they are better off apart. Billie doesn’t understand his reasoning.

Shawn and Mimi are busy celebrating when Philip and Belle join them. Philip wants to know what they are doing here. Shawn lets him know that they just wanted some time alone together .Mimi asks what are they doing there. Philip tells them that they are trying to make another baby.

Lexie wants to know Jada’s plan. Jada tells her to wait and see. Jada has the music to stop. She suggests that they play a game which is called the handcuff game. She chooses two or three couples then she chooses Carrie and Austin. Everyone is surprised. Sami fumes.

Carrie and Austin enter the dance floor. They have some spectacular moves. Lucas and Sami watches. Sami walks over to the bar, and makes a call.

Philip comes back with two garment bags. One is for Hope, the other is for him. Hope peeks inside the garment bag, and likes his choice. She wonders if it is Alma’s. He informs her that it is not . She goes to get changed .

Bo is upset because there isn’t any more beer. He wants to go get more, but Billie tries to get him to stay there. He refuses, and leaves. Billie hurries after him.

The couples are all eliminated except Carrie and Austin. The police enter the establishment. Lexie is horrified for Abe to see her with Tek. Sami vows that she will make Lexie pay.

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