Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/12/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/12/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas waits for Carrie as she drinks her glass of water. She starts toward the bedroom when she sees Lucas. She smiles. He tells her that this has been a most amazing night, and he doesn’t want it to end. She informs him neither does she. She lifts up her ring finger encircled with her engagement ring. She tells him that she loves the ring. Lucas tells her that he loves her. They kiss. He picks her up to carry her to the bedroom. He lets her know that he wants to make love to her tonight. She holds on to the door fasten. He looks at her, and asks her doesn’t she want this to.

Sami comes out of the bathroom.. She lets him know what a great time that she had had tonight. They kiss. She tells him that when he had mentioned going to the pier tonight that she had had her doubts. She thinks that it was perfect to celebrate Carrie’s and Lucas’ engagement. Austin tells her that he is proud of her for the way that she handled this tonight. She is happy. They kiss.

Hope and Patrick hears the news broadcast about Bo going down into the sewer to rescue a victim that had fallen down into the sewer. She asks Brady what does he think that he is doing .

The news reporter on the scene reports how Bo Brady had went down into the sewer to rescue his victim.

Hope calls this situation insane that Bo had went down into the sewer, and doesn’t even have an oxygen mask .Hope wonders where the rescue squad is.

The reporter reports that there is gas leaking into the sewer, and the sewer could explode at any moment. Hope begins to panic.

Billie mumbles to herself as she paces, awaiting word on the condition of her daughter and Bo.

Belle, Mimi, Shawn and Philip join her. Belle lets them know that this is the same place that she would have fallen in, if it hadn’t been for Shawn. Mimi is surprised. Billie tells Shawn that his father had gone down there to rescue Chelsea. Everyone is shocked.

Bo goes back into the sewer. He tells Chelsea to hold on. She begins to cry, and tells him that she doesn’t want to die.

Philip questions Billie as to how she had fallen into the sewer. Billie tells them that she is so worried about her.

Hope and Patrick watch closely the news broadcast. Hope sees Mimi and Shawn in the crowd. Hope is anxious as to why Bo hasn’t come up yet.

Shawn hurries over to the hole. The city workers keep them back by telling them how dangerous it is down there. Philip asks about the gas leak. The worker explains the situation to him. Shawn is upset, and tells them that that is his father down in the hole.

The reporter speaks into a headphone, and informs them that Bo is family.

Billie thinks that Bo has been down there an awful long time. Belle assures her that it just seems like a long time. Billie asks her if she is sure. Belle nods her head. Billie tells Belle that she had heard them that there could be a cave in. Mimi assures her that Bo knows what he is doing, and he won’t come out ot there until he has Chelsea safely in his arms.

Hope tells Patrick that Bo wouldn’t have gone down in that hole without backup. Hope doesn’t have any idea who is trapped down there. Patrick points out that Bo will always be her hero, and that is what draws her to him even now. Hope just looks at him without commenting .

Chelsea coughs. She begs Bo to get her out of there. He tries to get her to remain calm. The ground begins to shake. She wants to know what is going on.

The workers keep Shawn and Philip away from the hole. They explain the circumstances to them .

The reporter reports that Detective Brady is down in the sewer to get the victim out. He also reports that the walls are in danger of collapsing.

Hope tells Bo to get out of there.

Shawn yells for Bo. He asks him if he is alright. To Shawn’s horror, the ground begins to shake.

Carrie lets Lucas know that of course that she wants to be with him. She reminds him that they are engaged. Lucas comments that he doesn’t want to rush her. He carries her over to the couch. He lets her know that if she isn’t ready now that he will wait for her forever if he has to.

Austin doesn’t think that this is such a good idea. He lets her know that he saw how she had looked at Lucas that night at the pier. She insists that Lucas and Carrie are engaged now, and she is completely over him. Austin lets her know that he doesn’t want to make love to her for the wrong reason. She remembers all the things that she had done to him.

Hope wants to know what is going on with Bo, and why they won’t tell them anything.

The reporter reports that they had heard a loud noise. They wonder if the walls are beginning to collapse.

The city workers stop Billie from getting too close to the hole. She demands to know has Bo found Chelsea, and her condition.

Shawn wants to go down in the hole to help, but Philip tells him that it may make things worse. Shawn reminds him that his father is down there.

Mimi tells Shawn to give them more time to get Bo and Chelsea out. Shawn refuses to listen to them.

Chelsea coughs. Bo’s hands bleeds.Bo tries to comfort her from being too worried.

The reporter tells the listening audience that Bo is still alive because he has just heard him.

Hope is so relieved that she hugs Patrick.

Phiiip asks if there is any way that they could stop the gas leak. Philip asks if there is any other way down there. The worker tells him that there is, but he is not authorized to go down there. The two workers talk with Philip, and they agree to show Philip the other way down in the sewer.

Belle asks Philip where he is going. Philip orders her to stay away from the hole, and he will be right back.

Hope is overjoyed that Bo is out safe.

The reporter tries to talk to Bo, but BO orders him out of his face.

Billie demands to know from Bo how Chelsea is. Bo fills her in on the situation is. Billie demands that Bo get their daughter out . Bo lets her know that he will get her out, and not let her die.

Carrie and Lucas discuss their past relationships, and how they had failed. Lucas tells her that he loves her, and wants her. Carrie tells him that she loves him, and wants him.

Hope and Patrick continue to listen to the broadcast, but the reception fails. Hope becomes frantic to get it back. The reception comes back.

Shawn goes down into the hole to check on Chelsea. Philip join him from another way. They both work together to free Chelsea’s foot. They manage to get her free. There is a mass explosion in the sewer. Everyone fears for Shawn’s, Philip’s and Chelsea’s lives. Hope yells at the television that she can’t lose Shawn, too.

Carrie and Lucas make love.

Sami and Austin make love.

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