Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/22/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/22/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Sami told Lexie to persuade Carrie to not choose either Lucas or Austin, because Sami believes that Carrie does not deserve neither.

Carrie spoke to Austin and Lucas in the hospital about her decision regarding who she wants to be with. Carrie told them that her decision did not have anything to do with Sammi but she did hope that one of them would end up with Sammi. Carrie also told them that she was worried about Sammi getting hurt, and wants Sammi to be happy. Carrie told Austin and Lucas that she has made up her mind.

Alex continued to watch Marlena sleeping in her bed. Marlena continued to have memories of Alex beating her in their past and when Alex returned back into her life more recently. "I remember, I remember Alex North" said Marlena

Mimi and Bonnie walked down the aisle and to the alter. "You did it baby." said Bonnie looking at Mimi. Mimi and Shawn held hands. Father Jansen began the ceremony. Bonnie and Kate talked about Belle wanting to stop the wedding. Kate had flashbacks about her conversation with Belle earlier. Kate tried to make Belle feel guilty by crying to Belle. Kate indirectly talked about how she felt responsible for the problems in Billie's and Chelsea's life because she believes that if she raised Billie none of this would have ever happened.

Belle stood at the alter thinking to herself that she wanted to stop the wedding. Shawn said he wedding vows to Mimi. Mimi decided that she wanted to saying something at her wedding also. Mimi told everyone in the church about how much she loves Shawn and was so happy to be marrying Shawn. But Mimi also hugged Belle and told everyone how much of a wonderful person Belle is. Bonnie and Kate was impressed by Mimi's tactics to make Belle feel guilty. Bonnie boasted to Kate saying "that's my girl."

Lexie told Sami that it was ridiculous to want both Austin and Lucas. "How do you expect me to keep two men from Carrie?" asked Lexie. Lexie then asked Sami what would she do if the man that Sami wants does not want her.

Meanwhile, Lucas, Austin and Carrie talked in Carrie's room in the hospital. Lucas told Carrie that he wanted her to know that if she did not choose him, he would not settle for Sammi.

Marlena continued to have memories in her sleep about Alex. "No...Alex was dead." said Marlena in her sleep.

Jennifer and Frankie talked about what happened between them at Shay Rouge. Frankie told Jennifer that they got carried away and it was his fault. "I probably shouldn't give you this." said Frankie holding a box in his hand. Jennifer opened the box and said "I can't believe this."

Kate continued to have flashbacks about what she told Belle in her attempt to make her feel guilty. Kate told Belle in the flashback that she was so glad that Claire will never be in a broken home and has a mother and father. Kate also talked about how wonderful Belle was because she always put Claire and Phil first before herself. "You truly are a wonderful wife and mother..." said Kate

Phil announced that he and Belle wanted to say their words about Shawn and Mimi's wedding. Belle stepped up and stood beside Phil while he talked. Phil asked Belle if she had something to say. "Yes I do..." said Belle. Belle looked nervous, and Mimi watched in horror

Lexie told Sami that she thought Lucas was the best man for her. Sami asked Lexie if she already knew that Carrie was going to choose Austin. "Lucas and I are finished." said Sammi. "Sami you only want Austin to spite Lucas and Carrie. That's why you are making the biggest mistake of your life." said Lexie.

John and Abe continued to talk about Alex and said that maybe it was best that Marlena did not get her memory back while she was with Alex, or Alex would kill Marlena for sure.

Marlena continued to have vivid memories of Alex. "I remember everything clearly said Marlena. "How can I betray John with Alex. Alex was sick." said Marlena. Marlena called the nurse to get John. The nurse told Marlena that John was just outside of the door.

Belle read a passage from the bible about love never fading.

Bo told Mrs. Horton that he believes that Shawn ended up with the right person. Bo told Mrs. Horton that he wish he knew where Hope was and that she was okay.

Frankie gave Jennifer a corsage that was made exactly like the one he bought her in high school. "It does not mean that we are going steady or anything." said Frankie. Jennifer hugged Frankie and it almost looked as if they were going to kiss. Jennifer told Frankie that she needed to go upstairs to get her purse. Frankie smiled and said that he would be waiting for her. Jennifer went up to her room and looked into her closet, then said "Oh God!" Frankie heard Jennifer's scream and asked her if she was okay ""No don't come in. Leave me alone. I don't want to see. you." said Jennifer holding onto a large box.

Sami continued to ask Lexie if she knew what Carrie had decided about who she wanted. Sami then threatened to tell Abe if Lexie did not help her.

Carrie talked to Austin and Lucas about her decision and who she saw herself spending the rest of her life with. Carrie was visualizing the person in her mind, but had not told neither Austin nor Lucas, But it was Austin that Carrie saw herself spending the rest of her life with. Austin and Lucas stood in suspense wondering who it wanted.

The nurse who Marlena asked to get John was unable to find John. So that asked another nurse at the desk to deliver the message from Marlena to John. She wrote it on a piece of paper, but the paper fell on the floor as she left to end her shift.

Marlena opened her eyes and saw Alex looking at her. "I remember you. I don't love you." said Marlena.

Father Jansen was just about to finished the wedding cermonry when Belle stopped the wedding "Wait!!"

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