Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/11/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/11/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Mimi have just finished lovemaking. He didn’t know how creative that she was. She admits that neither did she. Shawn remembers that he had bought groceries for breakfast, but he was hungry now. He gets up to start fixing something to eat. She insists on helping him. He puts on an apron, and throws. She puts it on, and ties it securely. He instructs her to put on some music. He then hands her some flowers to put into water. Mimi begins to kiss him, and they lie down on the bed.

Belle comes into the kitchen. She looks up at the air vent, and hears the music. She remembers her conversation with Shawn in which they had discussed her father. Philip comes into the kitchen, and mentions that she couldn’t sleep. He comes to the conclusion that two people have recently married that are totally wrong for each other, and Belle is totally in love with one of them.

Carrie and Lucas dance to a slow dance. Lucas can’t wait to set the wedding date. Carrie watches Austin. Lucas pulls away from her, and asks her what has made her so upset.

Sami assures Austin that she is having such a good time. She wants to do this more often. She is glad that they are dating now. She thanks him for sticking up for her against his Mother. Austin tells her that he has an idea, and pulls her away from the party.

Hope sits on the front of the boat. She remembers throwing her wedding ring into the ocean. She yells at Patrick to go faster. He cautions her to be careful since it can get pretty rough out here. She yells, and falls over the side of the boat.

Billie asks the worker where did he get her daughter’s phone. He informs her that it was from the girl that is trapped in the manhole. Bilie panics, and yells for Bo that it is Chelsea trapped down there. She insists that he has to save her.

Bo climbs down into the hole. He instructs the worker to let him have a look. He shines the light around Chelsea. Bo wants to get her out of there as soon as possible. The worker lets him know that her foot is trapped.

Bo tries to revive Chelsea. The worker tells him that there is a gas leak, and they need to get out of there. Bo lifts up Chelsea’s head. She comes to, and wonders where she is.

Billie wants to know if there is any way that they can stop the gas leak. The worker fills her in that there is already a gas leak, and if the water was to break, this whole place would be flooded. He tells her that this place would collapse.

Bo tries to get Chelsea free by digging around her feet.

Patrick manages to get Hope out of the water. She hugs him, and tells him that he saved her life. He gives her a towel to dry off. He wants to tell Bo about this. Hope tells him that it is none of Bo’s business what she does now.

Shawn and Mimi kiss while she attempts to make scrambled eggs. She sets the bowl down on the counter. They begin to kiss, and lie down on the bed. The skillet begins to smoke.

Philip realizes that Belle is still upset over her Mother marrying Alex, and her father trying to kill Alex. He remarks no wonder she can’t sleep. He assures her that she will always have them . He tells her that he loves her. Belle asks him does he smell smoke. Instantly, the fire alarm starts to go off. Belle immediately thinks of Shawn.

Carrie and Shawn discuss starting a family. Shawn promises to make all her dreams come true. They kiss. Austin and Sami come up, holding two lovebirds, which they give to Carrie and Lucas. Lucas assures them that they will be able to take care of these. Austin wishes them all the happiness. A photographer comes up, and introduces himself. He tells them that they look like a happy couple, and he would like to take some pictures. He pairs Sami up with Lucas, much to the dismay of both Sami and Carrie.

Shawn puts the burnt skillet under the water. Mimi is upset that this happens every time that she tries to cook. Shawn becomes upset because the peppers are ruined, and he really wanted peppers. Belle and Philip come in. They tell them that they smelled smoke, and were they alright .Shawn goes over, and wraps his arms around Mimi’s waist. She laughs. She tells them that they had kinda got carried away. Belle notices what Mimi and Shawn are wearing nothing but aprons. Shawn throws a dishcloth at Philip. Philip informs them that they had heard the fire alarm, and had gotten a little worried. Philip says that is what they got when they give them a spare key. Shawn, hurriedly , puts on his pants. Belle tells Philip that she is going to go, and check on Claire. Belle and Mimi leave.

Philip lets Shawn know how worried that he is about Belle, and what she is going through. Philip suggests that Belle talk to him. Shawn is surprised .

Belle finds that Claire is just fine despite the disturbance. Mimi comments on what a good Mother Belle is to Claire. Mimi fills her in that her and Shawn are thinking about adopting. Mimi is unable to give Shawn any children of his own, but that they can always adopt. Mimi remarks how good that Shawn is with Claire. Belle is surprised by her remark, and says, “what.”

Shawn is surprised that Philip would suggest that Belle talk to him. Shawn remembers his conversation with Belle, in which she had told him that she loves him. Philip suggests that they go out. At first, Shawn doesn’t want to go, but Philip talks him into it.

Mimi and Belle discuss her and Shawn having children. Mimi wonders how they had managed to get the most perfect men. Belle remembers her conversation with Shawn. Philip comes up behind Belle. He informs Mimi that Shawn has something to ask her. Mimi leaves. Philip tells Belle that he has something to ask her.

Patrick brings Hope a plate of food, and hands it to her. She imagines that it is Bo bringing it to her. Hope tastes the food. She imagines Bo being there with her .

Bo comes up out of the hole. He fills Billie in on what is going on. Billie wants to go down into the hole to be with Chelsea, but Bo refuses to let her .She insists that she doesn’t want Chelsea to be alone. Bo assures her that they will find a way to get Chelsea out .

Mimi is hesitant to go to the party, but Shawn talks her into it. He lets her know how worried that Philip is about Belle. Shawn encourages Mimi to go with him. Mimi finally agrees. They kiss. There is a knock on the door. Mimi goes to change her clothes. Belle comes in, and tells them that they had gotten a babysitter for Claire.

Lucas sets the reporter straight on who was with whom. He takes pics of Lucas and Carrie and Sami and Austin. The reporter asks them to dance, and he takes more pictures. Carrie and Lucas kiss. Sami kisses Austin.

Hope and Patrick kiss. She imagines that it is Bo. She pulls away when she realizes that it is Patrick she is kissing instead of Bo. Hope wonders why she hadn’t listened to him when she had sent the e-mail. She screams. She informs Patrick that she doesn’t know what to do. Patrick encourages her to go home. Hope has second thoughts about it because she thinks that Bo has moved on with Billie.

Bo and Billie and other city workers are still at hole. Bo asks for some rope.

Austin informs Carrie that he is not going to try to change her mind about marrying Lucas. He wishes her the best.

Belle and Philip, and Mimi and Shawn arrive. They are filled in on Lucas and Carrie’s engagement . Shawn pulls Lucas to the aside, and apologizes to him for the mix up. Sami pulls Belle away for some girl talk. They hug, but Belle’s eyes are on Shawn.

Sami join Austin and Carrie, and suggests that they go home.

Lucas and Carrie follow suit.

Bo puts the rope around his neck, and goes back down into the hole.

Belle and Philip discuss their marriage. Belle assures him that they are right for each other .They hug.

Shawn and Mimi dance. They kiss. He dips her.

Carrie and Lucas are at home. Lucas tells her that this has been an amazing night, and he doesn’t want it to end. They kiss.

Sami comes out of the bedroom, dresses in a black negligee. They begin to kiss with Austin slipping the robe off her shoulders.

Hope tells Patrick that he will allow him to take her home. She turns on the radio, and sees the news bulletin about someone being trapped in a manhole. She is shocked to see that Bo is there.

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