Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/12/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/18/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

(sorry some pictures have the news report on them....I hate NBC)

Jennifer lies on the sofa. She begins to remember a conversation that she had had with Frankie in which he had asked what would happen now when they left Green Mountain Lodge. They show a pix of Jack, in which he raises a glass in a toast, and tells her that that is a good question. Jennifer sits up on the sofa, and asks Jack can he help her.

Hope and Patrick have secured the boat. They begin to discuss her going back to Salem. Hope tells him that she is never going back. Hope tells him that she has thought it through. Patrick asks her if she is prepared to face the rest of her life without Bo. Hope tells him that she isn’t.

Chelsea tells Kate that she is going to tell Bo everything. Kate is against the idea. Chelsea blames herself for the e-mail that she had sent to Hope. Kate tells her that she can’t do that. Bo and Billie come in. Bo tells her that her release papers are about ready. Chelsea thanks him for him, Philip, and Shawn risking their lives to save hers. Bo lets her know that they are family. Bo leaves to get the release papers.

Billie pulls Kate aside, and tells her that she looks like she is about ready to walk the plank. She wants to know what is wrong. Kate tells her that Chelsea is about to walk the plank. Kate tells Billie that Chelsea is just about to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Hope and Patrick argue over the fact that she had asked Bo for a divorce, and Bo had readily agreed. She thinks that Bo had chosen Chelsea and Billie over her, Shawn, and Zach. She tells Patrick that Bo had made his decision, and had chosen Billie and Chelsea.

Billie demands to know from Kate what she and Chelsea are hiding. Billie demands to know the secret. Bo comes back with Chelsea’s release papers. Bo questions Chelsea as to what she has to tell him. Chelsea doesn’t know where to begin because she doesn’t know how he is going to react once she tells him what she has done .He apologizes to Chelsea for being upset with her when he had been really upset with Hope over not answering his e-mail, and for hanging up on him. Chelsea remembers when she had filled kate in on what she had done to separate Hope and Bo. Chelsea tells him that he had had every right to yell at her. She begins to explain when his cell phone rings. He takes the call from the station. He explains to her about a serial killer case that he had worked on a few years ago, and that the serial killer had resurfaced. He leaves to go to the station. Bo tells her that nothing is as important to him as her. He gives Billie Chelsea’s release papers.

Billie confronts Kate about the secret that her and Chelsea has. Kate tells her that it is nothing for her to worry about .Billie vows to find out what the secret is. Billie leaves.

Kate tells Chelsea that that fall had done something to her brain. Chelsea has to tell Bo the truth about the e-mails. Kate tells her that that will be the biggest mistake of her life.

Max wonders around the nurses’ station as if looking for someone.

Jennifer tells Jack that she needs to talk to him. She needs his help. Jack tells her that she needs to figure this one out on her own. Jack begins to fade away. Jennifer begins to yell for him to come back, and not to go. Abby comes downstairs. She asks her Mom if she is alright. Jennifer assures her that she is fine. Abby wants to know about her trip, and if they had fun. Jennifer affirms that they had. Jennifer wants to know how things had went there. Frankie comes in. Abby lets Frankie know that they must have had a wild time. Jennifer tells her, “no, not really.” Abby goes to meet Josh, but not before she kisses her Mother bye. Jennifer thinks that that was awkward. Jennifer wants to know what they should do now. They sit down on the sofa. Frankie is happy what had happened. Jennifer looks at the pix of Jack. Jennifer doesn’t want to rush into a relationship. Jennifer has a flashing memory of Jack. Jennifer smiles, and remarks how could she forget that. Frankie looks at her in puzslement.

Max comes in Chelsea’s room. He fills her in that he had just gotten back into town, and had just heard what had happened to her .Chelsea tells him that she has a few bruises. He tells her about his race, and that he had won. Chelsea congratulates him with a hug. Billie comes in. Chelsea fills her in on Max’s race. Billie tells her that she is ready to go. Chelsea wants to spend some time alone with Max, and Billie agrees. Chelsea wants to have a talk with Bo later. They leave.

Billie demands to know what is going on between her and Chelsea. Kate lies, and tells her nothing. Billie assures her that there had better not be. Billie knows that Chelsea had decided to turn her life around. Billie assures Kate that Bo and Hope love each other, and always will.

Bo comes into Abe’s office. Abe is sorry that he had called Bo in on this after what all had happened the last twenty four hours. Abe knows that Bo had never been the same since Zach’s death. Abe wants Bo to give himself a break. Abe thanks Bo for giving him Zach’s cornea so that he can see again. Bo tells Abe that Hope wants a divorce. Abe encourages Bo to talk to Hope. Bo doesn’t even know where she is.

Hope thought that her and Bo would be together forever. Hope decides that she needs to move on without him.

Kate tells Billie that she only wants what is best for Billie. Billie declares that she will never come between Hope and Bo again. Kate tells Billie to look her in the eyes, and tell her that she doesn’t want Bo back. Billie refuses to say anything.

Hope decides to get her a job at the local hotel, and to stay on the island. She vows that she will never forget Zach. She questions him about his past. He refuses to answer. She asks him if he has something to hide.

Abe encourages Bo to tell Hope how he feels. Bo looks at the screen of the computer, and finds an article from the Chicago Police Dept. The article is about a convicted felon. He tells Abe to check out the description. Bo thinks that that sounds like Patrick Lockhart.

Jennifer relives memories of her husband, Jack, and when he had dressed up like a woman to cover a story. Jack dresses up like a woman, but falls in the heels that he is wearing. Jennifer laughs as she remembers. Frankie wants to know what else had happened.

Max and Chelsea come into the diner. They are met by Abby and Josh. Abby asks her if she is alright .Chelsea recounts how her whole life had flashed before her eyes. Chelsea and Max sit down at a table. Chelsea wants to change, and be honest about everything. Chelsea can’t believe that her family had risked their lives to save hers. Max asks her if she is going to confess in court what she had done to Zach.

Chelsea decides to take responsibility for her actions, and wants to tell Bo everything.

Billie and Kate argue. Everyone wants someone to share their lives with. Kate fills Billie in that Austin and Sami are dating since Carrie and Lucas are engaged. Billie thinks that that is terrific. Billie thinks that Sami has changed. Kate won’t let Billie be alone.

Abe and Bo discuss the likeness to Patrick. Bo doesn’t know where Patrick is since he and Billie had broken up.

Hope still questions Patrick about himself. Patrick refuses to tell her anything. Hope asks him if there was anyone special in his life. Hope continues to question him about the woman in his life, but he refuses to tell her anything. He orders her to drop it, and forget he ever mentioned it.

Chelsea arrives at the police station to tell Bo everything.

Abby and Josh discuss her Mom's love for Frankie, and how they had dated when they were young.

Frankie gets a call from Mickey in which he tells him that Hope wants to divorce Bo.

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