Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/24/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/24/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Police Station

Chelsea tells Bo that it was something that she had done to him and Hope. Bo is confused. Chelsea remembers her conversation with Kate, in which, she had told Kate what she had done to Bo and Hope concerning the e-mails.

On the island

Hope is frustrated because she cannot find Patrick. She wonders where he is. She turns around, and sees him behind her.

Marlena enters the room, and looks around. She remembers her talk with Lexie, in which Lexie had warned her about Alex drugging her. She picks up a picture off the table, and looks at it.

John roams around in the hall. He hears a noise, and quickly hides. When he sees, who the person is, he grabs them, and pushes him up against the wall.

Sami comes through the doors, and sees Lexie, standing by the nurses’ station, deep in thought. Sami, feeling sorry for her, vows that she just cannot do this to her. She vows to stop Alex before he goes through with his plan.

Alex, on the computer, fixes it so that Lexie’s mammogram results will come back that she is fine. He accomplishes what he set out to do. He gets up from the desk, and unlocks the door. Sami comes barging in. She insists that she is not going to let him do this to Lexie. Alex is confused by her outburst.

John, finally leaves Bo’s office. Bo comes out, and questions Chelsea as to what this is all about. Chelsea assures him that she wants to do the right thing. Chelsea tells him that she wants to do the right thing. Bo is confused as to what Chelsea is talking about .

Two officers bring the woman prisoner back into the squad room. The woman struggles to get loose. Bo has to tackle her to the floor. Chelsea watches in horror. She remembers the conversation that she had had with the woman when the woman had warned her about how things would be in jail. Bo gains control of the woman. Bo takes Chelsea into his office. Chelsea is horrified as to how Bo had treated the woman. She is reluctant to tell Bo about what she had done concerning the e-mails.

Hope is happy to see that Patrick hasn’t left the island. She hugs him. They talk about his plans to leave the island. Hope reveals to him that she has a message for him from his late wife, Alma. Patrick is confused as Hope hands him the letter.

John and Tex argues over him keeping him from killing Alex. Tek tries to explain to him that it would ruin his life for him to hurt Alex. They discuss Marlena, and how her life is in danger from Alex.

Marlena looks at the pix of John. She remembers her love for John. She remembers her conversation with Lexie which was about John, and his love for her.

Lexie makes a call to Carrie and Lucas to get them to meet her at the hospital.

Sami and Alex argue over the fact that Sami doesn’t want him to hurt Lexie. He lets her know that no one will stop him from doing this.

Chelsea is hesitant to tell Bo what she did after her talk with the woman. She begins to try to explain when Frankie comes in. This gives Chelsea the opportunity she needed to get away from Bo to keep from telling him. They exchange solemn looks. Frankie puts his foot in his mouth by saying, “now he knows.” Bo is confused as to what is going on.

Hope encourages Patrick to open the letter from Alma. He takes the letter from her, and opens it. He begins to read. Even though he reads the letter, he still blames himself for Alma’s death.

John insists that Marlena remember their life together. He shows her a picture of Belle and Claire. He shows her, her passport of all the places that they had been together. Marlena surprises him by telling him that she does remember their love. He is surprised.

Lexie makes a call to Austin, and asks him to come to the hospital for a meeting. She turns around, and sees Tek right behind her.

Alex and Sami argue over the fact that he wants to make Lexie pay for what she has done. Sami is horrified by his actions.

Frankie remembers his conversation with Chelsea in which she had told him what she had done to Bo and Hope. Frankie refuses to tell Bo what she had told him. Frankie asks Bo had he signed the divorce papers. Bo tells him to send the divorce papers back to Hope, unsigned. Bo insists on doing everything he can to get Hope back. Bo fills him in that the police are looking for Patrick Lockhart.

Hope assures Patrick that he can’t blame himself for Alma’s death. Patrick thinks that he should have known what was going on. He also thinks that he should have been there for Alma. Hope encourages him to take another chance at life and love.

Chelsea visit’s the church. She makes a full confession to the priest about what she had done. He encourages her to tell her father everything. Chelsea runs out. She knows that she can never let Bo find out what she had done.

John and Marlena know they are special to each other. John remembers their wedding day. John realizes that she remembers their wedding day. He grabs her, and kisses her. John tells her that he loves her.

Lexie fills Tek in that she had found a lump in her breast. She also tells him that Alex and Sami are blackmailing her. He promises to be there for her. Lexie wants to tell Abe about their affair.

Alex tells Sami that this is in her hands. Sami doesn’t want Lexie to die, but she doesn’t want to lose Austin, either. He tells her to trust him. Sami assures him that she trusts him.

Bo assures Frankie that if Patrick comes near his family or Hope he will be the one up on murder charges.

Patrick thinks a second chance, but he is reluctant to agree to it.

Marlena pulls away from John, and lets him know that she can’t do this. She insists that he leave. He wants to talk to her alone.

Marlena doesn’t want to change her mind. She runs out.

Sami approaches Lexie and Tek. They argue. Lexie vows that her threats won’t work on her anymore. Lexie vows to tell everyone everything that had been happening.

Marlena rushes up to Alex, and they hug. John walks up. Alex wants to get Marlena away from John. They start to leave. Lexie tells them that she has something to tell them.

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