Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/7/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/7/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Sami continued to ask Austin about why he believes in her. She told him that she is not worth saving. Austin told her that she is a wonderful person and worthy of being loved. Sami and Austin kissed passionately.

Carrie and Lucas were at Lucas apartment kissing. Carrie pulled back from Lucas and said that she did not know if she could do this. Carrie told Lucas that she wanted to make sure that she is not using him to fill an empty space in her life. Lucas told Carrie that what they have feels right. Lucas asked Carrie to like him less and love him more. "Yeah we can try that" responded Carrie. Lucas and Carrie kissed again passionately.

Mimi told Shawn to read the letter. Shawn began to read the letter in front of Belle and Phil. Shawn stopped reading the letter and said it was too personal to read in front of Belle and Phil. Phil agreed. Phil told Mimi that he knew what she wrote in the letter.

John and Marlena kissed. John asked Marlena if she was sure she wanted to make love. Marlena responded "Oh Alex.." John pulled back and asked Marlena "what did you call me?" Alex walked by the door and asked Marlena if she called him.

Sami and Austin were still kissing passionately and were taking off each others' clothing. Austin stopped and told Sami that he was not going to make a mistake by taking it too far with her.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Lucas appeared to have made love on the sofa. Lucas kissed Carrie and told her that he loved her. He told Carrie that he could not believe what just happened. Lucas told Carrie that he wanted to have children with her, but he knew that she did not want to have kids unless she was married. Carrie looked at Lucas and asked him if he was asking her to marry him. Suddenly Carrie and Lucas heard Will in the hallway talking to his chaperons from camp. Lucas and Carrie came out. Sami and Austin also came out into the hallway within a few minutes. Will explained that he hurt his leg climbing a tree. Sami insisted that Will was brought to the hospital for x-rays. Will refused to go to the hospital. So Lucas called Lexie to come over to check on Will. Lexie arrived and said that it did not look like Will broke his leg, but may need x-rays. Carrie told Will that she would get some ice cream for him. Austin told Carrie that he would go with her because it was late. Lucas interrupted and told Carrie and Austin that he would get the ice cream and prescriptions. Sami wanted to help Will undress and get into his night clothes, but Will refused to allow Sami to help him. Lucas instead agreed to help Will change into his night clothing. Carrie and Austin agreed that they would get the prescriptions and ice cream for Will.

Marlena was laying in bed with John. Marlena heard Alex talking to her outside of the door while she was laying in bed with John. Marlena told Alex that John will not hurt her. Marlena then told Alex that she loved him (Alex). John became upset and asked Marlena why she told Alex that she loved him. Marlena responded by telling John that she does love Alex "He is my husband we are about to renew our wedding vows." responded Marlena.

Phil and Belle were still at Shawn and Mimi's apartment. Phil said he was happy that he was their best man and Belle their maid of honor. Phil agreed that maybe Shawn should not read the letter Mimi wrote because it is a private letter. Phil went on to tell Shawn and Mimi that he and Belle were on the rooftop talking about their marriage and felt more connected then they ever had. He advised Shawn and Mimi to keep their communication with each other open. Shawn turned towards Mimi and then began to read the letter.

Lexie was still at Lucas apartment. Lexie gave Carrie the prescription for Will. Carrie and Austin left the apartment. Lexie was also ready to leave. She told Will that she hopes that he feels better. Lexie received a phone call as she was leaving. It was John. John told Lexie that he believes that Marlena is being brainwashed or drugged by Alex. He told Lexie that he was in Marlena's bedroom, and she appeared confused.

Phil continued to talk to Shawn and Mimi about their up and coming wedding. Phil told Shawn and Mimi that he thinks that they all will be better friends especially after Shawn and Mimi gets married. Phil and Belle left. Mimi began to cry even more. Shawn began to read the letter, then put it down on the table. Shawn told Mimi that he did not need a letter to tell him how much she loves him. Shawn told Mimi to stop putting herself down. He also told her that he loves her and will never stop telling her that he loves her.

John was still in Marlena's room talking to Lexie on the phone. John told Lexie that it looked as if Marlena was about to pass out and looked confused. John did say that Marlena did take a sleeping pill but does not believe that it was the sleeping pill that had Marlena behaving like this. Lexie told John that he should leave because if Alex finds John in the apartment and kills John then it would be considered self defense especially with the past incidents involving John and Alex. John agreed that he would leave. John kissed Marlena and told her good night while she was sleep. Alex was outside the door and suspected that someone was inside of the room with Marlena. John stood toward the door and contemplated about whether he would leave through the door and risk having a confrontation with Alex.

Sami and Lucas were in Lucas apartment talking in the living room area. Sami suddenly had visions of Lucas and Carrie making out (kissing) on Lucas' sofa. Sami then accused Lucas of making out with her sister on his sofa. Lucas was defensive, then looked at Sami and noticed that her face was flushed and he accused her of "getting it on" with Austin. Will came out of his room and asked Lucas to help him in his room. Sami was alone in the living room, and was again envisioning Lucas and Carrie making out on Lucas sofa.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Austin walked into the elevator and were talking. Austin told Carrie that he saw Claire. Carrie told Austin that she was going to try to be there for Belle. Carrie then told Austin that she could not believe how Marlena lost her memory. Carrie then talked about how things have changed since she had left Salem years ago. Suddenly the elevator got stuck. "I forgot how this old elevator jams stuck." said Austin. "We are stuck here for a while." said Austin. Carrie looked up at the ceiling of the elevator.

Shawn and Mimi kissed. Shawn continued to tell Mimi that he loved her. Shawn told Mimi to not forget to say "I do" when they get married. Shawn asked Mimi if she wanted to go to bed. Mimi told Shawn that she did want to go to bed. Shawn took her hand and they walked to bed. Mimi turned around and looked at the letter before she and Shawn went into the room and closed the door shut.

Belle and Phil were talking about Mimi's strange behavior and how desperately she wanted Shawn to read the letter that she wrote. They wondered what Mimi had to say. Belle suggested that maybe Mimi was having cold feet about the wedding. Suddenly they heard Mimi and Shawn having very loud sex. Mimi was moaning and calling out Shawn's name. Phil joking said "forget about Mimi about cold feet." Phil laughed to himself as he and Belle sat and listened to Mimi and Shawn having sex.

Sami and Lucas were talking in Lucas' kitchen. Sami began to cry and told Lucas that they could have lost Will. "what if he fell out the tree and snapped his neck?" cried Sami. "I am tired of loosing everyone I love." cried Sami Lucas comforted Sami and held her in his arms, telling her to relax.

Carrie became claustrophobic inside of the elevator, and told Austin to hold her and don't let her go. Austin told Carrie to not worry because he would never let her go.

Alex was outside of Marlena's door. Marlena was in a deep sleep and at this point did not hear Alex and did not know what was going on. Alex told Marlena (who was asleep) that he was going to break the door down. John thought about whether he should leave out the window. John stared at the door where Alex stood on the other side, then thought about his conversation with Lexie.

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