Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/6/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/6/06


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Shawn hangs up the phone. He walks over to Mimi, and asks her where they were when they were so rudely interrupted in the cabin. Mimi, smiles, and tells him that they were kissing. He begins to nuzzle on her neck. He lets her know that he needs her. They resume kissing, and lie down on the sofa.

Belle comes downstairs with some baby bottles. Through the air vent on the wall, she overhears Shawn and Mimi making love. She mumbles to herself that she has lost him for good.

Lucas comes home with flowers. He yells for Carrie to tell her that he has closed the biggest deal in Titan history. He doesn’t get no answer. He wants them to go out and celebrate . When he doesn’t get an answer, he begins to go through the mail. He notices the note on the desk, and wonders what it is. He picks it up, and reads it .

Carrie is on the roof. She is surprised when Austin. She remarks that they both had the same idea. Carrie starts to leave, but he urges her to stay. He lets her know that he is glad that he ran into her because they need to talk. Carrie doesn’t want to hear this. Austin lets her know that he will do anything to get her back.

Kate barges into Sami’s apartment against Sami’s wishes. Sami orders her out, but Kate refuses. Sami threatens to call her father if she don’t leave. Kate tells her to go ahead, and call her father since he seems to be the only one, who cares anything about her. Sami throws it up in her face that her, and Ausin have been awfully cozy lately. Kate warns her if she doesn’t stay away from Austin then she will make her life miserable. Kate grabs her, and puts her hand over Sami’s mouth to keep her from screaming.

Billie consoles Bo over his devastating news that he has just learned. Chelsea watches from outside the window, and is pleased that her Mom and Dad are getting so close. Billie has her arms around Bo’s shoulders. Chelsea comes in hurriedly, and wants to know what is up. Chelsea asks if anything is wrong. Billie informs her that her father had just gotten some very bad news. Kate lets her know that Hope had asked him for a divorce. Chelsea remembers her discussion with Kate in which Kate had found out that Hope had asked him for a divorce. Chelsea pretends that this is all her fault. She lets him know that this is all her fault as she hugs him.

Chelsea blames herself for all this happening. She states that everyone close to her gets hurt. Bo is tired of listening to this, and asks her if she is finished.

Shawn tells Mimi that she is the best thing that has happened to him. He tells her just how much he loves her. He remembers a conversation that he had had with Bo about his and Mimi’s relationship. He kisses Mimi on the cheek, slowly gets up, and leaves the apartment. Mimi wakes up, and calls for Shaun. She finds him gone.

They show an uncovered manhole. Shaun stops to glance down into the hole. He puts a letter into the mailbox. Belle walks down the street, trips, and almost falls into the manhole. Shaun, quick as a snake, grabs her around the waist to keep her from going into the manhole. He asks her if she is alright. He tells her to take a deep breath. Bonnie watches. She remarks to Max, the dog, that they have a problem.

Sami and Kate continue to argue. Kate informs her that Carrie and Lucas will be married soon. She also informs her that Austin wouldn’t notice her no matter what sleazy dress she put on. Sami becomes furious with Kate. Kate just laughs at her. Sami tries to leave, but Kate stops her .

Lucas reads the letter from Carrie in which she tells him that she will give him his answer before too long. Will comes in the door to get his notebook. He asks Lucas has Carrie given him his answer yet. Lucas tells him that she hasn’t. Lucas asks him how would he feel about Carrie being part of their family.

Carrie tries to leave, but Austin stops her. He turns on the Christmas tree lights. He reminds her of all the happy times that they had spent up here. She remembers times that she had spent with Austin up here. Austin tells her that he wants her back. Carrie lets him know that she is going to accept Lucas’ marriage proposal. Carrie is sorry that this hurts him, but she has made her decision. She feels that her and Lucas could give their children a very stable home. Carrie remembers her conversation with Lexie. Carrie informs him that they can never have children together. Austin wants to know why not.

Shawn comforts Belle, and tells her that she is safe now. Bonnie watches. He encourages her to sit down. He questions her as to what is going on that she is out in the dark. Belle lets him know that she just needed some fresh air. They discuss Belle’s Mom’s and Alex’s wedding. Belle can’t believe that her Dad had tried to kill Alex. She apologizes for barging in on him and Mimi in the cabin. Shawn knows that Belle is upset because that he is married to Mimi.

Mimi has looked everywhere, and can’t find Shawn. She wonders where he could have gone. Bonnie walks up, and informs her that Shawn is with Belle. Bonnie fills her in that Belle had just about fallen into a manhole, and she had seen Shawn comforting her. Bonnie informs her that she needs to remind Belle, who the real Mrs. Shawn Brady is, and then she whispers in Mimi’s ear what she should do next.

Bo informs Chelsea to stop with the fake tears. He tells her that they both know that she doesn’t give a kitty about his marriage. Bo lays down the law to her. He realizes that he should have been a lot tougher on her. He informs her that maybe going to prison is exactly what she needs.

Austin wants to know why they can’t have the family that they always wanted. Carrie informs him that they just can’t. Carrie tells him that he just can’t accept that she is marrying Lucas. She assures him that she loves Lucas. Austin tells her that he wants her to be happy. She informs him that there is a woman out there for him, and that woman could be Sami. She also tells him that he brings out the best in Sami. She informs him that she has to leave. Austin calls after her, but she refuses to come back .

Will tells his Dad that he wants him to be happy. Will admits that he just can’t accept the fact that Lucas isn’t with his Mother. Lucas assures him that marriage can be wonderful. He also tells him not to be afraid to love someone. Lucas tells him that he wouldn’t change a thing that has happened.

Sami orders Kate out of her apartment. Kate refuses to go. They begin to wrestle with one another. Austin comes in, and breaks them apart. He orders Kate out, and to stop interfering in his life. Kate is surprised. Sami is pleased.

Mimi thinks that her Mother is kidding. Bonnie offers to give her pointers. Bonnie assures her that Belle and Shawn will do the right thing in the end. Bonnie tells her to continue to give Shawn good loving, and before long, Shawn will be saying Belle, who.

Shawn knows that Belle is upset with his marriage to Mimi. Belle assures him that he is married to one of her best friends, and she will accept it. Shawn wants to get Mimi some flowers, but he doesn’t know what is open. Belle offers to go shopping with him. He walks away. Belle mumbles to herself that Mimi is a lucky lady. Shawn puts the yellow banner across the manhole

Chelsea can’t believe that Bo had just said that, that he wants her to go to prison. He informs her that she needs to grow up, and take responsibility for her actions. Chelsea asks her Mother if she is going to let him talk to her like that. Billie informs her that Bo is right. Chelsea can’t believe that both her parents are against her. She walks out. Billie assures Bo that he did the right thing.

Chelsea, wiping away the tears, doesn’t see the manhole. She trips, and falls into the manhole .

Austin orders Kate out. He thinks Sami needs protecting. He tells Kate that Sami has changed. He wants to spend more time together. He tells her that they should start dating. Kate is so upset by this that she faints.

Lucas doesn’t want Will to be down on love just because it didn’t work out between him, and Sami. Lucas tells Will that he really loves Carrie. They hug. Will goes to get his things. Carrie comes in. Carrie and Will exchange pleasantries before he leaves. Lucas is happy to see Carrie. He informs her that he has something for her. He picks up the flowers off the chair, and hands them to her. He tells her that he has made a dinner reservation. She informs him that she has something to tell him first.

Carrie picks up the engagement ring, and tells Lucas that she will marry him. Lucas is overjoyed. They hug.

Shawn and Belle arrive home. Mimi comes out of the apartment, and questions them as to where they have been. Shawn tells her that he had gone to get some groceries, and to buy her some flowers. Mimi is thrilled. They kiss. Belle mumbles again to herself that Mimi is a lucky woman.

Billie encourages Bo to give Chelsea some time to think about what he had said.

They show an unconscious Chelsea at the bottom of the manhole.

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