Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/25/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/25/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Hope brushes the tears out of her eyes. She wonders why Bo could just throw away all the years that they had spent together. She makes a call to Jennifer. Jennifer is glad to hear from her, but she is upset with her, too because she is divorcing Bo. Jennifer tells Hope that she will not allow her to divorce Bo.

Bo and Frankie discuss Patrick Lockhart, and where he could be. Bo tells Frankie that if Patrick ever comes near his family then he will be the one up on murder charges.

Lucas, his assistant, and Austin all gather at the hospital. They discuss that they had all gotten messages from Lexie to meet her there, all except Sami. They all wonder what is up.

Lexie vows to Sami that she is going to tell everyone the truth, and it doesn’t matter what Sami says or does. Lexie insists that Sami cannot change her mind about telling the others the truth. Lexie walks off. Sami mumbles to herself that she might not be able to stop her, but Alex will.

Abe, Carrie, Lucas and all the others want to know what is going on, and why Lexie had called this meeting. Lexie join them. She thanks them for coming. Abe wants to know what is going on.

Frankie advises Bo to retain his own attorney. Frankie doesn’t forsee any complications in the divorce. Frankie still cannot believe that Hope is going through with this divorce. Bo insists that he has to find a way to reach out to Hope.

Abe wants to know what is going on. Lexie promises to tell him all about it after she talks with the others.

Carrie and Lucas wants to know why Lexie had called this meeting.

Sami is ill at ease, and wonders what is going to happen next. She watches everyone’s reactions.

Alex excuses himself from Marlena. He tells her that he has to confirm one item for their trip. Alex leaves. John watches her closely.

Tek holds John back from going after Alex. Tek warns him not to do anything that he might be sorry for. John fills him in that Marlena is getting her memory back. Tex urges him not to do anything stupid.

Sami finds that Alex is on the phone. She insists to him that his plan won’t work. He promises her that it will.

Lexie comes back to join the others. She thanks them for coming down to the hospital. She informs them that it is not going to be easy telling them.

Bo knows that there has to be some way to reach Hope. Frankie fills Bo in that he had promised Jennifer that he would babysit for her while she went shopping. Bo tells him how glad that he is that they are together. Bo instructs him to hold on to her. Frankie leaves. Bo vows to get Hope back.

Jennifer and Hope discuss Hope’s divorce from Bo, and how that Hope is never coming home to Salem. Hope asks her how her trip was with Frankie. Jennifer wonders how Hope had known about that. Hope lets it slip that she is on the island with Patrick Lockhart. Jennifer is surprised.

Bo looks at a pix of him and Hope. He vows to get her back. He gets on the computer to send her an e-mail.

Hope fills Jennifer in that Patrick is there with her, and that they were staying in the same bungalow. Jennifer is once again surprised. Jennifer makes her promise to stay in touch. Hope makes her promise not to tell anyone that she is there with Patrick.

After they hang up, Jennifer wonders what Hope is up to.

Hope mumbles to herself that she is doing what she needs to do.

Everyone eagerly awaits Lexie’s announcement as to why she had called them down here. Lexie begins to explain when a nurse comes in. She has Lexie’s biopsy results. The results are negative. Everyone is thrilled by the news. Lexie gets a call, and has to leave. She tells them to stay that she will be right back.

Sami looks for Alex, and finally finds him in Room 704. Alex wonders when she would show up.

John grabs Marlena, and takes her into an emergency room. He tries to talk to her to help her regain her memory.

Carrie and Lucas wonder what Lexie has to tell them that is so important. Carrie is just glad that the tumor is benign. Carrie tells Lucas that she is going up to the nursery since she is going to start volunteering. Lucas is thrilled. Austin follows her when she leaves.

Lucas tells his assistant that none of this makes sense. They wonder what is the big deal. His assistant wonders if Sami is behind all this.

Sami and Alex argue as Lexie comes in the door. Lexie vows to tell the others all about their blackmailing her. She starts to leave, but Alex turns on a tape which lets her know that if she ever had another affair, he would leave her, and take their son. Lexie is horrified.

Jennifer still mumbles to herself when Frankie comes home. He asks her if that means keeping the secret from him. Jennifer lies to him ,and tells him that Hope had called, and didn’t want anyone to know where she was.

Bo and Hope e-mail each other back and forth until finally, Hope turns off her computer which blocks Bo’s e-mails. Bo is upset.

Austin meets Carrie at the nursery. He tells her that he still loves her. They kiss.

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