Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/7/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/7/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas informs Carrie that he had never doubted that she would say, “yes”.Carrie informs him that once she had made up her mind to marry him then she didn’t see any sense in making him wait for the answer. Lucas promises Carrie that she will never regret her decision to marry him. They kiss.

Kate and Austin argue over Sami. Austin declares that nothing is going to change his mind. He walks over to Sami, and tells her that he feels that they should start dating, and see if they can make something of this. Kate is so upset by this news that she faints. Austin rushes to her side to try to revive her. Sami mumbles to herself, “better luck next time.”

Hope sits on the beach, deep in thought. She fingers the ring on her finger. Patrick comes up behind her. He tells her that the winds are picking up, and it is getting colder out. He urges her to come inside. She insists that she just wants to be left alone.

Bo looks at the cell phone. Billie urges him to call Hope. Bo has his doubts about calling her. Billie tells him to give Hope some time. Bo feels guilty because he had taken all his frustration out on Chelsea. He remembers what he had said to Chelsea about wanting her to go to prison. Billie assures him that Chelsea needed to hear what be said to her. Bo tries to call Chelsea, but doesn’t get an answer. Chelsea is unconscious in the manhole. Chelsea comes to just long enough to hear the phone ring, but is unable to reach it.

Bo knows that Chelsea has her cell phone with her all the time, but she won’t answer it .Billie urges Bo to give Chelsea time to think about what he had said to her. Bo insists that the only thing that Chelsea thinks about is keeping herself out of jail. Billie is surprised by Bo’s remark. Bo hopes that Hope will rethink her decision about the divorce.

Hope comes back to where Patrick is, and sees that he has built her a fire. She questions him as to what he is doing. He informs her that since she wouldn’t come inside then he would bring the fire to her. Hope, quietly sits down opposite him. She fingers her wedding ring, and is deep in thought.

Carrie tells him that they are going to have a wonderful life together. Lucas wonders what had made her change her mind. Carrie remembers her conversation with Lexie, in which she was told that she could never have children with Austin. Lucas asks her had she told Austin that she was marrying him. Carrie informs him that she had seen Austin on the roof, and had told him. Lucas begins to ask her something else, but Carrie tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Lucas calls her amazing. Lucas suggests that they go out and celebrate, but there is something that he has to do first. He picks up the engagement ring off the table, and going over to the sofa, he throws one of the cushions in the floor in front of Carrie. He kneels in front of Carrie.

Austin holds Kate as she finally comes to. Kate tells him that she feels as though she has had a nightmare. Austin reminds her that he, and Sami are going to start dating. Kate begins to argue with him about his decision. Austin’s cell phone rings. He tells Kate and Sami that he has to take this call. Kate insists on him taking the call. Kate insists on knowing what Sami has done to break up Carrie and Austin. Sami just smiles. She smiles, and remembers her conversation with Lexie, in which she had blackmailed Lexie into doing as she asked. Sami feels that Kate would want her children to be happy. Kate insists that she wants all her children to be happy. Sami then turns the tables on Kate, and informs her that she knows exactly why she doesn’t want Carrie and Lucas to be together.

Hope admits that she was just so angry about the article, and how she hadn’t meant what she had said in the e-mail. Hope was angry and upset, and she just wasn’t thinking. Hope still wants to know why Bo had hung up on her just as she was trying to explain. Hope confides to Patrick that this was just her way of letting Bo know how upset that she was. She also tells him that Bo wasn’t supposed to answer the way that he had. Hope begins to believe that Bo would rather be with Billie.

Billie blames herself for all this mess with Chelsea. Billie admits that she wanted Bo to keep it a secret that Chelsea was the one responsible for Zach being dead. Billie also blames herself that Chelsea is manipulative. Bo speaks up, finally, and tells Billie that she can’t blame herself. Billie tells him that Chelsea should learn by example. Bo tells Billie that they had once loved each other so deeply.

Chelsea is still unconscious. Big rats begin to crawl all over her.

Lucas tells Carrie that he has loved her since the first time that he ever laid eyes on her. He also admits that he had hurt her. Lucas always felt that Carrie was the woman for him. He promises that he will never hurt her again. He assures her that he loves her with all his heart. He places the ring on her finger. Carrie imagines that she sees Austin before her. Lucas asks her what is wrong, and if she was having second thoughts. Carrie tells him, “no, that she is not having second thoughts.” They hug. Lucas talks about celebrating their engagement with lobster. Carrie remembers a time when Austin had surprised her with lobster. Carrie informs him no lobster.

Sami accuses Kate of not caring about anyone’s happiness. Sami lets her know that Carrie loves Lucas. Sami also accuses Kate of wanting Carrie and Austin to be together. Kate promises that Austin and Carrie should be together, and then when they are married, she will find a girl for Lucas. She assures Sami that she will be left all alone without anyone. They begin to argue again. Austin has to hang up in order to separate Kate and Sami. Kate opens the door, and finds Carrie and Lucas standing there.

Chelsea is still unconscious. Big rats still roam all around her.

Billie tries to call Chelsea, but again doesn’t get an answer. She calls Chelsea, “stubborn.” Bo points out that she gets that from both of them. They discuss genetics, and how that is what is causing Chelsea to act the way she does. Billie asks him did he mean it when he had told Chelsea that he wanted her to go to prison. Bo states that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Billie reminds him that that isn’t the first time that he had said that. Billie then states that this whole mess is her fault. She reminds Bo that Chelsea had seen her manipulate him, so she thought that she could do it too.

Hope fingers the ring on her finger. She remembers their wedding day. She stands up. She slips the ring off her finger, and holds it in the palm of her hand. She closes her fist on the ring. She tells Patrick that the magic is gone. She kisses the ring, and throws it in the ocean. Patrick demands to know what she is doing.

Carrie and Lucas tells Sami, Kate and Austin that they are engaged. Sami offers her congratulations. Lucas thanks Kate for all her help. Lucas asks Kate to welcome Carrie into the family. Kate does as he asks. Sami then suggests that they celebrate. She goes to get the wine glasses. Sami proposes a toast to the happy couple. She admires the ring that it is bigger than the one that Lucas had bought her.

Austin questions Kate as to why Lucas had thanked her for all her help. Austin lets Kate know that he will never trust her.

Bo and Billie remember when they had been so much in love, and how she had tried to break up Hope and Bo. Bo confides to her that he needs her to be a friend. They smile, and hold hands.

Two city workers come to the manhole. They comment that the only thing down there are rats, and old rusty pipes. They lift up the lid to the manhole, and places it over the hole.

Hope and Patrick share a kiss.

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