Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/28/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/28/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Phil, Claire, and Belle were at their apartment. Phil held Claire in his arms. Phil told Claire that she and Belle were the most beautifulest ladies at the wedding. Phil continued to tell Claire how much she and Belle means to him. Belle overheard Phil and began to cry. Phil looked at Belle and told her that he knew that she was crying because she has lost Shawn forever.

Lexie and Alex tucked Marlena into bed. Lexie and Alex walked outside of Marlena's room. Lexie told Alex that she wanted to keep an eye on Marlena. Alex became upset, and told Lexie that she could not. Alex threatened to tell Abe about her affair with Tek if she did not leave.

John thought out loud to himself that he wanted to blow Alex's head off. Abe overheard John and told him that if he really meant that then he was under arrest.

Sami and Lucas were still at the reception. Sami asked Lucas what did he want to tell her before Carrie and Austin walked into the wedding reception, Just then, Austin, and Carrie walked up to Sami and Lucas. Carrie told Lucas that she had something that she wanted to talk to him about. Austin asked Sami if she wanted a drink.

John and Abe debated about John saying that he wanted to kill Alex. Abe told John that Marlena would not approve of him wanting to kill Alex. Abe told John that they will figure out a way to expose Alex. After Abe left John told himself that he would take care of it himself.

Carrie and Lucas sat at a table at the wedding reception. Lucas said he saw her and Austin kissing when they walked into the reception. "It is clear who you want." said Lucas.

Austin and Sami sat at the bar talking. Austin told Sami that Carrie did not choose him, but choose Lucas.

Carrie and Lucas continued to talk at a table. "No I didn't choose Austin. Your the one I want to be with." said Carrie.

Belle told Phil that she just could not believe that Shawn moved on so fast and with Mimi. Belle also told Phil that she knew that Mimi would make Shawn happy. Phil told Belle that what he (Phil) and Belle have is more deeper than what she had with Shawn. Phil continued to talk and said that what Shawn and Belle has was immature and a childhood fantasy. Phil and Belle hugged. Belle and Phil told each other that they loved each other.

Mimi was thinking about how she covered up the truth from Shawn. Mimi told Shawn she had to tell him something. Shawn told Mimi that it couldn't be that serious. Mimi responded by saying "it is."

Lucas was happy to heard that Carrie wanted to be with him. Lucas asked Carrie the reason she did not choose Austin, because he knows how she feels about Austin. Carrie had flashbacks of her conversation with Lexie and Lexie telling her that Carrie and Austin should not have kids together due to them both having a gene that would cause their children to have genetic defects.Carrie told Lucas that she loves Austin, but told Lucas that Austin was her past, and Lucas is her future.

Sami was surprised that Carrie did not choose Austin. Sami told Austin that he will meet someone else. Austin said that he did not think he would and said that he would just devote himself to his company and employees. Sami asked Austin about his feelings towards her.

Marlena walked into the hallway while Lexie and Alex were talking. Lexie told Marlena that she did not think that she was up to the wedding tomorrow. Marlena said that she will see how she feels like in the morning. Alex agreed and told Marlena that she needs to get a good night sleep. Alex walked Marlena back to her room and told Lexie that he wanted her to leave. "Your services are no longer needed." Alex said to Lexie.

Mimi and Shawn continued to talk. Mimi told Shawn that what she had to tell him was not anything small. "I can't do this. I have to tell you. I can't wait any longer." said Mimi. Shawn told Mimi that he loves her and he knows that she loves him. "That's all that matters." said Shawn. Mimi and Shawn made a toast to their future and happiness. They kissed passionately.

Belle was on the rooftop looking at her and Shawn's initials that was on the wall. Belle continued to have flashbacks about her and Shawn together in the past.

Lucas and Carrie were still talking at the wedding reception. Lucas told Carrie that he would love to have a baby with her. Carrie asked Lucas if he was really over Sammi. "Your the one I always wanted to be with. Let's make it a reality." responded Lucas.

Sami and Austin continued to talk at the bar. Sami told Austin that she had to believe that there was a future for both Austin and her. "If Lucas and Carrie wants to be together, there is nothing that you or I can do about it." After Austin left the bar, Sami told herself that she would do whatever she could do to get Austin.

Abe and Lexie talked about Alex and Marlena getting married. Lexie thought about how Austin and Carrie, and John and Marlena will never be together because of her (Lexie's) affair with Tek.

Alex stood over Marlena's bed while she slept and told her that no one could take her away from him. He also said that he was going to take her away from Salem forever.

John had a riffle in his hands and said to himself "Say good bye Alex."

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