Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/20/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/20/06


Written By Tasha 
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi was at her apartment. She had flashbacks about Belle saying in her sleep that she wanted to stop Mimi's and Shawn's wedding. Someone knocked on the door, it was Bonnie. Bonnie asked Mimi if she asked Belle about overhearing her (Belle) saying that she wanted to stop Mimi's and Shawn's wedding. Kate walked in a few minutes later, overhearing Mimi's and Bonnie's conversation. Kate assured Mimi and Bonnie that they would find a way to prevent Belle from stopping the wedding.

Lucas was in the hospital. He had flashbacks of when he told Carrie that she was his destiny. "No one will keep us apart." said Lucas. Austin saw Lucas. Austin told Lucas that he wanted to talk to him about Carrie.

Sami watched Lexie caring for Carrie in the hospital. Carrie and Lexie were unaware that Sammi was hiding and listening to their conversation. Lexie told Carrie that she should have a baby, because Carrie's biological clock was "ticking" Lexie urged Carrie to choose a man and a future to have a family.

John talked to Abe in the hospital. He told Abe that Alex caused the explosion in Lois' house. Abe told John that sooner or later Alex would slip up, and will not be able to always cover his tracks. John told Abe that he did not think that he could wait that long.

Marlena was in the hospital bed with Alex by her side. Marlena began to have lots of memories of John flooding her mind. Tears rolled down Marlena's face. " I remember the clock. I remember John." said Marlena. Alex stood over Marlena watching Marlena as she talked in her sleep.

Carrie was still in her hospital room. Carrie told Lexie that she had feelings for both Austin and Lucas. She also told Lexie that she did not just want to choose a man just because her biological clock was ticking. Lexie told Carrie that both Austin and Lucas were good men and either one would fit her. "Whatever you decide, you will be happy." said Lexie.

Belle met with John in the hospital . John said he would buy her coffee and they would talk about his beautiful grand daughter Claire.

Meanwhile, Marlena was still having vivid memories of John. Marlena began to call out John's name in her sleep. Alex was still standing over Marlena. Marlena visualized Alex as John standing over her. "I am glad you came. I love you John." said Marlena. Alex was holding Marlena hand. Alex laid Marlena's hand down then walked out the room.

Tek and Abe saw Alex leaving Marlena's room and questioned where he was going. Alex apparently walked to Lexie's office, then shut the door behind him. Abe was unable to catch up with Alex and did not see him walk into Lexie's office. "Dam now she comes out of her amnesia. It must have been that explosion. I have come to far there is no way I am going to loose Marlena to John, I'll kill her before that happens." said Alex. Alex looked in Lexie's office desk then took out some keys. Alex told himself that no one will ever know the truth.

Kate, Bonnie and Mimi talked about how they would prevent Belle from stopping the wedding. Bonnie sarcastically talked about tieing up Belle. Drawing on the idea, Kate said that was not a bad idea, but then said that she thought that they should try something less drastic.

Meanwhile, Belle and John continued to talk in the hospital. Belle told John that she still loves Shawn and thought that she would be the one to marry Shawn, not Mimi.

Marlena woke up and told Lexie that she remembered everything.

Kate told Mimi to call Belle and ask her to come to the apartment. Bonnie asked Kate what did she have planned.

John talked to Belle about Claire and Phil and being a family. John told Belle that Claire needed a mother and father. Belle told John that she loves Shawn more than Phil, and that without Shawn her life does not seem complete.

Alex left Lexie's office. Abe saw Alex once Alex was out of Lexie's office. Abe asked Alex the reason he was outside of Lexie's office. Alex explained that he wanted to talk to Lexie about Marlena's condition.

Lexie continued to talk to Marlena in Marlena's room. Lexie asked Marlena if she remembered the explosion. Marlena was rather worked up. Lexie decided to give Marlena a sedative, to calm her and conserve her energy to talk about her memories later. Marlena told Lexie that she did not want a sedative, but Lexie gave it to her anyway. Then Lexie left Marlena's room. Shortly after wards Alex returned to Marlena's room. He was standing over Marlena again. "Whose there?" asked Marlena.

John told Belle she has to let go of her feelings for Shawn. Belle told John that she could not let go of her feelings for Shawn. John urged Belle to put Claire's needs in front of hers because Claire needs a family. John told her that there was no guarantee that Shawn would want her if she left Phil, and also if she left Phil, there would be a chance that Phil would not take her back. Belle became upset and said she wanted to leave. John kissed Belle and urged her again to let Shawn go. Belle's phone rang after John left. It was Mimi. Belle told Mimi about Marlena being in the hospital. Mimi asked Belle if she could come to her apartment. "It really is important to me to have you be a part of the most important day of my life." said Mimi. Kate and Bonnie were listening and were talking about how this would play on Belle's guilty about wanting to stop the wedding.

Sami went into Lexie's office. Tek and Lexie stood in front of Lexie's office talking about their relationship. Lexie and Tek kissed. Just that moment, Sammi opened Lexie's office door and saw Tek and Lexie kissing. Sammi immediately closed the door back and went back inside of Lexie's office.

Tek left shortly after wards. Lexie walked over to her office, and found that door was unlocked. Lexie questioned the reason that the door was not locked. Then she suddenly thought about the possibility of Abe being inside of her office and seeing her kissing Tek. Lexie immediately opened the door to her office and found Sammi sitting in her chair waiting for her. "I overheard you talking to Carrie." said Sammi "You told her to pick a husband. You tell me who she is going to pick." said Sammi. Lexie told Sammi that she was not going to tell her. "Your just going to have to face the consequences.." said Sammi as she walked over to the door to leave. Lexie stopped Sammi and stood in front of her. "Are you threatening me?" asked Lexie. Sammi told Lexie that she wants to know what Carrie plans to do. Lexie became angry and told Sammi to get out her office. Sammi said "Since you want to do the right thing, I guess I should tell uncle Abe about your affair with Tek."

Tek, Abe, and John were still in the hospital. They talked about Abe seeing Alex outside of Lexie's office.

Marlena said she remembers everything, and that she remembers her love for John. Alex was still standing over Marlena and was listening to her attentively.

Belle arrived at Mimi's apartment. Mimi asked everyone that was in the room to leave. Mimi told Belle that she had a present for her. Mimi told Belle that she was her best friend. Belle opened the box to see a photo album filled with pictures of Belle, Phil and Claire's family pictures. Then there was a photo of Mimi and Shawn together. Mimi talked to Belle about the pictures while Belle looked through the album. "If it was not for you, this would not be happening. If you had not fell in love with Phil, I would have never feel in love with Shawn. We all ended up with the right person. I have you to thank for giving me a second chance since what happened with Rex." said Mimi. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Kate listened to the conversation from another room. They were very happy with Mimi's "performance" to make Belle feel guilty about her wanting to stop the wedding.

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