Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/21/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/21/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Sami threatened to tell Abe about Lexie and Tek's affair if Lexie did not agree to tell her what Carrie decided about who she wants to be with.

Meanwhile, Carrie talked to Lucas and Austin separately about their feelings for her.

Bonnie and Kate talked about Belle wanting to stop Shawn and Mimi's wedding. "What do we do to stop Belle from ruining Mimi's wedding and ruining Phillip's life?" Bonnie asked Kate.

Belle and Mimi were in the church dressing room putting on their dresses for the wedding. Belle and Mimi talked about Mimi's wedding. Mimi continued to try to make Belle feel guilty and also told Belle that Belle and Phil were prefect for each other because they never had a fight. Belle told Mimi to stop talking because she had something that she wanted to tell her.

Billie and Bo were at Bo's house. Billie and Bo talked about Hope not being at Shawn's wedding. Billie began to tell Bo that he and Hope belonged together and how they should get back together. Chelsea was just outside the door and was listening to the conversation. "Dam it you want to send me to prison?" Chelsea said to herself.

Belle told Mimi that she had to be honest to her. Just then, Bonnie and Kate walked in and interrupted their conversation, so that Belle could not tell Mimi that she wanted to stop the wedding. Belle left the room. After Belle left, Bonnie said that Belle was a time bomb waiting to destroy Mimi's wedding. Kate asked Mimi if the "guilt trip" working on Belle. "We can't let Belle stop this wedding." said Kate.

Belle was standing outside of Mimi's dressing room. Belle told Caroline (who was standing nearby) that she wanted to stop Mimi's wedding. Belle told Caroline that she will state her objection to the wedding with Father Jansen ask if anyone has any objections to the wedding. Caroline continued to tell Belle that this was not a good idea. Caroline advised Belle that if she feels that she must do this, then she should tell Phillip first. Caroline also urged Belle to honor her wedding vows. Caroline walked away from Belle. Belle was still standing by Mimi's dressing room. Kate opened the door and saw Belle crying. Belle became even more upset and walked away. "I have to stop her before she ruins this wedding." said Kate.

Bonnie and Mimi talked about the wedding and Bonnie being the one to walk Mimi down the aisle. Bonnie wanted to alter the Brady dress by adding some kind of colorful decoration to it, but Mimi wanted to wear it exactly as it was. Mimi was feeing guilty about not telling Shawn the truth about Claire's paternity. Mimi told Bonnie that she was going to tell Shawn the truth. Bonnie stopped Mimi and told her that she was not going to let her leave.

Phil returned and gave Shawn Mimi's wedding ring that he left in the car. Father Jansen asked to speak to Shawn about his vows. Belle walked in after Shawn and Father Jansen left. Belle told Phil that she had something that she wanted to talk to him about. Belle was about to tell Phil the truth about her feelings for Shawn. "We have to talk Phillip." said Belle.

Lexie told Sami to cut the bull and tell her what price did she have to pay so that Sammi did not tell Abe the truth.

Kate interrupted Belle before Belle could tell Phil the truth. Kate told Belle that she had to talk to her. Belle left with Kate. Shawn returned back and told Phil about the changes to his wedding vows. Just then, Bo came in and told Shawn that he looked good and then hugged him. "I am happy for you. When you find love you got to grab it and hold on to it." said Bo.

Chelsea and Billie argued over getting Bo to take Chelsea's side. "Shawn has forgiven Bo, and soon Hope will also." said Billie. Chelsea was so angry. After Billie left Chelsea said to herself " You may not think Bo and Hope can't be broken up. But your wrong."

Patrick continued to talk to Hope about calling Bo. Hope finally agreed to call Bo at home to tell him that she miss him and was thinking about him. Chelsea answered the phone. "Hello" said Chelsea "Who is this?" asked Hope. "This is Chelsea Brady...who is this?" asked Chelsea sarcastically.

Meanwhile, Bo talked to Caroline about Hope not being at the wedding.

Chelsea was still talking to Hope on the phone. Chelsea told Hope that Bo was helping her with her case and also that Bo and Billie have gotten so close since Hope has left town. Just then Billie overheard what Chelsea was saying and that she was talking to Hope. Billie became upset and told Chelsea to stop it. Hope hung up the phone before Billie could get the phone from Chelsea.

Carrie spoke to both Lucas and Austin about her feelings for them and then told them that she has made a decision about who she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Sami and Lexie were still talking in Lexie's office. Sami told Lexie that she wanted Austin because she knew that she could not have Lucas. Sami talked about how Carrie gets to choose between two men and she has never been able to do the same. Sami told Lexie that she wanted Lexie to make sure that she (Sami) ends up with Austin. Lexie looked at Sammi very confused and said "What?"

The wedding began, Belle walked down the aisle while Mimi and Bonnie prepared to follow. Bonnie and Mimi talked about whether Belle would still stop the wedding. Bonnie told Mimi that she looked beautiful and cried. Then Bonnie and Mimi began to walk down the aisle. Shawn began to immediately smile when he saw how beautiful Mimi looked. Mimi looked so happy and was smiling back at Shawn. The wedding ceremony began and Belle began to look more and more upset, At one point during the wedding Belle opened her mouth and looked as if she wanted to say something.

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