Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/30/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/30/06


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Sami and Austin watch as Lucas proposes to Carrie as they wait for Marlena and Alex’s vow renewal ceremony to begin. Carrie is flustered and unsure of how to answer. Sami tears up as she flashes back to her last failed attempt to marry Lucas. Carrie says no to Lucas and rushes off. Lucas calls after her.

Horton cabin:

Shawn and Mimi are making love when Belle lets herself in. Shawn and Mimi are very annoyed to see Belle but Belle claims that they are the only ones who can stop someone from dying today.

Celeste’s hotel room:

Celeste is dealing her tarot cards. One card makes Celeste declare that the spirit world is restless. As she says this, the window flies open. Celeste looks down at her cards and gasps.


Lexie checks in with the hospital via her cell phone as she is walking up to the church. Tek walks up behind Lexie and removes his earpiece before approaching her. Lexie asks about John but Tek tells her that they haven’t found John yet. Lexie turns away but inhales sharply when Tek grabs her hand. Tek warns Lexie to be careful in fear that something could happen that would make Lexie leave Tek’s life.

Inside the church lobby, Roman and Abe warn Alex that John is determined to turn the wedding into a bloodbath and advise Alex to reconsider going through with the ceremony. Alex insists on going through with the ceremony and heads into the chapel. Roman and Abe are more worried about the consequences John and his family will be facing if John completes his plan. Roman decides that it’s up to them to keep John from making such a big mistake.

Wooded area:

John affixes the various attachments to the high powered gun he plans to use on Alex and talks of how he must live up to his vows of protecting Marlena till death do they part.


Kate asks Marlena if she is really remembering her life with John. Marlena flashes back to marrying John. Marlena admits to Kate that while she is set to marry Alex today, John is the one true love of her life. Alex has been eavesdropping outside the bridal room’s door and proclaims that Marlena is forcing him to take her life as he pulls a long needle from his pocket.

Horton cabin:

Shawn fears that the “someone” Belle is talking about is Claire but Belle assures him that Claire is safe with Philip. Belle flashes back to overhearing John and Kate talking. Belle tells them that John is in danger because he plans to kill Alex in order to keep him from marrying Marlena. Belle apologizes for not knowing whom else to go to with her concerns. Shawn and Mimi exchange annoyed glances.


Marlena describes her memory flashes as déjà vu. Alex, thinking, gloats about how he’ll be free to take Marlena away after John’s loyal cop friends stop his murder attempt but still prosecute him. Kate suggests that Marlena rest a while and let Lexie look at her. Kate leaves the bridal room, Alex no longer in sight, and complains aloud that she and John don’t have a chance if Marlena is regaining her memory of him. Kate walks away. Marlena is sitting in a chair with her eyes closed and her back to the door. Alex slips in quietly and stands behind her.

Roman and Abe return to the lobby and Roman uses his earpiece to warn every officer to be on high alert and to prevent John from coming anywhere near the church. Abe and Roman wish they could find John and simply settle him down rather than sit and wait for something to happen. Abe tells Roman about all the times Alex has goaded John and they decide the next best thing is to keep an eye on Alex.

Wooded area:

John complains that Abe and Roman will do their best at preventing him from getting near the church. John uses his gun case as a platform as he unfolds a large blueprint of the church.


Austin stops Lucas from going after Carrie and advises him to give Carrie some time because his proposal was too sudden. Sami brings up how rash Carrie was to run off with Mike. Lucas insists that he must go after Carrie but Sami scoffs at Lucas’ desire to run after the woman who ran away from him. Lucas bluntly tells Sami that his life no longer concerns her and their relationship begins and ends solely on their parenting duties. Austin warns Lucas not to take losing Carrie out on Sami but Lucas is adamant that he didn’t lose Carrie and that she will be his wife. Austin warns that Lucas is going to lose Carrie but Lucas reminds Austin that Carrie chose him. Lucas insists on making sure Carrie is all right and rushes off. Austin apologizes to Sami for how Lucas talked to her and Sami thanks him for sticking up for her. Sami and Austin talk of how much it hurt to watch Lucas propose to Carrie.

Lucas catches up to Carrie and explains how he was confused based on Carrie’s mixed messages. Carrie assures Lucas that she still wants to have a relationship with him but needs to take things slow so she doesn’t screw things up. Carrie understands when Lucas complains that while he loves Will, he hates having to deal with Sami for the rest of his life. Carrie wants to make sure that Lucas is really over Sami but Lucas insists that Carrie is the one he wants. Lucas jokingly asks for a critique of his proposal but makes Carrie uncomfortable again when he brings up how she said no. Lucas retracts his statement and assures Carrie to take all the time she needs. Carrie appreciatively hugs Lucas.

Lexie nervously directs the focus back on John. Tek and Lexie talk about how Alex is goading John and Lexie admits how Alex is blackmailing her. Tek wants to end the blackmail but Lexie begs him not to do anything that would result in Abe finding out about their relationship. Neither notice that Celeste has walked up and is now listening in on their conversation. Celeste ducks out of sight when Kate approaches Lexie with the news that Marlena is getting her memory back. Lexie promises to be right there and follows Kate after making Tek promise not to do anything. Celeste walks up to Tek and calls him a bastard as she slaps him.

Horton cabin:

Shawn suggests that John was only talking out of anger when he threatened to kill Alex but Belle is sure he meant it and begs Shawn to help her find John. Shawn refuses at first given that he is on his honeymoon but when Belle insists, Mimi tells Shawn that they should go help. Belle seems bothered that Mimi is coming back with them and Mimi explains that she’s not going to leave her new husband alone when there is danger involved. Belle apologizes to Mimi for barging in but Mimi calls her on how she came to Shawn instead of Philip. Shawn hands out everyone’s coats and they head for the church.


Abe orders one of the officers to have a guard at every entrance and window. Roman returns with the upsetting news that Alex is nowhere to be found now. Abe fears that John has already gotten to Alex.

Marlena gasps as Alex injects her with the needle. Alex calms Marlena and tells her to close her eyes again for once he counts to three, she won’t remember he was ever here but only that she loves and adores only him. Marlena closes her eyes as Alex counts to three.

Lexie and Kate pause outside the bridal room door and Lexie gushes about how wonderful it is that John and Marlena can get back together as they were meant to be. Lexie realizes how insensitive that sounds to Kate and apologizes. Lexie and Kate agree that there can be more than one partner for everyone. Kate admits that it hurt when Marlena declared she remembers loving John but on the other hand believes that she should want John to be happy. Lexie and Kate enter the bridal room and find Marlena alone. Lexie starts to gush about “good news” but Marlena has no idea what she is talking about. Kate, surprised, tells Marlena to repeat her declaration of being in love with John. Marlena now declares that she would never have said that because she loves Alex.

Wooded area:

John congratulates himself on using his prior time as a priest in his plan and spots the perfect place among the church’s underground catacombs to sneak into the church and shoot Alex.


Celeste chastises Tek for being trouble for Lexie. Tek reminds Celeste that a relationship takes two and Lexie made her own choices. Tek insults Celeste by claiming that since Celeste didn’t raise Lexie, she failed as a mother. Tek defends his relationship by claiming he’s providing the love Lexie isn’t getting from Abe. Celeste vows that Abe and Lexie have a bond Tek’s charms can never break. Tek claims that Lexie won’t be married to Abe much longer. Celeste vows to never let that happen.

Lucas wants to head back into the church but Carrie recalls how Alex can’t be found so there is time to spare still. Lucas ensures that he and Carrie are okay before obliging Carrie’s request for some time alone. Lucas heads back into the church and Carrie jumps in surprise when Austin walks up behind her.

Sami, now sitting alone in the church, asks Lucas about Carrie but Lucas doesn’t buy Sami’s sincerity. Sami pries for information and takes Lucas’ snappy retorts as a sign that things didn’t go well. Lucas admits that Carrie still turned down his proposal and Sami offers her sympathy. Lucas vows to win Carrie in the end and is confident that Sami will lose Austin and wind up alone. Lucas storms off.

Lexie explains to Marlena why Kate came to get her but Marlena still can’t imagine why she would have said such a thing when she is here preparing to marry Alex. Lexie asks why Marlena thinks Kate would make such a thing up but Marlena insists that despite her family’s disbelief, she loves and is going to marry Alex. Kate insists that she saw the Marlena she used to know a few moments ago and asks where that Marlena has gone. Marlena becomes upset and doesn’t want to hear anymore. Kate insists that something is wrong with Marlena and Marlena yells at her to stop. Lexie has Kate leave her and Marlena alone. Alex, eavesdropping still behind a curtain, gloats about how Lexie is no match for him. Lexie asks Marlena why she thinks Kate would be claiming such a thing but Marlena has no idea. Lexie recalls how Marlena also recanted regaining her memory at the hospital and tries to convince Marlena that something isn’t right. Marlena asks to marry Alex in peace for if she truly wanted John, she would have no problem saying so. Lexie flashes back to confronting Alex after spotting him hypnotizing her. Lexie realizes that John is right about Alex brainwashing Marlena and hates the fact that she can’t tell anyone what she knows.

Kate complains that she’s not being believed as she re-enters the lobby. Kate is surprised to see Belle, Mimi, and Shawn enter the church. Belle asks Kate if she’s seen John and Kate tells them that Abe and Roman are looking for John too. Shawn and Belle head into the chapel to talk to Roman. Kate pulls Mimi aside to complain and Mimi explains why they are here. Kate also asks why Belle couldn’t have gone to Philip instead and Mimi explains that Philip is at home with Claire. Kate urges Mimi to get Shawn away from Belle right now.

Roman is also surprised to see Belle and Shawn and Belle tells him about overhearing John. Roman advises Shawn to be with Mimi instead and Shawn assures him that Mimi came with them.

Alex steps back into the chapel and Abe confronts him about going missing. Alex complains about having his wedding day ruined by John’s vendetta. Abe is annoyed by Alex’s complaints and apologizes for trying to save his life. Abe’s cell phone rings with a call from the Commissioner and Alex uses the distraction to slip away. Belle, Shawn, and Roman listen in as Abe argues with the Commissioner about the situation. Abe ends the call and asks to speak to Roman in private. Belle pries for information but Abe refuses to tell her anything.

Shawn and Belle step away as Belle complains that she isn’t being told anything. Shawn tries to assure her that John wouldn’t kill anyone out of simple jealousy. Belle is worried of what will happen to John if no one can stop him. Mimi enters the chapel to see Belle hugging Shawn tight.

Abe warns Roman that John has gotten in deep and there is no getting out.

Wooded area:

John checks his blueprints one last time and checks off his points of entry and liquidation but adds that he has no exit plan. John hopes that someday Marlena will understand that he will gladly give his own life to save hers. John gathers his things and heads for the church.


Tek claims to respect any mother who would do anything for her children but insists that Lexie doesn’t need protecting from him. Celeste is sure that Tek is out to ruin Lexie’s life. Tek insists that he’s the best man for Lexie. Celeste points out that Tek isn’t Lexie’s husband and Tek reiterates that he’s still the best man for her. Celeste claims that if Lexie hadn’t thought Abe was dead all that time, she would have never given Tek a second look. Tek prefers to see it as only taking advantage of an opportunity. Celeste vows to make sure Lexie knows the truth about Tek but Tek claims it won’t stop him from being with Lexie every chance he gets. Tek walks away.

Austin apologizes for startling Carrie. Carrie feels embarrassed for reacting the way she did at the proposal. Austin explains that he came looking for Carrie to make sure she was okay. Carrie begs Austin to stop.

Sami rushes after Lucas to continue their conversation. Sami wants to know why Lucas rushed to propose to Carrie and questions whether it was because he feared Carrie might change her mind or even he might change his mind. Lucas insists that he and Carrie both know what they want. Sami reminds Lucas of his offer to get back together when he thought Carrie had chosen Austin. Lucas denies having planned on saying that and insists he’s always wanted Carrie. Fueled by Lucas’ harsh words at her desire for Austin, Sami almost lets it slip why Lucas was only Carrie’s second choice. Sami covers by claiming that Carrie only chose Lucas because she is still mad at Austin over High Style’s takeover. Lucas counters by claiming that Austin won’t ever head back to the altar with Sami again because he’s in love with “the good sister.” Sami starts to cry.

Celeste vows to stop Tek’s attempt to break up Lexie’s marriage.

Carrie refuses to talk with Austin about Lucas. Austin promises to stop and changes the topic to the weather. Austin assures Carrie that he does want her to be happy. Carrie thanks him with a hug for being him.

Lucas feels bad for making Sami cry and tries to take back his comments but Sami is still hurt. Lucas points out that they aren’t together now because they both say things they shouldn’t just to make each other feel bad. Sami insists that they aren’t together solely because of Kate. Lucas insists that they simply weren’t meant to be together. Sami can’t believe that Lucas is willing to forget what they shared and forgo their chance to be a family. Lucas promises to be civil when around Sami but only for Will’s sake. Sami doesn’t believe that can be done and insists they must move on. Lucas insists he already has but Sami doesn’t buy it. Lucas stops Sami as she is leaving to seriously offer her luck with Austin.

Belle profusely thanks Shawn for coming to her aide. Mimi sits down in a pew without saying a word. Shawn promises that he’d do anything for Belle but warns that it doesn’t look good to Mimi and Philip because Belle should be turning to Philip for support and not him. Shawn returns to Mimi’s side.

Kate joins Lexie and asks for a report on Marlena. Lexie relays that she couldn’t get through to Marlena. Kate insists she has no reason to lie about what Marlena said and that while it hurt her to hear it, the one that stands to suffer the most is John.

Abe warns Roman that the commissioner has issued an order to kill John should he attempt to enter the church.

Marlena twirls Belle’s blue bow around her fingers as she hopes that John doesn’t do anything to ruin her wedding to Alex.

John weaves his way through the bushes until he spots the entrance to the church. John vows not to let Alex hurt Marlena for he is going in. John scans the yard for cops and heads for the door.

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