Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/8/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/8/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Patrick talked in Patrick's house on the island. Patrick comforted Hope and told her that the island would be good for her. Hope talked about her life being a mess. Hope also told Patrick that she needs to talk to Bo.

Bo and Billie were trying to sleep in sleeping bags in the freezing snow. The fire that they made went out. Billie told Bo that she was worried about Chelsea.

Chelsea was at a local club drinking alcohol that someone bought her. Max saw her and told her that she should not be out in a club so soon after the death of Zack. A few minutes later a photographer saw Chelsea and took pictures of Chelsea drinking alcohol

Sami continued to cry about Will's accident. Sami told Lucas that she couldn't stop thinking about what happened to Zack and was worried that she would lose Will. Sami told Lucas that Will is the most important person in her life. Lucas told Sami that they were a family. Sami then asked Lucas if there was a chance if they could get back together.

Austin and Carrie were still trapped in the elevator. The elevator started to drop slowly. Carrie held onto Austin. Austin pressed the emergency button in the elevator, in the hope that someone would heard them.

Lucas told Sami that he did not think it was a good idea to get back together. Will called for Sami. Sami was on her way to see what Will wanted. Just before Sami left Lucas told Sami "When I look at you, like now. You know what I see..." Sami stooped Lucas and told him that they could have been really happy.

Hope stayed the night at Patrick's house on the island with Patrick. Hope layed in Patrick's bed, while Patrick layed in a bed he made outside of his bed room. They kept the door open so that they could talk before going to sleep. Hope talked to Patrick about the man from the island that gave her a flower and about the legend of the flower.

Sami and Lucas were still talking. Lucas reminded Sami that they never made it, and that they will never know what could have happened between them. Sami told Lucas that she would get the cup of hot chocolate for Will and asked him if she wanted a cup of hot chocolate as well. Lucas went to check on Will. Sami made the hot chocolate; her eyes filled with tears. Sami found a letter in the kitchen. It was the letter that Lucas wrote to Sami just before they were supposed to be married.

Lucas talked to Will in Will's room. Will asked about the reason Sami was upset. Will then asked Lucas is he and Carrie went out on a date. Lucas told Will that he and Carrie did go out on a date. Will then asked Lucas if he and Sami would get back together.

Austin told Carrie to sit on the elevator floor because maybe this would make her less claustrophobic. Austin sat down next to her. Carrie asked Austin to hold her, and talk to her about his life in New York. She asked him if he dated anyone in New York. Austin said that he did date people in New York, but nothing ever got serious because he was never able to get over his love for her.

Billie and Bo were still outside in the woods. Billie and Bo argued about whether Chelsea should go to prison. "Chelsea is a big girl. It is about time she learns from her actions. " said Bo. Bo also told Billie that he thinks that Chelsea should go to jail.

Austin and Carrie continued to talk in the elevator. Austin asked Carrie if they could start over fresh.

Sami continued to read the letter that Lucas wrote to her. Sami walked towards Will's room after reading the letter. Sami overheard Lucas and Will talking. Lucas told Will that he did not have honesty and trust with Sami and that was the reason that they would never get back together. Sami walked into the room looking very upset. She handed Will and Lucas their cups of hot chocolate. Sami immediately left Will's room looking very upset. Sami walked into the hallway asking herself "Why am I so upset?" Sami heard the elevator alarm in the hallway. Sami walked over to the elevator and overheard Austin and Carrie talking about the possibility of getting back together.

Carrie told Austin that she did not think that he was the same person he was when they were married. Austin told Carrie that he was not the same person, but neither was she. Austin asked Carrie to forgive him.

Will told Lucas that he thought Sami overheard their conversation.

Sami called Austin's and Carrie's name. Carrie pleaded with Sami to help them get out of the elevator. Sami told Austin how to fix the elevator. Austin followed Sami's instructions. The elevator opened and returned to Sami's floor. Lucas suddenly came out of his apartmetn and into the hallway. Carrie told Lucas about her and Austin getting stuck in the elevator.

Lucas seemed concerned about Austin and Carrie getting stuck in the elevator. Austin told Carrie, Lucas and Sami that he would go back out by himself to get Will's meds and ice cream. Lucas asked Sami if she was okay after their conversation earlier. Sami assured Lucas that she was okay. Lucas and Carrie walked into Lucas's apartment. Sami thought about both Lucas and Austin wanting to be with Carrie. "Don't worry Austin I will make you forget all about Carrie." said Sami.

Patrick and Hope talked about the island and the legend of the flower. Patrick explained to Hope that when God saw the power of the love between the man and woman in the legend, he let the woman come back to earth. Hope asked Patrick if they lived happily ever after. Patrick envisioned himself and Hope as the man and woman in the legend. Just then, Hope went to sleep.

Chelsea and Max managed to get the film out of the photographer's camera, because Max fought the photographer while Chelsea took out the film. "You see why I don't want you in the club like this..." said Max after they got the film out. Chelsea told Max that she did not know what she would do if she did not have him. Max and Chelsea were unaware that the photographer happened to have a back up film on his camera and plans to post the photo of Chelsea on the front page of the newspaper the next day.

Billie and Bo layed back down to go to sleep in the sleeping backs in the woods. Billie thought to herself just before going to sleep that Kate and Chelsea were right, she would have to seduce Bo in order to ensure that Chelsea won't go to jail.

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