Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/27/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/27/06


Written By Tasha 
Pictures by Juanita

Billie, Bo, and Chelsea returned home. Billie was upset with Chelsea. Bo followed behind them then sat on the sofa. "Because of you, Bo didn't get a chance to see his son get married. They didn't want you there at the wedding." said Billie. Chelsea told Billie that she just wanted to let Shawn know that she cared. "I just wanted to reach out to my family." said Chelsea. Bo told Chelsea that she needs to start thinking before she does impulsive things. Chelsea ran into her room saying that no matter what she does, she just screws things up.

Shawn and Mimi danced at the reception.

Lucas and Austin debated at the reception about who Carrie would choose. Carrie called Austin while they were talking. She told him that she wanted to talk to Austin alone about their future. Austin told Lucas after he hung up the phone that Carrie wanted him to return to the hospital because she wanted to talk about their future.

Sammi was standing behind Carrie while Carrie was talking to Austin on the phone. Carrie told Sammi that she called Austin and asked him to return to the hospital. Sammi asked Carrie what she wanted to talk to Austin about.

Mimi and Shawn danced at the reception. Mimi told Shawn that she was so grateful to have him in her life and was so happy to be his wife. Shawn responded by saying "For ever and ever."

Phil announced to everyone at the reception that he had something to say. Phil wished Shawn and Mimi happiness. "May your life be filled with love and happiness..." Belle was upset and ran out of the reception. Shawn told Phil that he would talk to her because he is the only one that can talk to her. Phil became upset, and asked Shawn if there was anything going on between Belle and Shawn.

Mimi and Phil talked about Belle's and Shawn's relationship and whether Shawn and Belle had something going on. Phil told Mimi that he thought that Belle was going to stop the wedding. Mimi told Phil that she thought the same.

Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn were standing outside talking. Belle told Shawn that she still loves him. Shawn told Belle that he stills loves her.

Chelsea was reading a magazine while laying on her bed. Billie knocked on the door. Chelsea told Billie to go away and leave her alone. Chelsea finally told Billie that she could come in. Billie was upset because Chelsea decided to go to Mimi and Shawn's wedding. Billie accused Chelsea of going to the wedding to upset Shawn and cause tension between Bo and Shawn. "How could you live with yourself?" asked Billie

Bo sat at his computer; he found something on his computer. "What the hell is this?" Bo asked himself.

Micky saw Bonnie drinking alchol at the wedding reception. Micky told Bonnie that she should not drink so much. Bonnie told Micky that she still loves him. Micky told Bonnie that when he was with her, she made him feel young. Bonnie told Micky that it was okay and then she kissed him. Micky asked Bonnie if she wanted to dance. Maggie stood watching Bonnie and Micky dancing.

Victor and Caroline danced at the wedding reception. Victor asked Caroline if she could do it over again would she have kept the secret that Bo was his biological son. "I didn't agree with your business tactics and I didn't want Bo to grow up in your household. Yes I would have done it over again." Said Caroline.

Shawn told Belle that they would never have a future. He told her that her future was with Phil and his was with Mimi. Belle asked him for one last dance to say good bye to the past. Belle was crying. Shawn and Belle danced outside of the wedding reception.

Maggie cut in on Micky's and Bonnie's dance. Maggie told Bonnie that she was happy for Mimi and wished Mimi happiness.

Kate and Lucas talked about Kate messing up Lucas' wedding to Sammi. Kate told Lucas that she did it to save his life from Sammi. Lucas told Kate that Carrie called Austin, and wanted to speak to Austin alone. "I guess that is the man that she wants to be with." said Lucas.

Shawn and Mimi cut the wedding cake and kissed each other after putting cake on each others' face.

Kate saw Sammi at the wedding. Kate asked Sammi what was she doing at the wedding reception. Kate asked Sammi why was she so upset. "I get it, its because Carrie choose Austin." boasted Kate.

Austin and Carrie were still at the hospital. Austin asked Carrie if she loved him. Carrie responded "With all of my heart." Austin and Carrie kissed passionately.

Billie told Chelsea that the fall out at the wedding worked out exactly as Chelsea had planned. "Thanks to you Bo and Hope didn't see their son get married." said Billie. Chelsea opened her room door and told Billie to leave.

Billie walked into the living room area and found Bo reading something on his computer. Bo told Billie that he found Chelsea's diary on the computer while he was checking his email. Bo looked very upset. Billie read the diary. Billie read Chelsea's thoughts in the diary about wanting to be loved and have a family. After reading the diary, Billie told Bo that she did not know that Chelsea was hurting so much. "She was protecting herself from being hurt.." said Billie. Bo told Billie that they had to do whatever they could to help Chelsea.

Carrie and Austin were still at the hospital. They decided to go to Mimi and Shawn's wedding reception.

Kate and Sammi were still talking. Kate told Sammi that she was glad that Sammi would not get neither of her sons. Sammi told Kate that she really loved Lucas and how she and Lucas could have had a prefect life together if it wasn't for Kate.

Shawn and Mimi talked about their internary that Kate planned for their honeymoon.

Mimi told Belle that she and Shawn planned to stay at the Horton cabin for a few days, they they would go on the wedding that was planned for them. Belle told Mimi that she knows that Mimi will be a good wife and will make Shawn very happy.

Victor and Kate continued to talk about Claire's paternity and about the truth coming about about this.

Billie and Bo continued to talk about what they read in Chelsea' diary. "Every page is a desperate need to love and be loved." said Billie. Chelsea came out of her room and found that Bo and Billie had read her diary. " I can't believe that you read my diary." said Chelsea. Bo told Chelsea that he was sorry, but also told her that he was glad that he found it. Bo then hugged Chelsea.

Shawn and Mimi finally made their exit from the wedding.

Lucas told Sammi that he heard her talking to his mother (Kate). Lucas told Sammi that he knew that she meant what she said about him. Just then, Austin and Carrie walked in. Sammi looked upset, then told Lucas that Carrie choose Austin. "To losers to the end." said Sammi to Lucas.

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