Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/21/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/21/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

The hospital

Lexie comes through the doors. She pours herself some coffee. She remembers her conversation with Alex and Sami, and how she was going to reveal their blackmailing her. She dials Austin’s number. Sami watches her. She vows to find a way to stop Lexie from ruining her life. Sami hurries into a room where she knows a computer is. She sits down at the computer, and brings up one of Lexie’s files. Alex comes in, and catches her. He questions her as to what she is doing here.

Shawn is on the computer starting to e-mail his Mother when the telephone rings. It is Bonnie, and she warns Mimi that Belle is on her way over there to tell Shawn that she still loves him. There is a knock on the door. Shawn answers it, and finds that it is Belle. Belle tells him that she has something to talk to him about.

Chelsea goes into Bo’s office. She starts to explain to him about what she had done to him and Hope, but John interrupts them. Chelsea tries to tell him that she needs to talk to him, but John insists on talking to Bo first. Bo tells Chelsea that he will talk to her later. Chelsea leaves the office. John orders Bo to call the cops off from trailing him. Bo lets him know that he can’t deal with this right now. Bo fills him in that Hope had asked him for a divorce.

Patrick looks at the pix of Alma on the tombstone. Hope lets him know that she is worried about him. She advises him that he can’t run from his past. Patrick begins to try to explain. Hope advises him that he can’t blame himself for what had happened to Alma. Patrick tells her that he has to leave the island.

Bo and John discuss Hope wanting the divorce. John assures him that Hope needs him to deal with the death of Zach. Bo fills him in on the happenings of the last few days. John tells him that he can understand why Hope is mad at him.

Chelsea stands outside his office, waiting patiently.

A cop brings in a young girl, and handcuffs her to the desk. The woman asks Chelsea what is she looking at. She asks Chelsea for a cigarette. Chelsea informs her that she doesn’t smoke. They strike up a conversation about how life is in jail.

Patrick tells Hope not to worry about him. He encourages Hope to go home, and make things right with Bo. Hope tells him that if she goes home, she will face all those old memories of her life with Bo. Hope tells him that she has enjoyed their time together, and she is going to miss him. He returns the sentiment. Patrick urges her not to give up on Bo. They hug. They say good-bye to each other. Hope walks over to Alama’s grave. She knows that Patrick has to forgive himself.

Belle tells Shawn that she can’t believe that Hope is asking Bo for a divorce. She offers her sympathy. She can tell that Shawn is upset. Belle offers her help to him. Mimi speaks up, and tells her that she is here for him. Mimi hugs Shawn.

Lexie looks at her cell phone. A nurse comes up, and advises her on the health of a patient.

Alex questions Sami as to why she is checking out Dr. Carver’s records. Sami lies, and tells him that it was already on that page. Alex doesn’t believe her. He wants to know why she would be interested in Lexie’s health. He also wonders what Lexie has on her.

Chelsea and the prisoner discuss life in prison. Chelsea wants to know what it is like. The prisoner is hesitant to tell her.

Bo accuses John of taking Hope’s side. John remarks that Hope had lost her son. Bo corrects him, and tells him their son. John tells him that Hope was his Mother, and that Bo should have leveled with her. John asks him does anyone know where Hope is. Bo tells him that Shawn knows, but he won’t tell. John begins to discuss Marlena, and her life being in danger. Bo refuses to call off the dogs. Bo remarks that the only man, who would put Hope’s life in danger is Patrick Lockhart.

Hope goes down to the docks. She requests info on Patrick. The man can’t tell her too much. They discuss the cottage, and how happy Patrick and Alma were there.

Patrick is deep in thought. He remembers a very special time when Alama was working in her flower garden .

Sami tries to leave the office, but Alex stops her. He asks her who would believe her over him, who is a respected doctor. Sami tells him that no one respects him.

Lexie and a nurse walk up to the outside of the records room.

Sami and Alex discuss what Lexie has on her.

Chelsea and the woman discuss what life is like in jail. The woman tells her that she better be glad that she never has to go to jail.

Bo and John talk about Alex, and his endangering Marlena’s life, and John will do anything to stop him. Bo feels the same way if Patrick did anything to Hope.

Hope hurries down to the docks to find Patrick. She finds out that the man hasn’t seen him.

Patrick has memories of Alma in her garden. He begins to cry.

Sami wants to know what is so important that he would leave her Mother on her honeymoon to come to the hospital.

Belle tries to comfort Shawn, but Mimi tells her that that is her job. Shawn lets them know that he is against divorce. Mimi walks over to him, and hugs him. She tells him to e-mail Hope. Belle tells them that when you find that one perfect love you hang onto it. Mimi encourages Shawn to e-mail Hope. Shawn goes back to the computer.

Mimi tells Belle that she knows what she is trying to do. She tells Belle to stop this. Mimi tells Belle that Shawn is hurting over his Mom asking his Dad for a divorce.

Lexie starts into the records room, but the nurse stops her.

Sami tells Alex that she wants her parents back together. Alex tells Sami that he loves Marlena, and no one is going to separate them. Sami wonders what will happen if Lexie succeeds. Alex asks her what does Lexie have on her. He begins to put the facts together, and finds out that it has something to do with Austin. Sami vows that she is not going to lose Austin. Alex questions her as to what she had expected to find looking in Carver’s secret files. Alex lets her know that he has a specific course of action in mind. He asks Sami is she interested.

Chelsea accuses the woman of just trying to scare her with these stories of life in jail.

Bo and John discuss Lockhart. He shows John the file on Lockhart. Bo tells John that he wants to bring Patrick in for questioning. John knows that there must be some way to get Marleana away from Alex.

Hope searches for Patrick in the bungalow. She comes back out into the garden . She kneels down, and finds a box hidden under the bushes. She opens the box, and finds a letter addressed to Patrick .She opens it, and reads it. She knows that Patrick has to see this.

Mimi tells Belle that she had had her chance with Shawn, but she had decided to marry Philip. Belle tells her that she doesn’t want to hurt her. Mimi assures her that Shawn loves her. Mimi encourages Belle to stay with Philip and Claire. Mimi tells Belle that Claire loves Philip as he was her father. Shawn gets off the computer, and join them.

Lexi calls John, and tells him that she needs to talk to him about Alex. John leaves the office immediately.

Alex fills Sami in on his plan for Lexie. He asks her if it is a deal.

Shawn encourages Belle to work through her problems with Philip if there is love there, but if the marriage is a lie then they should divorce.

Alex advises Sami to let him work this out. He encourages Sami to run along, and let him handle this. She leaves. Alex vows to stop Lexie dead in her tracks with the emphasis on the word, “dead.”

Lexie vows to herself that it will soon be over. Sami watches her. She doesn’t want to see Lexie die.

Hope searches for Patrick on the docks, but finds that he has already left.

An officer comes to get the woman prisoner. Chelsea wishes her good luck.

Bo and John come out of his office. Bo asks Chelsea what it is that she wants to talk to him about. Chelsea tells him that it is something that she had done to him and Hope.

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