Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/26/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/26/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Belle looks at the pix of her, Philip, Mimi and Shawn.

She remembers her conversation with Mimi, in which Mimi had told her that Shawn was her husband. Philip comes in, and knows instantly what she is thinking about.

Mimi talks with her Mom on the phone about how she had stopped Belle from telling Shawn how she felt about him. Shawn comes in with a bag of groceries. She quickly gets off the phone.

Carrie pulls away from Austin. She lets him know that she is engaged to Lucas. Austin insists to her that they will always love each other.

Marlena and John kiss. She pulls away from him. She insists that this can’t happen because she is married to Alex now.

Abe paces the floor, awaiting Lexie’s return. Tek approaches him. Tek wonders what is going on. Abe lets him know that Lexie will explain when she gets back.

Alex lets Lexie know that she is waiting for a reply. Lexie still doesn’t answer. Alex asks her again what is it going to be. Lexie begins to cry. She informs him that she will not allow them to blackmail her again. Lucas listens outside the door. Lexie tells them that she has to tell Austin, Carrie and Lucas the truth.

Carrie looks in the nursery. Austin apologizes to her for the kiss. Carrie orders him to just stop it. They discuss Sami, and how she has changed. Carrie tries to persuade Austin to make a life with Sami. Carrie leaves to go back downstairs.

Lexie refuses to be intimidated by Sami and Alex anymore. She insists that she is going to tell everyone the truth. Alex questions Lexie as to what Sami had blackmailed her about. Lexie fills him in. Lexie demands to know what Sami and Alex are up to. Sami remembers her conversation with Alex in which he was going to change Lexie’s test results. Lexie leaves to find the others.

Alex and Sami once again argue over what Lexie is going to do.

Lexie comes back to join Abe and Tek. Abe questions Lexie as to why she hadn’t told him about the lump in her breast.

Lucas, Carrie and Austin wonder what Lexie has to tell them.

Alex assures Sami to just watch what was going to happen.

Marlena tells John that she just can’t do this. She remembers her night with John.

Lexie thanks everyone for waiting. She begins to try to explain why she had called them here.

Sami wants to know what Alex intends to do. Alex assures her to just wait and see.

Mimi has told her Mom that Shawn was home. They hang up. Shawn figures out that Mimi is upset by all the happenings that had knocked them out of their honeymoon. He tells her that he has a surprise for her .He tells her to turn around. He puts a blindfold on her.

Philip knows that Belle is not very happy. Philip encourages her to be honest with him about her feelings. He knows that she has had second thoughts about marrying him. Belle tries to encourage him that she loves him, and he has been a wonderful husband to her, and a wonderful father to Claire. She hugs him. She tells him that it is time for her to be honest.

Lexie tries once again to tell everybody the truth.

Sami and Alex watch in horror.

Carrie and Lucas wonder what Lexie is up to.

John and Marlena continue with their discussion about her feelings. Alex watches them. Alex vows that he will never let John have Marlena back.

Sami and Alex continue to watch Lexie.

Lexie begins to try to explain when Celeste and Lexie’s son comes in. This stalls Lexie once again from telling them the truth.

Lexie lets her Mother know that the biopsy came back negative. Celeste still feels unsettled. Lexie tells her that she still hasn’t exposed Sami and Alex. Abe takes his son, and mentions going to the cafeteria. Celeste tells her that everyone needs to hear what she has to say. Celeste encourages Lexie to be honest. Lexie tells them that what she has to say will change their lives for the better.

Mimi and Shawn start to kiss, but he pulls away. He tells her to wait just a minute. He turns on some romantic music.

Belle admits that it is so hard to see Marlena and Alex together. Philip tells Belle that he doesn’t want to lose her, and he is so blessed to have her in his life.

Lexie tries again to explain, but Alex takes over the conversation for her. Abe butts in, and orders Alex to let his wife talk.

Lexie daydreams of what it would be like if she told Abe about her affair with Tek, and Abe killed him.

Alex wants to get Marlena out of there to go on their honeymoon.

Belle surprises Philip by telling him that she wants to have another baby. Philip is surprised.

Mimi and Shawn have finished lovemaking. He mentions about the letter that she had written him. Mimi is horrified that he will find out the truth, and she will lose her husband. Shawn gets up to go get the letter.

Lexie and Celeste discuss how Lexie can’t tell the others the truth. Celeste encourages Lexie to tell Abe the truth.

Austin and Carrie are confused as to why Lexie had called them all down here just to talk about her biopsy results.

Sami questions Alex as to what is going on.

John insists that Alex is going to take Marlena off, and kill her.

Marlena confronts Alex that he has been drugging her all these months. He holds up a needle. He grabs her around the neck. He manages to give her the injection.

John and Abe burst in. Marlena due to the injection, insists that she is in love with Alex, and they are going on their honeymoon. They leave.

Abe and John argue that nothing can be done now because Marlena is married to Alex.

Carrie wants Austin to accept the fact that her, and Lucas are engaged, and are getting married. Austin vows that he will get her back.

Lucas accuses Sami of dodging a bullet. Lucas accuses Sami of knowing what this was all about. He warns her not to try to break up him and Carrie.

Lexie and Celeste discuss how that Lexie needs to find a way to tell everyone the truth.

Philip and Belle have finished lovemaking.

Mimi and Shawn have finished lovemaking. Shawn wants to read the letter that Mimi had written him before they got married. Mimi is worried.

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