Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/5/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/5/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Sami watches as Austin lifts weights. She daydreams about him taking her in his arms, and kissing her . She vows to herself to make him forget about Carrie.

Carrie fingers the engagement ring, and is deep in thought. She remembers how Lucas had proposed to her. She also remembers her conversation with Austin afterwards. She hears a knock on the door, and it is Kate. She asks where Lucas is. Kate notices the engagement ring on the table. Carrie fills her in that Lucas had asked her to marry him.

Frankie and Jennifer are kissing. They pull apart. Frankie asks her if she is sure about this. Jennifer tells him that she wants him to make love to her. He kisses her, picks her up, and carries her inside.

Billie tells Bo that there is no way that his marriage is over. He is confused as to why Hope hasn’t answered his e-mail. She assures him to give Hope time. Bo informs her that he has to talk to Hope.

Hope can’t believe that Bo had agreed so quickly to the divorce, and won’t fight for her. Patrick orders Hope to call Bo as he hands her the phone.

Billie offers Bo encouragement about Hope, and his marriage. Chelsea watches from outside the window. She remembers her conversation with Kate about the e-mails that she had sent both to Hope, and to Bo. Bo’s phone rings, and he sees that it is Hope. He tells Hope that he is glad that she had called.

Frankie carries Jennifer inside, and lays her on the bed. They kiss. Frankie remembers his and Jennifer’s prom when they danced to the song, “Stand By Me.” Jennifer tells him that that was so long ago. They kiss.

Bo is glad that Hope had received his e-mail. Bo lets her know that he had given it a lot of thought before he had sent it. Hope takes it that he wants a divorce. Bo hopes that she understands about the e-mail. Hope tells him to hold on. Hope tells Patrick that Bo really wants the divorce. Patrick can’t believe.

Bo tells Billie that Hope had told him to hold on. Billie instructs him as to what to say to Hope when she comes back on the line.

Patrick instructs Hope to hang up, and tell Bo that she will call him back later.

Hope comes back on line, and they both decide that they need to talk.

Chelsea climbs the pole. She has wire cutters in her hand. She cuts the wrong wire, sparks fly, she yells, and falls to the ground. The lights flicker inside. Billie tells Bo that she will check on it. Hope asks Bo is that Billie. He confirms that it is. Hope becomes upset. Bo tries to explain to her why Billie is there, but Hope doesn’t want to listen .

Kate is confused by Carrie’s actions. Carrie tells her that she just wants to make sure that she is marrying the right man before she has children with him. Kate questions her if she still has feelings for Austin.

Austin wants to know why Sami wants to go out. Austin questions her if it is because of Lucas. Sami tells him that she knows that they are through. Austin informs her that he will never get over Carrie. Sami urges him to never say never. They kiss.

Frankie and Jennifer are kissing. Frankie tells her that he loves her. Jennifer imagines that she sees her late husband lying there beside her.

Chelsea climbs the pole again, and this time she cuts the phone lines. Bo’s phone lines go dead. Bo thinks that Hope hung up on him. Hope thinks that Bo had hung up on her .

Billie calls if anyone is out there. When she doesn’t get an answer, she goes back inside.

Bo paces the floor. Billie comes in, and wants to know what had happened, and what had Hope said. Bo informs her that he, and Hope are finished.

Patrick wants to know what had happed on the phone. Hope tells him that she thinks that Bo has already moved on with Billie.

Carrie tells Kate that she wants to be completely sure that she has made the right choice. Kate leaves. Carrie looks at the engagement ring. She confesses that she loves them both .She sits down at the desk, brings out a notepad, and begins a letter to Lucas.

Austin pulls away from Sami, and informs her that this isn’t right. He doesn’t want to ruin what they have between them. He picks up his things, and leaves. Sami vows to herself that she will not let anyone come between her getting Austin back .

Kate mumbles to herself about Chelsea. Sami comes out of her apartment, and warns her that if she interferes in her life, she will kill her.

Carrie paces back and forth. She relives moments that she had spent with Lucas in which he had discussed the idea of children with her. She also remembers a New Years Eve that she had spent with Austin, in which they had professed their love for each other. She turns around, and sees Austin standing behind her.

Sami and Kate argue over Kate interfering in her life. Sami orders Kate to stay out of her life. Sami lets her know that she had spent some very intimate time with Austin. Kate threatens her that if she tries to get Austin back, she will make her life miserable.

After having a talk with the ghost of her late husband, who encourages her to move on with Frankie, and tell him how she feels about him, Sami tells Frankie that she loves him. They kiss.

Patrick tells Hope how sorry that he is that her marriage to Bo is over. She informs him that she knows what to do. She e-mails Bo, and tells him that she wants a divorce as soon as possible.

Billie offers Bo moral support. Chelsea watches from outside the window. She reads the e-mail from Hope to Bo, and knows that Bo must see this e-mail.

Bo reads the e-mail from Bo that states that she wants a divorce as soon as possible. Bo realizes that his marriage is over. Billie comforts him. Chelsea is pleased that her plan has worked.

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