Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/20/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/20/06


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Lexie is on the phone, and she asks the technician to put a rush on her mammogram results. Sami watches her. She remembers her conversation with Lexie, in which Lexie had told her that she was going to tell Carrie and Austin everything. Sami vows that she has to find some way to stop her .

Alex and Marlena are snuggled together on the couch. They discuss their honeymoon. He lets her know to pack only what she needs because they will pick up the rest. Marlena begins to question him as to where they are going, but Alex refuses to tell her anything. All he will tell her is this trip will be one she will never recover from.

Chelsea stands outside Bo’s office. She knows that she has to make everything right with him. Frankie comes up, and asks her what is going on.

Shawna and Mimi share a very intimate moment. The phone rings. It is Bo, and he needs to see Shawn as soon as possible. Mimi is distraught because they seem to be always getting interrupted.

Bo mumbles to himself that he can’t allow Hope to go through this thing alone.

Shawn promises that after all this is over with that he will make it up to her with a honeymoon that she won’t soon forget. Belle listens to their conversation.

Bo looks at the file, and mumbles to himself that this has to be Lockhart.

Hope looks at the pix of Alma on her tombstone. Patrick comes up behind her. He tells her that she just wouldn’t leave this alone, so now she knows. He tells Hope that he is the one responsible for Alma’s death, that he killed her.

Patrick puts flowers on Alma’s grave .Hope tries to assure him that Alma’s death is not his fault. Patrick owns up to Hope that it hurts to talk about it. Patrick reveals that he was a con man before he had come here to this island, but Alma had changed his life. Patrick has memories of his time with Alma.

Chelsea tells Frankie that he wants to talk to Bo. Frankie owns up that so does he. Chelsea begins to try to explain when Shawn and Mimi come in. They rush into Bo’s office .

Chelsea knows that Shawn will never forgive her for what she had done to Zach.

Shawn and Mimi come into Bo’s office. Bo, immediately, wants to know if Shawn knows where Hope is to tell him.

Marlena tells Alex that he makes this honeymoon sound dangerous. Alex tries to relieve her worries by telling her to stop worrying. They kiss. He orders her to go up, and start packing for their honeymoon. Alex makes a call to a realtor to put Marlena’s condo on the market for sale. He pulls a medicine bottle out of his pocket. He notices that he needs a refill. He mumbles to himself that once they are out of Salem, and the hypnosis has worn off, then Marlena will realize his plan for her .

Sami, sits on a sofa, deep in thought. Bonnie watches her. Bonnie wonders who Sami is plotting revenge against. Belle comes in to join her. After a few minutes of conversation, Belle confesses that she is still in love with Shawn. Bonnie is deeply disturbed by this news.

Sami confronts Belle about her feelings for Philip as compared to those to Shawn. Belle insists that Shawn is not married to Mimi. Sami tells her that that could all change. Sami questions her as to why she had married Philip when she was in love with Shawn. Belle doesn’t know quite how to answer. Bonnie listens in disgust.

Lexie visits with Marlena. Lexie notices the needle marks on Marlena’s arm. She instantly thinks that Alex has been drugging her. Marlena denies it, and tells her that Alex would never hurt her. She then remembers Alex injecting her with something. She again denies that Alex would hurt her .Alex comes in, and overhears their conversation. Alex confirms that he would never hurt Marlena. Alex questions Marlena if she is through packing. She tells him, “no.” She goes upstairs to finish packing. Alex and Lexie argue as usual over his blackmailing her. She insists that she is going to tell everyone what he is doing. She rushes out of the door, and slams it. Marlena comes downstairs, and asks if that was Lexie, who had slammed the door. He assures her that if she hasn’t finished packing then she will just have a toothbrush, and no clothes. She goes back upstairs. He plots his revenge on Lexie.

Shawn refuses to tell Bo where Hope is. Frankie and Chelsea come into Bo’s office. Chelsea, once again tries to talk to Shawn, but he lashes out at her. He blames her for his Mother being out of town, and for the death of his brother. He leaves the office in a huff. Mimi apologizes for him, and then leaves. Frankie gives Bo the divorce papers, and tells him that Hope has filed for divorce. Bo is upset.

Sami encourages Belle to tell Shawn how she feels about him. Bonnie listens in disgust. Belle leaves to talk to Shawn. Bonnie vows that no woman will take her daughter’s husband.

Shawn and Mimi arrive back home. He is upset that his parents are getting divorced. Mimi encourages him to e-mail Hope. He goes over to the computer.

Bonnie calls Mimi to warn her as to what Belle is about to do. While she is on the phone with Bonnie, the doorbell rings. Shawn answers it. Belle tells Shawn that she needs to talk to him.

Hope knows that Bo and everyone else is wrong about him. She offers Patrick words of encouragement.

Bo can’t believe that Hope wants a divorce.

Frankie advises Chelsea to talk to her father, and to tell him everything.

Bo is upset over Hope wanting a divorce.

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