Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/3/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/3/06


Written By Mary  
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie and Jennifer arrive home. They discuss Bo and Hope’s separation, and how that Bo should go after her. Frankie suggests that they go away to Green Mountain Lodge just to get her minds off things. Jennifer has second thoughts.

Chelsea checks her e-mails. She remembers her conversation with Frankie, and she declares that she will not go to jail. She devises a plan to keep Hope out of the picture.

Hope reads her e-mails, and sees the article on Shawn and Mimi’s wedding, and how that Chelsea and Billie had shown up. Hope becomes upset by this news.

The wedding begins with Marlena walking down the aisle. As she nears Alex, she asks him if everything is alright. He assures her that it is as soon as she becomes his wife. The ceremony begins. Alex remembers the injection that he had given Marlena so that she would go through with the ceremony.

Roman, Abe, and Tek talk amongst themselves in the back of the church as to where John could be hiding. Shawn begins to walk around the room. He spies someone in the belfry, and a shiny object. Shawn and Roman head to the belfry to try to stop John. Abe gives Tek instructions shoot to kill.

John aims his gun right at Alex’s heart.

Tek sets his gun sights on John.

John once again adjusts his sights on Alex.

Tex also sets his gun sights.

Roman and Shawn want to stop John in time before John does something before it is too late. They head for the belfry.

John watches Marlena and Alex, and are surprised by their actions.

Marlena and Alex lights candles a single which signifies their unity has one.

Belle mumbles to herself that she wishes her Mom would not go through with this. The minister asks if there is anyone there who has just cause why this couple should not be joined let him speak now or forever hold his peace. Everyone looks at Belle, and wonders what she is going to do..

Mimi remembers how Belle had interrupted hers and Shawn’s wedding.

Roman yells to John from outside the door to not go through with this or he would live to regret it. John refuses to listen. John once again sets his sights on Alex’s heart.

Marlena and Alex exchange wedding vows.

Roman continues to yell to John to stop this before it is too late. John will not listen.

Frankie agrees to take things slowly with Jennifer. There is a knock on the door, and it is Maggie. Maggie tells them that she will take care of everything while they are gone. Jennifer is surprised that Frankie had assumed that she would go away with him without even asking her. Frankie goes upstairs.

Maggie reminds Jennifer about the feelings that Frankie has for her. Jennifer feels as though everyone is forcing her to go through with this with Frankie. Maggie tells her that she only wants her to be happy. Jennifer has doubts about moving on with someone else.

Chelsea sends an e-mail to Hope which will make not ever come back. She thinks of Zach, and how she had been responsible for his death. When she sends the e-mail, she finds that she is still connected to her father’s computer files. She is pleased, and begins to check her father’s files.

Hope is upset over the article which details the happenings at Shawn’s and Mimi’s wedding .As she reads she becomes upset, and can’t read anymore. She asks Patrick to read it for her. He begins to read. She becomes even more upset, and reads the rest of the article herself. After she reads the article, she finds it difficult to forgive Bo for not being there for Shawn. Hope decides to ask Bo for a divorce.

The wedding continues with Marlena and Alex exchanging vows. Marlena remembers the vows that she had exchanged with John. Alex senses her hesitation to continue with the ceremony. He pulls a chain out of his pocket which hypnotizes her that she will continue with the vows.

Roman tells Abe that he can’t get through to John. John refuses to listen to Roman. Roman continues to try to talk to John. Shawn calls Belle on her cell phone, and notifies her of what is going on. Belle knows that she has to do something to stop this. She throws her wedding bouquet on the floor in front of Alex. She steps over, picks it up, and stands in front of Alex.

Tek sets his gun sights on John.

Jennifer comes downstairs with her suitcase. She informs Frankie that she is ready to go on the trip. Jennifer and Frankie leave on their trip.

Patrick tries to discourage Hope from ending her marriage to Bo. He reminds her of the love that she and Bo share. Hope tells him that she has made up her mind. Hope remembers the things that had happened since she and Bo had first met, She remembers their wedding, and the good times they shared after the wedding .Patrick urges her not to give up on her love for Bo.

Chelsea reads her Dad’s e-mails. She decides to send an e-mail to Hope in which Bo agrees to the divorce. After she sends the e-mail, she is pleased with herself.

Jennifer smiles as Frankie re-join her at their table. He suggests that they dance. She has doubts about all this.

Hope reads the e-mail from Bo in which he agrees to the divorce. She begins to cry.

Chelsea is pleased when Hope picks up the e-mail.

Patrick questions Hope as to what the e-mail had said. She, reluctantly, tells him that Bo had agreed to the divorce. She begins to cry.

Belle can’t believe that Marlena had married Alex. Shawn comforts her, and tells her that sometimes people marry the wrong one. Mimi watches.

Roman, Abe, and Tex have captured. Alex and Marlena come upstairs. Alex informs them that there will be no reception since he is anxious to start on their wedding night. This infuriates John, and he tries to get loose.

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