Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/19/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/19/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Hope apologizes to Patrick for butting into his business. She assures him that it is none of her business. She confesses to him that he has been a good friend to her. Hope tells him that she wants to do something for him.

Abe knows that they are looking for Patrick Lockhart. They discuss how that Patrick gains women’s trust before he strikes. Abe assures him that with the description, they are looking for Lockhart. Chelsea watches them through the window in the office. Billie and Kate come in to join her. Chelsea tells Kate that she is telling Bo everything. Billie sides with Chelsea. Kate doesn’t know what to think.

Lexie has had her mammogram. The woman leaves the room with the x-rays. Celeste comes in to join her. Lexie admits to her Mother that she is scared. Celeste asks her has she told Abe. Lexie tells Celeste that she is going to tell Abe everything about Tek. Lexie assures Celeste that she is going to stop the lies.

Sami comes into the hospital. She tells the nurse that she has come to get her son’s charts. Gina comes up, and requests some forms that Lucas has sent her after. Sami and Gina exchange some sarcastic remarks. Each one seems to want to get the better of the other one. Sami remembers hers and Austin’s lovemaking. She smiles. Sami assures Gina that her life is perfect. Sami vows that she will not mess this up. Sami holds up her ring finger, and tells Gina that she is going for a gold ring. Gina thinks that Sami will be left with no one. A nurse comes up, and wants in on the bet.

Lexis has an intuition about Lexie, but she doesn’t want to tell Lexie to worry her. Lexie knows that she should never have let herself be blackmailed. Celeste questions her as to what she had told Carrie. Lexie fills her in.

The nurse knows that Sami is pathetic, and she will be the one, who will be left without anyone.

Billie orders Kate to stop meddling in her business. Billie is glad that Chelsea has decided to come clean, and to tell her father everything .Billie also tells Chelsea that she supports her in her decision. Kate can’t believe what she is hearing. Billie leaves.

Kate explains to Chelsea that her life will be a disaster if she lets Bo know what she had done.

Abe and Bo are discussing Patrick, and where he could be. Billie overhears them talking. Billie barges in, and orders them to leave Patrick alone. She refuses to allow them to down the man that she loved.

Hope and Patrick discuss Billie, and how that they had once dated. Hope asks him why won’t he let her help him.

Bo shows Billie the file that they have on Patrick. Billie refuses to believe this. Billie asks Bo has he heard from Hope. Bo tells her, “no.” They discuss Chelsea, and how that she has something to tell him.

Kate orders Chelsea to let this pass. Kate tries to assure her that Billie loves Bo, and they deserve to be together. Kate asks her does she want her family to be together. Chelsea still insists on telling Bo. Kate asks her if she is ready to see Hope come back to town, and testify against her in court.

Patrick remembers the good times that he had had with Alma.

Sami assures Lexie that everything has worked out for the best. Carrie and Lucas are engaged. Her and Austin are together. Lexie informs her that she is not lying for her anymore. She vows to tell Carrie and Austin everything.

Celeste sits at a table when Gina join her .She asks Celeste to do her a favor. Gina wants to know something about Sami. Celeste cautions Gina that revenge can be dangerous. Celeste warns Gina that nothing looks good for Sami.

Sami warns Lexie that she can’t do this, and goes on to remind her of her affair with Tek. Sami blames Lexie for telling Carrie that she couldn’t have a child with Austin. Sami accuses Lexie of bluffing. Lexie lets her know that she had found a lump in her breast, and she wants to do what is right, and stop the lies. Sami apologizes to Lexie for her having a lump in her breast, but she still cannot tell Carrie. Lexie still insists on telling Carrie the truth, then Carrie and Austin will never speak to her again.

Hope confronts a man about Alma. The man shows Hope where to go to find her.

Patrick still has fond memories of Alma, and how much he had loved her .

Hope remembers her conversation with Patrick about a woman in his life. She picks a flower. She looks ahead of her, and sees Alma’s grave.

Bo is on the telephone, and tells the person that Patrick must have skipped town.

Abe is on the computer when Billie comes into the office.

Billie reads the newspaper article which tells of how Bo, Shawn and Philip had rescued Chelsea. She remembers how she had thanked Bo for saving Chelsea. She wipes away tears. Abe gets up to comfort her .

Bo join Billie and Abe. Abe hugs Billie, and tells her that it was good to see her, and leaves. Bo and Billie talk. Billie encourages him to go find his daughter, and see what she has to tell him.

Kate refuses to stay there, and watch Chelsea ruin her life. She leaves.

Patrick walks up, and sees that Hope has found Alma’s grave. He tells her that she just wouldn’t let it go.

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