Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/13/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/13/06


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Roman gets himself a book to read. John paces the floor. Roman doesn’t know what he expects to see looking out the window every few minutes. John begins to argue with him. John is afraid that Alex will try to kill Marlena. Roman tries to calm him down., Angrily, he pulls the book out of Roman’s hand, and throws it on the couch. Roman reminds him that he could have been in jail right now for attempting to kill Alex. John tries to leave, but Roman threatens to arrest him if he tries to leave .

Marlena is asleep in bed. Alex lays beside her. He plays with her hair as he talks to her. He lets her know that she belongs to him, and no one can take her away from him. He tells her that her suffering is about to begin.

Philip coughs from the fumes in the sewer. Shawn works frantically to get Chelsea’s foot free. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he manages to succeed. Philip pulls her free, and helps her to her feet. Bo starts down, but Shawn yells, and tells her that they have gotten her free, and they are heading up. Bo tells them to hurry. Just as the three reach the ladder, the sewer blows. Everyone shields themselves from the explosion. They rush to the manhole to see if anyone has survived.

The city workers and Billie hurry over to the manhole. Billie gets down on her knees so she can see deep down in the hole. Billie coughs as she yells for Chelsea.

Bo, frantic, tells the city workers that his children are down there. Billie is by his side.

The reporter reports to the audience that an explosion has rocked the area. He tells the name of some ot the victims: Shawn and Philip, and an unknown girl.

Hope and Patrick listen to the news report. She covers her eyes with her hands. Hope cries when she thinks that she might lose her husband, as well as, her son.

Hope wonders why Bo would even permit Shawn to go down there. She also wonders what Shawn is doing there anyway since he should be on his honeymoon.

The reporter reports that Bo Brady has gone back down into the sewer.

Belle, leaning over the hole, yells at Bo if he sees anything.

Bo goes back down the ladder. He shines a light to see if he sees anything.

The reporter tells the audience that now there are four victims down there. He also tells them that the more time passes, the less chance the victims have to come out alive.

Hope listens, anxiously, to the broadcast. She has her head turned to the broadcast.

A worker yells that Bo is on his way back up.

Hope begins to cry and pray that Shawn will be kept safe .

The reporter announces that Bo is back up with one of the victims.

Hope yells at the television as to why Bo would save a complete stranger before his own soon. She is horrified when she sees that the victim that Bo rescued was none other than Chelsea.

Hope begins to panic that Bo would allow his own soon to go down there to rescue the girl, who had killed their son. She covers her eyes with her hands, and begins to cry.

Belle rushes up to Bo, and questions him if he had seen Philip and Shawn down there. Bo offers to go back down into the sewer. Chelsea begins to cry, and begs him not to go back down there. He tells her that he has to because his son is down there.

Hope and Patrick watches the broadcast, and sees the happy reunion between Billie, Bo and Chelsea.

John paces the floor while Roman reads a book. John, angrily, kicks a chair toward Roman. They begin to argue over the fact that Roman won’t try to do anything to save Marlena’s life. John grabs his coat, puts it on, and starts to leave. Roman stops him. Roman threatens to arrest him if he leaves the apartment. They begin to argue again, and John wonders what is happening to Marlena.

Alex plays with Marlena’s hair. He promises her that they are going to leave Salem, and then she is really going to begin to pay. Marlena wakes up. She is startled to see Alex beside her .Marlena panics, as she pulls the covers up around her. She demands to know what he is doing in her bed. He tells her that they are married now, and what is hers, is his. They argue over the things that he has done to her in the past, and how he has lied to her. She starts to get up, but he pulls her back onto the bed. He lets her know that he has been drugging her for months. He also tells her that he will have to increase her dosage. She manages to get up out of the bed, and rushes to the door. She tries to get the door unlocked, but fails. Alex comes toward her with a syringe. He tells her to be a good girl, and take her medicine.

Hope is angry that Chelsea had killed her son, Zach. Hope cries as she remembers when Zach had been hit and killed by Chelsea’s car. Hope becomes angry with Brady because he would allow his son to go down into the sewer to rescue Chelsea, who only thinks about herself.

Belle begins to panic when Philip doesn’t come up.

Billie assures Chelsea that everything will be alright. Chelsea begs Billie to not let Bo go back down there because he might not come back up.

Mimi exclaims when she sees someone coming up out of the hole.

Hope, watching, prays for it to be Shawn. Belle covers her mouth with her hands as Mimi watches her every move. The workers and Bo manage to get Philip up. Belle, hurriedly, hugs him. Bo questions him as to where is Shawn. Philip explains that Shawn was right behind him. Shawn is then brought up out of the hole. Mimi, lovingly, hugs him. She has never been so glad to hug anyone as she is him. Belle is relieved as there are tears are in her eyes. Mimi kisses Shawn.

Hope, watches the reunion between Shawn and Mimi. She tells Shawn that she loves him very much. Hope hugs Patrick.

Billie brings Chelsea up to the EMT, and asks him if he will check her out .Chelsea goes with the EMT as Billie is approached by Bo. She, with tears in her eyes, tells him that they had about lost Chelsea again. Bo assures her that she is fine. Billie thanks him for getting Chelsea. Billie doesn’t know what she would do without Bo as she hugs him. Hope watches this show of affection between Billie and Bo.

A reporter comes up. He calls Billie Mrs. Brady, and asks her feelings. Billie corrects him, and tells him that she is not Mrs. Brady. The reporter then asks for a statement from Bo. Bo just tells him that he is glad that his family is safe .

Hope watches, and exclaims, “family.” “family.”

John and Roman continue to argue over the safety of Marlena. John picks up the binoculars.

Alex comes toward Marlena with the syringe. She rushes past him, thus turning over a chair. She rushes toward the balcony doors, but is unable to open them before Alex catches her. He pins her up against the patio doors. John sees this through his binoculars.

John informs Roman to come there, and look at something. Roman raises objections for John spying on Alex and Marlena. John begs him to look. When Roman looks, he sees nothing.

Marlena manages to get away from Alex. He throws her onto the bed. He comes after her, and climbs on top of her. He holds her hands down. She struggles to get free. He shakes her. She screams, “no, no.

He finally manages to get the upper hand, and puts his arm around her neck as he gives her the injection in the arm .

When Roman doesn’t see anything, John talks him into going over there to investigate. They leave the apartment.

Patrick tries to comfort Hope as she is deep in thought. He assures her to focus on the positive that both Shawn and Bo are alive. Hope explains that Billie and Chelsea are his family now. Patrick tries to tell her that maybe BO didn’t mean it like it came out. Hope doesn’t believe him. Hope tells him that ever since Bo and Billie had found Chelsea, she had been wrapped around their little finger. Hope tells him that she knows where she stands now. She begins to cry as she tells him that Bo has decided to move on with Billie and Chelsea.

Bo and Billie talk.They discuss Chelsea, and how she needs help. Billie explains that she is the one, who needs help. Bo blames himself for this situation. Bo remembers his conversation with Chelsea in which he had told her that maybe, her going to jail might change her outlook on things. Bo tells Billie that he had been upset over his marriage, and he took it out on Chelsea. Bo wants to make sure that Chelsea knows that they love her. Billie warns him not to let Chelsea manipulate him.

Mimi urges Shawn to get checked out .Belle, in turn, urges Philip to get checked out .They leave with the EMT’s.

Mimi accuses Belle for being so full of it. Mimi wants to know, who she was more concerned for Shawn or her husband. Belle tells her that she was worried about them both. A reporter comes up, and talks to them about their feelings when they saw one of them climbing up out of the hole. He makes the assumption that Belle is Mrs. Brady. He mentions about the love that showed on her face when Shawn was rescued. Mimi clears up the misunderstanding. She informs him that she is indeed Mrs. Brady.

Hope and Patrick watch the interview.

The reporter apologizes for the confusion. He then pays tribute to the rescue squad, and the others that had helped out here tonight.

Mimi reprimands Belle for her actions. She informs Belle that she is Shawn’s wife, so back off.

Roman and John arrive at Alex’s apartment. Roman informs John that they are going to do things his way. Alex opens the door. John informs him that he had seen him arrest him. John threatens to kill him if he hurts Marlena. Roman orders Alex to bring his wife downstairs. John confronts him about what he had seen at the window. Alex lies to him, and tells him that what he had seen was some intense lovemaking. Marlena comes downstairs. She wants to know what is going on.

Roman questions Marlena if Alex had hurt her. Marlena denies Alex hurting her. She remembers Alex giving her the injection. Marlena orders them out of her home or she will call the cops. Reluctantly, Roman and John leave. Marlena gives Alex one look, and goes back upstairs like a good little wife.

Roman and John doesn’t buy anything that Marlena had said. They begin to believe that Alex is hypnotizing Marlena. John comes to the conclusion that if it takes it then he will kill Alex. Alex listens from inside the room.

They question Chelsea as to what had happened, but Chelsea tells them that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Mimi explains to Belle how that she is displaying her feelings for Shawn every time that she looks at him. Belle shows her, her wedding ring. She explains to her that Shawn had chosen to marry her. She tells Belle to worry about Shawn from afar off, but he is her husband.

Hope decides that she will never return to Salem, but instead she is going back to the island.

Bo questions Shawn if he knows where Hope is. Shawn remembers his conversation with Hope. He refuses to let Bo know where Hope is.

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