Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/10/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/10/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas, Carrie, Austin and Sami celebrate Lucas’ and Carrie’s engagement. Lucas knows that Kate is happy for them. Sami remarks that Kate would be happy as long as he wasn’t marrying her. Austin remarks that Lucas is getting a great woman. Sami remarks that Carrie is getting a great man. Lucas and Carrie decide to leave. They thank Sami and Austin for the celebration. Carrie takes the glasses to the kitchen.

Sami pulls Austin aside, and suggests that they go out also. Austin agees that work can wait, so the agrees to go out as long as Carrie and Lucas join them. Sami is upset.

Billie, in the kitchen at Bo’s, puts on some water for coffee. She pulls the cell phone out of her back pocket, and dials Chelsea’s number. Again, she doesn’t get an answer. She leaves Chelsea a message for her to call. Billie informs her that they (Bo and herself) are becoming worried about her. Billie also tells her that they hadn’t meant to come down so hard on her. They remind her that they love her very much.

Two city workers are at the manhole. The one city worker suggests that they check down in the hole in case anyone was down in there. The other worker discourages his efforts by telling him that there isn’t anything down in there. The one worker agrees, and starts to fasten it with screws. The other worker tells him to weld the lid down. The worker goes to get the welder off the truck.

Chelsea is still unconscious.

Patrick and Hope share a kiss. Patrick pulls away, and remarks that he shouldn’t have done that. Hope doesn’t agree with him. Patrick reminds her that she is still a married woman even though she had thrown her wedding ring in the ocean. Hope lets him know that everything has changed. She tells him that Bo has moved on with Billie. She knows that their marriage is over.

Bo sits on the couch, deep in thought. He can’t believe what is going on with Hope. He glances over toward the mantle. Getting up, he walks over to the mantle. He ses the pix of him, Hope and the rest of his family. He mumbles to himself that he and Hope had lost so much that he wasn’t going to lose her. Billie comes out of the kitchen. She hears the remark that he made about his marriage. She encourages him to fight for Hope, and his marriage .

Bo puts the pix back on the mantle. Hope tries to tell him that just because Hope wants a divorce doesn’t mean it is going to happen. Billie reminds him that he loves Hope, and that he should fight for her. Billie encourages Bo to talk to Hope, and explain how he feels. Billie also tells him that Hope doesn’t need time. Billie hands him the cell phone, and tells him to call Hope, but Bo refuses. Billie informs him that his marriage is worth fighting for. Bo tells her that he will continue to fight for Hope until his dying day.

Patrick reminds Hope of the twenty years that she and Bo has had together. Hope never thought that Bo would lie to her about the person that had killed their son. She knows that this is what Bo wants is to be with Billie and Chelsea because his actions has shown it. She reminds him that she was hurt and angry when she had sent the e-mail. She had wanted Bo to fight for her, but now she knows he has moved on. Hope can’t believe that this divorce is really happening. Patrick encourages her to go back to Salem, and talk to Bo. Hope refuses by telling Patrick that she will never go back to Bo or Salem.

Lucas helps Carrie on with her coat. Sami pulls Austin to the side. She informs Austin that Carrie and Lucas probably want to celebrate their engagement on their own. Austin doesn’t agree. Austin tells Carrie and Lucas about the party on he pier, and he invites them .After a small discussion, Carrie and Lucas agree to accompany them. Carrie and Lucas leave to get ready.

Sami has reservations about this double date with Carrie and Lucas. Austin accuses Sami of not wanting to go out with Carrie and Lucas because she is still in love with Lucas. Austin reminds her that Carrie and Lucas are engaged now. Austin admits that he hates this, but they have to accept that Lucas is with Carrie now. He tells Sami that they need to move on. Sami asks him did he mean what he had told his Mother.

Carrie and Lucas come out of their apartment. Lucas wonders if she is alright with this. Carrie tells him that Sami is her sister, and they are going to be around them the rest of their lives. Carrie wants to get along with them . They kiss. Sami and Austin come out of apartment, and witnesses them kissing.

One of the workers want to check down in the hole, but the other worker wants to get this over with so they can go home.

Chelsea comes to, and yells for help.

One of the workers has his ear down to the covering on the hole, and hears someone yell. He asks the other worker if he had heard that. The other worker tells him, no.

Chelsea coughs, and then tries to reach for her cell phone.

Patrick wants to know what Hope meant when she had said that she wasn’t going back to Salem. She assures him that she needs time alone .Patrick wants to know what she will do now. Hope likes it on the beach. She wants to stay right there on the beach. Patrick takes her by the hand, and tells her that he has a surprise for her.

Bo lets Billie know that he is going to fight for Hope. Billie admits that he had her worried there for a minute. She lets him know that he is no quitter, and he will do anything to get Hope back. Bo can’t imagine his life without Hope. He thanks Billie for being there for him. Billie gets a call from Chelse, but cannot get Chelsea to answer her. The line went dead.

Chelsea gets a call from Billie, but cannot manage to answer it.

Austin, Sami, Carrie, and Lucas arrive at the party on the pier. They all think that this is great. Austin asks Carrie to dance if it is alright with Lucas tells them that it is fine with him. Lucas tells Carrie that he will get the next dance. Sami reprimands Lucas for letting Austin dance with Carrie. She demands to know what is wrong with him. Lucas tells her to relax. They argue as usual. Sami and Lucas realize that they will be brother and sister in laws. He asks her to dance.

Carrie thanks Austin for inviting them to the party. They dance to a slow dance. Carrie hopes that she and Austin can be friends.

Sami and Lucas dance to a slow dance. He apologizes to Sami for the problems that had happened between them.

The one worker hears a cell phone in the hole. They take the lid off, and the one worker goes down into the hole. He finds Chelsea, and he thinks that she is dead. He throws the cell phone up to the other worker, and instructs him to call 911.

Bo assures Billie that Chelsea will call back. Bo’s phone rings, and it is the station. They inform him that someone has fallen into a manhole, and there is a gas leak. Bo hurries out with Billie right behind him.

Patrick takes Hope for a boat ride. Hope remembers all the times that her and Bo had taken boat rides. Hope imagines that Bo arrives, and they confess their undying love for each other. Hope mumbles to herself that she loves Bo.

Lucas remembers a night when he had brought a boom box, and he and Sami had danced all night long. They had promised to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bo and Billie arrive at the manhole. The worker fills Bo in on the details. Bo hurries down into the hole. Billie tries to call Chelsea again, but soon finds out that the worker next to her has Chelsea’s phone in his pocket. When he pulls the phone out, Billie sees that it is Chelsea’s phone. She remarks that that is Chelsea’s phone, and asks where had he gotten it.

Bo finds out that the victim fallen into the manhole is Chelsea.

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