Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/1/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/1/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Carrie and Lucas went to Shay Rouge for a dinner date. Eugenia was hosting as a greeter as a favor to the owner. Lucas told Eugenia that he and Carrie were on a real date. Eugenia seemed impressed.

Billie was at Patrick's house, and was worried about Bo. Billie called the police and asked to put an APP on Bo. Chelsea was also there. Chelsea was all dressed up and ready to go out for the night. Billie told Chelsea that she did not think that it was a good idea for her to go out especially since the accident, because it would look as if Chelsea was not grieving for her brother Zack. Chelsea told Billie that she wanted to go out to get her mind off of all the trouble in her life. Chelsea did however, decided to stay in and play cards with Billie instead of going out. Billie had flashbacks about the times that she and Patrick used to play cards together for fun.

Meanwhile, Patrick was on the plane thinking of Billie. And Hope was on the same plane, but she was thinking of Bo and her decision to leave Salem.

Chelsea and Billie talked about Patrick. Chelsea told Billie "The man you really love needs you right question is are you going to do anything about it?"

Bo road his bike into the night. Bo thought about Zack and how he and Hope had to say good bye to Zack for good on the night that Zack died.

Austin and Sami decided that they would go out for dinner because they did not have any food in the house. Sami played like she called several restaurants in the area, but all were full except Shay Rouge. Sami knew that Lucas and Carrie were going to Shay Rouge and wanted Austin to see that Lucas and Carrie were on a date. Sami thought to herself that maybe Austin will want to move on if he sees that Lucas and Carrie were on a date.

Hope befriended a woman who sat next to her on the airplane. Patrick got of the plane before Hope could see him. Hope looked for rentals after leaving the plane.

Billie and Chelsea were still at Patrick's house. Billie told Chelsea that if Hope does not take Bo back it is because of what she did. (referring to how Billie made it look as if she and Bo slept together at the hotel). Chelsea commented about how Billie used to sleep with men for money and was like a porn star, and wondered why Billie would not try to get the only man that she loves (Bo). Billie became extremely upset by Chelsea's comment and told her that she was hurt. Chelsea told Billie that she was sorry.

Meanwhile, the police saw Bo riding his bike. "Brady better slow down" said one of the officers. Suddenly, a deer came across the road and Bo's bike fell with Bo on it.

Carrie saw an old friend Marsha at the restaurant. Marsha told Carrie that she heard that Carrie was dating Kate's son. Carrie said yes. Marsha was actually talking about Austin and not Lucas. Carrie told Marsha that she was on a date with Lucas and not Austin. She informed Marsha that she and Austin were through. Marsha told Carrie that she though Carrie and Austin were perfect together.

Sami and Austin arrived at Shay Rouge. Eugenia greeted Sami and Austin and brought them to a table. Sami saw Lucas and Carrie at the restaurant. She wanted Austin to see them so that he would know that Carrie and Lucas were now dating.

Billie and Chelsea were still talking at Patrick's house. Billie told Chelsea that she refuses to take advantage of Bo's situation. Chelsea told Billie that she would think of her more as her parent if she and Bo were together so that she could have a family. The phone rang. It was Roman. Billie told Chelsea that she had to leave to help Bo. Chelsea was still hopeful that Billie and Bo will get together.

Austin told Sami "If I didn't know better I would think you set this up." (referring to having Austin seeing Carrie and Lucas on a date.) Sami told Austin that they could leave if he felt uncomfortable at the restaurant. Austin thought about it and told Sami that he wanted to stay.

Lucas watched Sami and Austin at their table. Lucas then told Carrie that she was his first real love. Carrie asked Lucas if he wanted to dance. Lucas accepted Carrie offer to dance. Austin and Sami watched Carrie and Lucas dance. Eugenia managed to be near their table. Sami asked Austin if Carrie and Lucas were on a date. Eugenia injected into their conversation and informed them that Lucas told her that they were in fact on a romantic date.

Meanwhile, Billie was driving in the woods looking for Bo. Billie managed to find Bo's bike but could not find Bo.

Austin and Sami were still at the restaurant. They toasted to moving on with their lives. Lucas and Carrie were back at their table. Lucas told Carrie that Austin and Sami must be on a date also.

Hope received a rare flower from one of the natives of the island. He told her that she would find romance on the island. He advised her that the flower he gave her is so rare and only grows a few months out of the year. Hope did not believe that she would find romance on the island and suggested that the native tells this to all the female visitors of the island.

Chelsea found what looked like Billie's wallet. She saw a picture of Zack in the wallet. She looked at the picture and telling Zack in the picture that she was so sorry for what happened to him. She also said that she thought that getting Bo and Billie together was the right thing.

Billie heard gun shots in the woods. Bo was shooting bottles in the woods. Bo was drunk. Billie was very close to where Bo was shooting. And it appeared that Bo may have shot Billie.

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