Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/6/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/6/06


Written By Tasha 
Pictures by Juanita

Sami and Austin arrive back to Sami's apartment. Austin saw a reminder message pop up on his computer as he was entering the apartment."Carrie... I totally forgot." said Austin as he checked the message on his computer.

Carrie and Lucas arrived into Lucas' apartment. " Lucas I can't believe it..." said Carrie smiling while she looked into the apartment.

Alex looked at his computer in the dark in Marlena's apartment. Alex thought about his plan to destroy Marlena and said to himself that his plan was working better than he had imagined. "I won. John Black will never get her again..." Alex said to himself.

Marlena was upstairs in her bedroom looking at a picture of John, then she rolled over in her bed and went to sleep. John was hiding in the closet. John exited the closet after he thought Marlena was asleep. John was attempting to exit out the window. Marlena suddenly turned around and sat up in her bed, looking directly at John "John" said Marlena. Marlena told John that she did not want him to leave. Marlena also told John that she was still in love with him. Marlena then asked John to spend the night with her.

Belle was standing on the rooftop. Phil walked up to Belle from behind, firmly placing his arms around her. "I am so glad you came. We have to tell the truth, even if it means other people would get hurt" said Belle. Phil seemed confused by what Belle said and asked her what she was talking about (Belle thought that Phil was Shawn)

Shawn read the letter written by Mimi. Mimi watched Shawn read the letter in the living room area; Mimi watched from her room with the door cracked. "Once you finish reading this, we will be over..." thought Mimi. Shawn looked over his shoulder and saw Mimi watching him read the letter. "Mimi what's going on?" asked Shawn

Meanwhile, Belle and Phil continued to talk on the rooftop. Belle told Phil that things were getting complicated. Phil cut Belle off while she was trying to explain her feelings to him. Phil told Belle that he knew that it was hard for her to see the man she once loved marrying her best friend. Phil told Belle that he loved her and that he and Belle needed time for each other. He told Belle that Claire was still with the babysitter.

Shawn and Mimi were still talking in their apartment. Shawn said "What is wrong? Is it about this letter?" asked Shawn holding the letter in his hand. Mimi told Shawn that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. "Only..." said Mimi. Shawn paused Mimi's thought then urged her to tell him the truth. Mimi told Shawn that after she tells him what she wants to say he may not never want anything to do with her ever again.

Alex was still working on the computer in the dark in Marlena's apartment. Alex had flashbacks about how he used to abuse Marlena physically and verbally.

John and Marlena were still in Marlena's bedroom. John asked Marlena if she got her memory back.

Lucas decorated his apartment with balloons and decorations that said "Happy Birthday Carrie." Carrie was so happy she thanked Lucas and asked if she could also thank Will for helping him with the decoration. Lucas told Carrie that Will was away for the night at an overnight camping trip.

Austin and Sami continued to talk in Sami's apartment. Austin told Sami that he did not realize that he forgot Carrie's birthday.

Lucas and Carrie talked in Lucas' apartment. Lucas told Carrie that he never forgot her birthday.

Sami comforted Austin and asked him what could she do to make him feel better.

Carrie thanked Lucas birthday surprise, and everything else that he did for her since she has been back to Salem. Lucas gave Carrie a diamond necklace for her birthday. "It's too much. I can't take this." said Carrie. Lucas told Carrie that he wanted her to keep it to remember their first date and to make it a day to always remember. Lucas turned on the radio and asked Carrie if she wanted to dance. Suddenly, as Lucas was listening to the music, the song reminded him of Sami.

Sami also turned on the radio in her own apartment and turned on the same song. "Sami are you okay?" asked Austin. "Lucas" said Sami. "The song was a really bad idea..." said Sami.Austin asked Sami if she was thinking of Lucas when she heard that song. Austin then suggested that maybe Sami was not over Lucas. Sami told Austin that she was over Lucas and had to move on.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Carrie talked about Lucas' relationship with Sami.

Sami and Austin talked about Lucas. Sami told Austin that she wished that she could change what happened in the past, but she has to face what happen and move on to her future. Austin told Sami that he would always be there for her and would always be her friend. Sami asked Austin if he wanted a beer. Austin told Sami that he wanted to go to bed. Austin then kissed Sami on the cheek and told her good night.

Carrie blew out her birthday candles on her cake then began to look very sad. Carrie told Lucas that she was tired and wanted to go to bed.

Belle and Phil continued to talk on the rooftop. Belle told Phil that she will always love him. Phil told Belle to not feel guilty about leaving Claire alone while they were away from the apartment. Phil told Belle that they needed to spend time together and that Claire needed a happy family. Phil told Belle that she makes him very happy and he wanted to know what he could do to make her as happy as she makes him. Belle had flashbacks of the times she spent with Shawn.

Shawn asked Mimi what was wrong. Mimi called herself a coward. Shawn talked to Mimi about the adversities that Mimi faced in her life and said she is a strong person to overcame everything that she has. Shawn then hugged Mimi and told her to tell him what she needed to say and they would deal with it together.

John was still in Marlena's bedroom. Marlena told John that she loves him and needed him. John told Marlena that he loved her too. Marlena began to undress John and told him that she wanted to make love him.

Lucas woke up in the middle of the night and found Carrie siting in the living room window looking out the window. Carrie was crying and told Lucas that she could not sleep. Lucas told Carrie that he would make her some warm milk. Carrie told Lucas that her life didn't turn out the way that she thought it would. Carrie told Lucas that she wanted a baby but may not have time. Carrie told Lucas that she feels like her biological clock was ticking. Lucas handed Carrie some warm milk and said that he would love to have another child but only if he found the perfect mother.

Phil and Belle talked about their marriage. Phil also talked about how he thought their marriage changed since he lost his leg and how things may never be the same. Belle told Phil that she loves him. Phil told Belle that he felt insecure in their marriage and always felt like she would leave him because he was not the same person physically that she had married. Phil and Belle agreed that their conversation that night was a good idea, then hugged each other.

Mimi told Shawn she was not the woman that he thought she was. Mimi told Shawn that she was just like her mother. " I am a liar." said Mimi. Shawn told Mimi that he would not let her tear herself apart as she had. Shawn told Mimi that she was beautiful, and selfless. Shawn then held Mimi in his arms and told her that he loves her. Mimi told him that she won't want to marry her once he read the letter. Mimi then urged Shawn to read the letter.

John asked Marlena if she was sure about making love. Marlena told John that she was sure and told him that he was her husband. John was so happy to hear Marlena call him her husband and kissed her passionately.

Austin comforted Sami while she cried.

Lucas and Carrie began to talk about old times. Lucas told Carrie that if things had been different, they would have gotten married and had a child. Lucas told Carrie that he could not imagine a more perfect mother for his child than Carrie. Lucas then told Carrie that he loved her.

Sami asked Austin why did he believe in her. Sami told Austin that she was not worth saving. Austin told Sami that she was just misguided, and that she was a wonderful person. Austin told Sami that she was worthy of being loved. Sami and Austin kissed passionately both laying on the sofa.

Carrie responded to Lucas by telling him that she "like" him.(at least for now she said). Lucas told Carrie that he understood. Carrie told Lucas that she wanted to take things slow. Lucas told Carrie that he would never hurt her and that he loves her. Carrie and Lucas kissed passionately on the sofa.

John and Marlena kissed passionately. John asked Marlena about Alex. At that very moment, Alex passed by Marlena's door. He listened to Marlena's door from the outside. John and Marlena laid on Marlena's bed and it appears that they were making love.

Belle and Phil knocked on Shawn and Mimi's door, and saw Mimi crying uncontrollably. Shawn told them that they should leave. Belle walked in and asked Mimi what was wrong. Phil told Belle that maybe they should leave. Shawn agreed that they should leave, but Mimi insisted that they stay because what she had to say involved all four of them.

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