Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/4/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/4/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer thanks Frankie for the rose. Frankie makes the suggestion that they go upstairs. Jennifer has her doubts about this getaway.

Roman asks John what is wrong with him for trying to kill Alex on his and Marlena’s wedding day. John reprimands Roman for letting Marlena leave with Alex. Roman orders John to back off this. Roman handcuffs John, and reads him his rights.

Chelsea is on the computer when she hears the doorbell ring. It is Kate. Kate wonders where is Billie. Kate notices that Chelsea is really relaxed considering she was facing a murder charge. Chelsea takes this as an insult, and wants to know what she means. Kate tries to explain that she looks awfully relaxed and calm. Chelsea informs her that her Father will testify for her in the trial. Kate is confused. Chelsea fills her in that Bo and Hope will not be getting back together. Kate doesn’t understand as to what she means.

Billie visits Bo, but he is not in the mood for idle chit chat. She wonders what is wrong. He fills her in on the e-mail that he had received from Hope in which she had asked him for a divorce.

Hope can’t believe that Bo had responded so quickly to her e-mail. She comes to the conclusion that she has made the biggest mistake of her life.

Patrick tries to assure her that it is not too late for her and Bo. Hope reminds him of the article in the newspaper about Bo leaving the wedding in order to console Chelsea and Billie. Hope thinks that Bo wants to be with Chelsea and Billie.

Billie asks Bo why Hopo had asked him for a divorce. Bo admits that he blames himself for Zach’s death. Bo tells her that she can’t blame Chelsea for all this. Billie urges Bo to write Hope back. Bo wants to give her time to make up her mind what she wants to do.

Kate confronts Chelsea as to what she had done to break up Bo and Hope. Kate offers her help. Chelsea agrees that she will tell her what she had done.

Jennifer fingers the ring on her finger. Frankie suggests that they go upstairs. Jennifer makes up an excuse that she finds the dining room very cozy. Frankie tells her to take her time, and enjoy her coffee. Frankie senses that something is wrong. Jennifer is hesitant to tell him. Frankie picks up the bill, and wants to settle up.

John just wanted to be left alone to kill Alex in order to protect Marlena. John assures Roman that if Marlena dies it will be on Roman’s hands. Alex and Marlena come out of the bedroom. Marlena and John exchange glances.

Jennifer and Frankie arrive upstairs, outside the hotel room. She acts as though she is suddenly very tired. Jennifer insists that she can’t do this. Frankie begins to laugh, and assures her that they will not be sharing the same room that he had booked two rooms. Jennifer is relieved. Frankie hands her the keys to her room. Jennifer quickly goes inside.

John wants to know what Alex and Marlena are doing back. Marlena urges John to get the professional help that he needs. Alex refuses to press charges against John.

Patrick urges Hope to call Bo, and reconcile with him, but Hopes still has some major issues with Bo. Hope claims that Bo had failed her as a husband.

Kate looks over the documents that Chelsea had shown her. She is impressed by all the work that Chelsea had done. Chelsea continue to fill Kate in on the other things that she had done .Chelsea admits that she wants her parents to be together.

Billie urges Bo to call Hope, and work things out with her. He picks up the laptop, and sits down on the sofa. While he sends Hope an e-mail, Billie understands that this is what love is all about when you put other peoples’ happiness above your own.

Bo e-mails Hope, and tells her that he can’t accept the divorce, and that he loves her very much. He asks Hope to come home. He admits that he will always love her.

Hope is at the computer. Hope is at a crossroads about what to do, but she doesn’t want to do anything rash. Hope admits that she can’t imagine life without Bo. She informs Patrick that she is going for a walk on the beach.

Chelsea fills Kate in on what she done to intercept her Dad’s e-mails.

Jennifer feels guilty about being here with Frankie. She mumbles to herself for her to grow up, and start acting like a woman.

Roman grabs John by the arm, and pulls him aside.

Abe cannot understand why Alex will not press charges against John since John had tried to kill him. Alex assures John that he will just have to accept defeat. Marlena steps forward toward John, and tells him to get some help. Roman urges Alex and Marlena to just go. John yells at Marlena that her life is at stake. Marlena reprimands him for making a fool of himself. John wishes her well.

Roman and Abe have to hold John from him going after them.

Hope walks on the beach, and is deep in thought.

Bo paces the floor, and wonders why Hope hasn’t e-mailed him back.

Kate and Chelsea intercept that Bo had sent to Hope. Kate realizes just how much that Bo loves Hope. Chelsea vows that Hope will never see this e-mail.

Billie assures Bo that he doesn’t want his marriage to end like this.

Hope is deep in thought. She remembers her life with Bo, and the love they shared.

Chelsea deletes the e-mail message that Bo had sent to Hope. Kate makes the remark that whatever Chelsea wants, Chelsea gets.

Frankie walks outside to enjoy the night air. Jennifer comes out to enjoy the view, also. They both realize that they couldn’t sleep. Jennifer remarks on how beautiful the night is. Frankie starts to leave, but Jennifer stops him. They kiss. She assures him that he has gotten the girl.

Roman brings John home. John can’t believe that Roman had let this happen. Roman makes him promise that he will behave if he takes the handcuffs off. John picks up the binoculars, and spies Marlena and Alex on another balcony. Roman knows that John is just punishing himself by watching them. John vows to kill Alex if he hurts Marlena.

Kate and Chelsea arrive outside of Bo’s house. Kate refuses to help her, and leaves. The phone rings, and it is Hope. Bo is glad to hear from her. Chelsea is distraught, and vows to do something to stop this.

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