Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/2/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/2/06


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Frankie leads Jennifer into a private room. She has her eyes closed and they are both dressed up. She asks him where he’s taking her and he tells her to open her eyes. She opens them and a candle light dinner is revealed. She jokes, asking him if he took her to Paris and Frankie says that they are at Chez Rouge in one of the private rooms. They both sit down and Jennifer asks how he knew that she was feeling so down and that she had no idea what she needed. She thanks him

Calliope is getting everything straightened at Mimi’s bridal shower while Bonnie thanks one of the men working at Alice’s. Calliope bounces over and Bonnie gives her a funny look. Lexie is looking down at a package and TEK walks up to her and says “Run away with me”. Lexie tells him to stop it and Abe comes over asking if there is a problem. TEK turns around and looks at Abe. Roman walks over to Kate, asking if she’s crashing Shawn’s party, but there are a lot of men around so this is a good place for Kate to be at. Kate tells Roman she is there for Mimi’s bridal shower. Roman asks Kate what she’s up to and Kate tells him that he can’t to see her have a good time. Victor comes over and tells Roman that he hopes he’s not harassing his date

Outside of Alice’s, Belle and Philip come. Philip remembers that he has to help Mimi with something out back so they kiss and say they’ll meet inside. Belle turns around and is about to walk closer to the doors when she overhears Mimi and Shawn talking. They are talking about how they are throwing these parties so last minute. Shawn says it’s good practice for their wedding. Mimi has a flashback to her and her mom talking, Bonnie saying that she can’t believe Mimi thought of postponing the wedding and Mimi saying she’s so torn and wants Shawn to know the truth. Coming out of the flashback, Shawn asks Mimi what’s wrong. He asks if she’s getting cold feet

Billie is lying on the ground unconscious. Bo sits her up and wants her to talk to him and tell him she’s ok. Billie comes to and says Bo’s name. Bo says that it’s him and he’s the one who shot her. Billie can’t believe he shot her and Bo says that he was shooting beer bottles and accidentally hit her. She says her arm hurts and Bo takes a look at it and says he needs to go get the first aid kit. But Billie begs Bo not to leave and says she’s scared. She pulls him to her and kisses him

Patrick walks inside of his bungalow. He sets his stuff down and goes into another room. Outside, Hope is being led into the same bungalow by a man. He takes her bags to the bedroom. The man comes out, telling her what the kitchen has and Hope tips him. The man reminds Hope that the flower will bring her love. She thanks him and he leaves. She goes into the bedroom and Patrick walks back into the living room and notices the bedroom door is open. In the bedroom, Hope pulls out two pictures, one of her, Bo, Shawn, and Zack, and one of just Zack. She holds Zack’s picture close and says that she misses him. She kisses the picture and puts it down to go get a glass of water. Stepping outside of the room, Patrick is hiding with a knife as Hope looks down at the flower

Bo and Billie kiss on the ground and Billie comes out of her dream as Bo is trying to wake her up. Billie sits up and allows Bo to look at her arm. She says that she should have been wearing her orange vest. Bo says that he shot her and she should be mad at him. She tells him to remind her to yell at him later. Bo helps her up and then picks her up. Billie asks him what he’s doing, she was shot in the arm, and her legs still work. But Bo doesn’t want her to pass out again and he calls her a wimp as he carries her to the campfire. At the fire, Bo asks her what she was doing as he gets the first aid kit out. Billie says that she was looking for him and that she saw his motorcycle and if she would have seen the fire, she would have known he was ok and asks if he has any marshmallows. Bo cleans her wound. Billie asks him he had to take off like that. Bo says that he feels his life is over, Zack is dead and his wife is gone. Billie says that Hope isn’t and Bo says she’s gone. Billie tells him that Hope may have kicked him out, but he can go back. Bo says that she’s gone, she got on a plane and left. Billie tells him that Hope will be back, they’ve never been apart for long and she probably just needed to get away for awhile to mourn Zack’s death. Bo is drinking, he tells Billie that mourning Zack’s death is something they should be doing together and that he would have never left. He might have been angry, but he never would have left like that and he and Hope are sole mates. Billie tells him she knows that. Bo says he’ll never forgive himself for letting Chelsea drive on New Year’s Eve and he’ll always be sorry for not telling Hope what was happening when it was happening, but she took off on years of love and commitment. If she came back now, Bo doesn’t know if he’d take her back and he hopes she’s happy where she is

Hope walks into the living room and Patrick grabs her. She gets away and turns around, shocked to see Patrick. They ask each other what they’re doing there and learn that Patrick lives there and Hope just rented the place. There was some miscommunication obviously with the rentals. Patrick asks if Bo is with her and Hope says no and she’s not sure if she ever wants to see Bo again

Frankie and Jennifer cling glasses and drink. Jennifer says that this is fun. The two talk about winter and Frankie tells her she looks pretty cute in her parka. He asks if Hope will be gone long. Jennifer says Hope was pretty devastated that Bo didn’t tell her the truth and then with the last thing that happened. She stops and says it’s personal information between Hope, Bo, and Billie and she probably shouldn’t say anything. Frankie tells her it’s ok and she doesn’t need to tell him. But Jennifer says that what she saw affected her too tells him how she was with Hope when they saw Bo and Billie in bed together in a motel. Frankie is shocked. Jennifer says that he wasn’t thinking and drunk. She says she can’t imagine Bo and Hope not being together. Frankie says that people used to say the same about them

Mimi tells Shawn she’s not getting cold feet and asks where the expression came from. Shawn tells her not to change the subject and asks if she does want to marry him. Mimi says that she does and she’s probably just not excited about having a bridal shower because you get all the presents and are supposed to act excited about it. Shawn tells her she’ll be fine and she gets excited about the sun coming up. Mimi says that when she wakes up next to Shawn, there’s a lot to get excited about. They both laugh and walk back into Alice’s. Belle has been hiding behind a tree listening to their conversation. Once they leave, she is about to go in when Caroline comes up from behind telling her not to do this to herself (Belle) and to take it from someone who’s been there

Bonnie says that this is going to be the best bridal shower and Calliope agrees, even though this wasn’t the location she pictured. Bonnie says that Calliope wasn’t what she pictured either. Calliope questions her and Bonnie goes off on how it wasn’t right for Calliope to be talking about how Belle and Shawn would have been the ones to get married in front of Mimi

Abe tells Lexie and TEK that it sounded like they were arguing. Lexie has a flashback to when they were about to make love in her office. Coming out, Lexie says she’s upset with TEK and TEK knows what it’s about. She says that she’s mad at TEK for bringing him (Abe) to this party when he should be resting. Abe says that he wanted to come to the party and TEK puts up an offer to play a round of pool and he accepts

Outside, Caroline tells Belle that she knows it’s hard for Belle to see the man she loves about to marry another man and don’t make the mistake she did and be unfaithful to your husband. Belle says she wants to do what’s right, but she loves Shawn too much to let him go

Hope walks over to Patrick. He is pouring them each a drink and they toast to peaceful nights. She tells him that the nights are the hardest for her. She would be putting Zack to sleep and reading him a bedtime story. Patrick asks if Bo knows she’s there. Hope says that she needed to get away from the reminder of everything she lost. Patrick starts to talk again, but Hope doesn’t let him finish and says that they were having a nice conversation and not to ruin it. She asks him how he found this place. Patrick says that a few years ago he needed a place to go to get away from everything and everyone, a place to put himself together. Now he comes here to relax and the minute he walks through the door, he feels like a different guy. She asks him if he was getting away from Billie and he says that he had to get away, but not from Billie but from Hope

Bo wraps a sleeping bag around Billie. She tells him that he’s upset and drunk and he didn’t mean what he said about Hope and that they’ve been together forever and their love is fate and meant to be. Bo says that no love is fated and it works because you make it work. Billie says or because the other person means the world to you. Bo says he used to, but not anymore because she wouldn’t have gotten on the plane. Billie asks if he knows where she is and Bo says that she didn’t leave a note or anything and that Hope has to know that he’s worried about her. Bo says that he spent the rest of his life trying to give her back a little bit of happiness she lost from when Zack died. He says that Hope has to know that he loves her and that he would never be unfaithful to her. Billie has a flashback to Hope walking in on them in bed. Coming out, she says that the situation with Hope is more complicated than he thinks it is and that Hope left because of her. Bo says that it’s his fault and she can’t blame herself. Billie says that she does because she did something that was totally unforgivable

Jennifer says that it seems like 100 years ago when they were together and they were young. Frankie adds young and in love, but he guesses love can fade away. Jennifer tells him that she doesn’t believe that

Belle walks up to Mimi and they hug. Mimi says that she couldn’t have her bridal shower without her best friend and matron of honor. They joke out being matron. Mimi says that she is glad that Belle is there. Calliope starts talking and Mimi walks up to stand next to her. Caroline comes up to Belle and says that she’s proud she’s doing the right thing. As Calliope is going on about what’s going to happen, Bonnie is off to the side talking to herself about how she’s not liking what Calliope is going to do with the bridal shower games. She questions herself as to why she hired Calliope

Abe and TEK play pool. Lexie is watching them. TEK has a drink and he raises his glass to Lexie

Victor and Kate are talking about how they don’t have the right to keep the truth from Shawn. Kate tells him that the shower is starting and that Victor said he wouldn’t say anything and if he does, he’s going to break their son’s heart. Kate gets up and Philip sits down in her place, asking his dad what Kate’s going at now and he’s the happiest he’s ever been, nothing could ever change that

Bo tells Billie that she may not be Hope’s favorite person, but she wouldn’t leave town because of her. Billie says that Hope’s never understood their relationship and that’s understandable because Bo has a child with her. Bo says that was a long time ago and Billie says that she’s never understood the measures she (Billie) has went to get Bo to bat for her and Bo interrupts saying that he has lost a son and there’s nothing more devastating than that. When Zack died, he made a choice that Hope considered a wrong choice. Bo wants to take Billie to a doctor and Billie doesn’t want to go. But Bo says that he’s hurt enough people lately and he wants her to be checked out. Billie finally agrees but says that she is driving. Bo tells her whatever and Billie says not to argue. She’s going through her purse and remarks about something being funny. Bo asks her how she can find something funny right now and Billie says that it’s funny because she can’t find her keys. Bo says that his bike needs some work before it’s up and running and he probably shouldn’t drive. Billie says that she’s going to call someone, but she has no signal on her phone. Bo says they will be camping out underneath the stars, but they only have one sleeping bag so he hopes she doesn’t mind getting in it with him

Hope is confused by why Patrick was leaving to get away from her. Patrick says that the last time he saw Hope at her house, Bo had a problem with him comforting her. Hope says that Bo was out of line that night and Patrick says that that’s why he left, he doesn’t want to be the reason that Bo and Hope break up. Hope tells him she can’t believe she did that and she feels terrible he left. Patrick says it wasn’t all her, it was time for him to go. He sees the flower Hope got and says there’s a folktale about it. Hope says it’s that the person who has it will find love. They both look at each other for a few seconds and then Patrick tells her that it means she might reconnect with an old love. Hope stands up and walks away with the flower in her hand. Patrick gets up too and says that she and Bo are a legend in Salem and they have the kind of love that won’t die no matter what. He asks her if she’s sure she doesn’t want to get on a plane and go home to him. Hope says that Bo’s moved on with someone else so there’s really no marriage for her to go home to

Jennifer tells Frankie she doesn’t think true love ever fades away and you hold a special place in your heart for the person that meant too much to you. She thanks him for the evening and Frankie has one more surprise. Music starts to play and he asks her for a dance. She gets up and the two start to dance. As they dance, they lean in and kiss

Shawn walks over to Roman and they talk. Shawn says that it’s strange having the party without his dad around and it’s going to be even stranger with his mom not at the wedding. Roman reminds him that he could postpone it but Shawn says that he couldn’t do that to Mimi and that his mom was saying it would be strange going to St. Luke’s with what happened to Zack and all. Shawn remarks how Caroline said that Bo and Hope would be sitting in the same pew for the wedding but now he doesn’t see that happening. Roman tells him that his parents love each other very much and this won’t keep them apart. Shawn says that he can’t blame his mom for leaving and his dad shouldn’t have gave Chelsea the keys that night, but regardless of how he feels about that, he wants his parents to be together. Roman says they’ve got to be

They finish opening some of the gifts and they’re going to open the 4th of July ones in a bit. Calliope comes over and tells Mimi that her friend Heather is here. It’s Heather from high school. Heather walks over and tells Mimi that when she heard that Mimi had got “Shawn the hunk Brady”, she had to come and see it for herself and she didn’t think Shawn would settle for second best. Calliope says to not listen to her and that Shawn’s madly in love with her (Mimi) and Heather says that she doubts that. Heather turns to Belle and says that Belle and Shawn were the golden couple and everyone wanted to be Belle and how did she let Shawn get away

Caroline is joking around with the ribbons and Bonnie comes over the microphone, telling Caroline to put the ribbons away and the party is about to get a lot hotter. Out comes a stripper. Everyone is laughing and screaming. Lexie starts visioning the stripper as TEK. This vision goes on for awhile as she is having fantasies about TEK being the stripper and dancing around her and kissing her. Coming out of the fantasy, Lexie gets up and leaves. TEK follows. Calliope is outraged that Bonnie hired the stripper without telling her. Calliope says that before she goes, she wants to be sure Bonnie has a chance to taste her cake and she smashes a piece in Bonnie’s face. Outside, TEK catches up to Lexie. Lexie says that this is wrong and TEK says that he’s dreamed about being with her. They kiss and then TEK escorts Lexie off as Abe comes outside looking for Lexie

Frankie and Jennifer continue to kiss. The music stops and they hear fireworks. They question each other and then hurry to look out the door. Sure enough, there are fireworks. They watch and Frankie comments on how they must not be the only ones celebrating tonight and the two kiss again

Calliope says she can’t believe she just did that, but she’s put together so many weddings and showers but has never worked with someone like Bonnie. Bonnie says to shut up and puts cake in Calliope’s face. Calliope remarks that it’s a good bakery

Heather says that Belle deserves to be with Shawn. Mimi walks away. Before Belle can catch her, Heather says that Philip is totally hot but Belle and Shawn are the real thing and then Heather walks off. Belle says that Heather’s right and then Shawn comes up asking if that was Heather from high school. Belle asks if they can go somewhere and talk before she loses her mind

Mimi tells Bonnie that it’s not going right. Bonnie says that Calliope is gone and the stripper got everyone fired up and she’ll (Bonnie) get things back up. Mimi says it’s not the party, but her life and how Shawn needs to know the truth

Lexie and TEK are in TEK’s car making out. Abe is walking around and notices a car shaking back and forth. Lexie and TEK are inside rocking the car. Abe rubs his eyes and says no

Patrick tells Hope that he can’t mean that and Bo’s been her everything. Hope says not anymore and it ended when he chose Billie and their daughter over her and their little boy

Billie and Bo are sleeping in the same sleeping bag. Billie has a dream about if Bo and Hope were angry at Billie from getting into bed with him and Bo was saying he didn’t want to see her again and he kissed Hope as she said she would take Bo back. Billie springs up in tears, Bo gets up as well. Bo tells her to lie back down and Bo has his arms around her, telling her that it’s ok. Billie shuts her eyes and she has a smile on her face

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