Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/17/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/17/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Celeste sits with her little grandson on her lap. She discusses with him about going shopping to purchase a few items for herself, as well as, for him. She looks at a pix of Cassandra.. Suddenly, she sees blood running down the front of the frame. This makes her deeply concerned.

Cassandra showers. She raises up her arm, and feels a lump in her breast. She wonders where that had come from since she had just had a mammogram.

Lucas is in the kitchen, getting all his fixins’ ready to fix Carrie some Cinnamon waffles with maple syrup.. Carrie is in the bedroom, asleep. She wakes up, and sees that Lucas is missing. She gets up, and walks into the kitchen. She finds Lucas hard at work. He lets her know what he is doing. They begin to kiss, and go back to the bedroom.

Sami gets up, and goes into the kitchen. She begins to make coffee. She remembers her night with Austin, and accidentally pours too much coffee in the top of the coffeemaker. Austin comes into the kitchen .She is disappointed that he has gotten up because she was going to serve him blueberry pancakes in bed. He tells her that he is going to grab a quick shower before breakfast.

Kate arrives at the hospital. She questions a nurse about Chelsea. Billie comes up behind her. They hug. Billie lets her know that they had just about lost Chelsea last night.

Chelsea is in asleep. In her dreams, she remembers what she had done to Bo and Hope, and how it was her fault that they were divorcing. Bo sits by her bedside. Bo tells her how much that he loves her. Chelsea wakes up, and looks over at him. She remarks that he isn’t going to love her anymore after she tells him what she had done. He is confused.

Hope makes a call to her Uncle Mickey. She informs him that she wants a divorce from Bo, and wants him to handle it. Maggie gets on the phone, and tries to talk some sense into Hope. Hope refuses to listen to her, and still insists on the divorce. Maggie advises her to give it some thought, and discuss it with Bo when she comes back to Salem. Hope fills her in that she is not returning to Salem or Bo.

Bille and Kate argue. Billie refuses to use this near disaster to make moves on Bo. Billie fills her in that Hope had asked Bo for a divorce. Kate acts as though she hadn’t known what Chelsea had done. Bilie insists that she is going to check on Chelsea to see when she can take her home.

Kate mumbles to herself that it will be happening that her and Bo will be back together.

Chelsea blames herself for Hope wanting a divorce. Bo assures her that there will be no divorce. Bo tells her about the e-mail that he had sent to Hope. Kate listens to their conversation.

Cassandra comes downstairs. She thanks her Mom for watching her son. Celeste tells her that she wants to finish this discussion. Cassandra lets her know that it is over. Celeste is glad to hear that. Cassandra sees that something else is bothering Celeste. Celeste refuses to tell her anything.

Cassandra confesses to Celeste that she has just found a lump in her breast. Celeste is upset.

Sami puts down the picture. She remembers her night with Austin. She starts to fix the pancakes, but finds there is no milk. She leaves the apartment.

Carrie and Lucas have finished their lovemaking. He gets up to go to the kitchen. He begins to prepare the waffles, and uses all the milk. There is a knock on the door. It’s Sami, and she’s looking for milk. After she looks through the refrigerator, she finds that they, too, doesn’t have any milk. Carrie comes out of the bedroom, wearing only Lucas’ shirt. Sami is upset. Carrie grabs a cup of coffee, and goes to take a shower. Sami accuses Lucas of them really getting it on.

Upon listening to their conversation, Kate enters Chelsea’s room. She lets Chelsea know that she can’t blame herself for what has happened. Kate asks Bo if she can have a word with Chelsea. Bo leaves. Kate closes the curtain around Chelsea’s room. Chelsea informs her that she is going to tell Bo the truth about what she had done. Chelsea knows that she had no right to interfere. Kate points out all the circumstances to Chelsea that would be the result of her telling the truth.

Angrily, Bo hangs up the phone. He can’t figure out why Hope hasn’t called. Billie watches him through the window. She mumbles to herself that Bo will always love Hope.

Cassandra brings Celeste a cup of tea. They discuss the lump in Cassandra’s breast, and whether or not it could be benign. Celeste lets it slip out that their family has a history of breast cancer. Cassandra becomes upset.

Austin showers. He remembers him making love to Sami. He gets out of the shower. He mutters to himself that he loves Carrie, but she has moved on with Lucas. Austin has moved on with Sami.

Carrie finishes showering. She looks at her engagement ring. She mutters that she loves Lucas.

Sami is totally upset that Lucas and Carrie have made love. Lucas notices the glow on Sami’s face, and knows that her, and Austin have made love. Carrie comes out of the bathroom, and upon hearing Lucas’ and Sami’s conversation, invites Sami and Austin to breakfast.

Hope and Maggie discuss the divorce. Hope lets her know that she hasn’t changed her mind. She informs Maggie to give her love to Gran, and Jen, and that she will call.

Bo is deep in thought when Billie walks up, and sits down beside him. They discuss the e-mail that he had sent to Hope, and if she had read it carefully, Hope would not have wanted a divorce. Billie encourages him to call Hope. Bo assures her that he will find a way to get Hope back.

Kate encourages Chelsea to think about this before she makes her final decision. Kate tells her that this is her chance to get Billie and Bo back together.

Cassandra and Celeste discuss the treatments for breast cancer. Cassandra knows that breast cancer can be brought on by stress, and she has had more than her share of stress. Cassandra owns up to Celeste that she is being blackmailed over her affair.

Sami agrees to have breakfast with Carrie and Lucas. Lucas goes to get changed. Carrie lets Sami know that she has changed. Carrie goes to pour them some orange juice. Sami remembers her blackmailing Cassandra that would get Austin away from Carrie. Carrie hands her a glass of orange juice just as the doorbell rings.. It’s Austin, and he’s looking for Sami. They fill him in on what had happened, and tells him that they are invited to breakfast which will consist of Cinnamon pancakes and maple syrup. Carrie offers to pour Austin some coffee while Lucas drags Sami to the side.

Carrie pours Austin his coffee. He compliments her that she looks incredible. She is flattered.

Lucas warns Sami that if she does anything to break up him and Carrie. Sami assures him that he and Carrie, and her and Austin will be together forever.

Sami comes up beside Austin, and whispers in his ear. Carrie leaves. Austin reprimands her as to why she had done that.

Cassandra lets Celeste know who is blackmailing her, namely, Alex and Sami. Cassandra vows to take care of them once and for all.

Hope sits alone on the deck of the boat. Patrick comes up to join her. She lets him know that her marriage to Bo is over . She knows that there is no turning back.

Kate continues to try to get Chelsea not to tell Bo about what she had done. Chelsea vows that she is going to tell Bo and Billie everything. She also tells Kate that she can’t stop her.

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