Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/27/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/27/06


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Carrie, Lucas, and Austin can’t understand why Lexie had called them down there just to tell them the things that she had. They are completely confused.

Sami remembers her talk with Lexie. Austin notices how quiet Sami is. He questions her as to what she knows about Lexie and what she had to tell them. Sami tells her that she didn’t know anything. She orders them to stay off her back.

John lurks around outside. He picks up a long gun case. Roman comes up behind him, and confronts him about what he has in the case.

Marlena and Alex arrive at the airport to leave for their honeymoon. Marlena begs Alex to tell her where they are going, but he refuses. Marlena has reservations about going on this trip.

Philip and Belle finish lovemaking. They sit up on the sofa.

Shawn starts to read the letter, but Mimi orders him to stop.

Roman and John argue over Marlena. John accuses Roman of not loving Marlena. Roman orders John to not ever doubt his love for Marlena. Roman confronts him about the gun and pistol that John has on him.

Alex lets Marlena know that she doesn’t really remember Salem as her home. He assures her that on their honeymoon that they will have time to explore their feelings. Marlena leaves to get freshened up. Alex mumbles to himself that he has just enough medicine to get Marlena right where he wants her.

Abe and Lexie go into an emergency room, and Lexie pulls the curtain. They are relieved that Lexie’s biopsy results came back negative, and Lexie suggests that they celebrate. Abe suddenly gets cold feet about being intimate with her. Lexie tries to get him to stop pushing her away. She suggests that he get some help. Abe insists that he is busy, and for her not to wait up. He leaves. Tex join her. He suggests that he take her back to his place, but she refuses. She lets him know that she cannot do this anymore. She tells him that she needs a drink.

Sami remembers her talk with Alex. Sami suggests that Lexie get some more testing done to find out if she is alright. Sami suggests that they go dancing. They all agree. Lucas suggests that they start making wedding plans. Sami leaves to get ready. Lucas leaves to get some things done. Carrie tells Austin that she wants him to be happy for her and Lucas.

Mimi tells Shawn to lie back, and close his eyes, and she will read the letter to him. She reads the letter. Shawn opens his eyes, and sees that Mimi is not reading the letter at all. He questions her about it. She lies, and tells him that she knew the letter by heart. They kiss.

Belle confesses to Philip that she really wasn’t being honest with him. Belle was confused that if their daughter hadn’t made it then they didn’t know how they could make it. Philip vows to be there always for her. Belle tells him that she wants to have lots of children so that it will keep them together forever. Philip tells her that he wants to have other children, but for the right reason. He tells her that he has a confession to make. She is confused.

Lexie gulps down her drink, and orders another. Lexie suddenly sees Sami, Austin, Carrie, and Lucas. She suggests to Tek that he leave. Sami comes over, and confronts her about being seen in public with Tek.

Roman and Abe stops John from killing Alex. John insists that he will not allow Alex to kill Marlena.

Alex looks at the bottle of medicine. He gets a call from the realtor. He instructs them to sell all of Marlena’s personal items because they would not be returning to Salem. Marlena comes in, and wants to know who he was talking to. Alex lies, and tells her that their plane was ready to board.

John yells at Marlena not to board the plane with Alex. She suddenly stops in her tracks. She remembers her night with John. Alex urges her on the plane even with John yelling at her.

Philip tells Belle that he has a surprise for her. She wonders what it is. There is a knock on the door. It is Caroline, and she has come to babysit for them. Philip lets Belle know that they are going to Green Mtn Lodge. Belle is thrilled. They give Caroline her instructions, and leaves.

Mimi lies to him about the letter. Shawn wants to keep the letter. While his back is turned, Mimi burns the letter. Shawn wants to know what she is doing .He then lets her know that he is taking her to Green Mtn. Lodge on their honeymoon. She is thrilled.

Lucas, Sami, Carrie, and Austin proposes a toast to marriage. Carrie and Lucas dance. Austin tells Sami that he is still in love with Carrie, and she still loves Lucas. Lexie approaches the table, and lets Austin know how he can get Carrie back. Sami becomes furious.

Austin wants to know how she can help. Lexie suggests that honesty is the best solution.

Sami and Lexie argue over the fact that Lexie wants to tell Austin, Carrie, and Lucas the truth. Sami declares that Lexie is trying to ruin her happiness. Lexie just laughs, and walks away.

Alex urges Marlena to get on the plane. John yells at her not to go. Once on the plane, Alex tells Marlena to make herself at home. He calls the pilot, and tells him not to let anyone know where they are going .

John is furious when he finds out that Alex has shut off all reception to the tower. Now John will never know where Alex has taken her. He is furious with Roman and Abe, and blames them if Alex kills Marlena.

Austin cuts in on Lucas and Carrie. He tells her that he loves her, and wants her back. Carrie tells him that he made a mistake by cutting in on her and Lucas.

Sami is furious with Lexie for wanting to tell Carrie and Austin what she had done.

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