Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/28/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/28/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas brought Carrie to Titian to show her around the company. Lucas brought Carrie to Victor's office. Victor asked to speak to Carrie alone. When Lucas left, Victor asked Carrie about whether she still had feelings for Austin. Victor also asked Carrie if she had what it takes to "go after" Austin and his company.

Sami and Austin were at Sami's apartment, talking in the kitchen. Sami asked Austin is Kate told him to stay away from her.

John and Abe drank in a local restaurant. John talked about Alex murdering Lois and making Marlena his next victim.

Alex was outside of Marlena's apartment. Alex thought to himself, that Marlena will pay for what John did to him. Alex rubbed his bruised face. Alex heard Marlena and Belle talking while still outside of Marlena's door.

Belle told Marlena that she was afraid that she could loose custody of Claire if she left Phil. Marlena continued to tell Belle to follow her heart and that Belle's heart belonged to Shawn. Belle asked Marlena if she loves Alex. Marlena told Belle that Alex was her first love just as Shawn is Belle's first love.

Bonnie, Calliope, and Mimi were at Mimi's and Shawn's apartment. Bonnie and Calliope had drinks and talked about Mimi's wedding. Calliope told Bonnie that she is also doing Marlena's wedding. Shawn came in and told Mimi that Hope was not coming to their wedding.

Bo was still looking for Hope at the airport. Bo asked the customer service representative if she could tell him if his wife was on the flight that was about to take off. The customer service rep told Bo that she could not tell him anything without a warrant or prior approval.

Marlena and Belle continued to talk about Belle's feelings for Shawn and Phil. Alex walked in and went up the stairs. Belle said that she had to go. Marlena helped Belle put on her coat and advised her to put herself first.

Shawn told Mimi his mother was not going to be coming to their wedding. Calliope stood up and told Shawn that his mother just had to come to the wedding. Then Calliope talked about Marlena and John breaking up, then talked about Bo and Hope breaking up. Shawn then looked at his family picture of Bo, Hope, himself and Zack.

Bo asked two police officers (that he knew) in the airport to help him find Hope. "No matter what she says, don't let her get on the plane." instructed Bo. Meanwhile, Hope boarded on the plane, and Patrick followed behind her (neither knew that they were boarding the same plane.)

Sami and Austin were still at Sami's apartment. Sami continued to talk badly about Kate. Austin told Sami to not talk about his mother like that. Austin assured Sami that her name did not come up when he spoke to his mother the other day. Austin told Sami that Kate was concerned about Phil's and Belle's relationship. Sami told Austin that Kate must know something about Phil and Belle's marriage.

Carrie and Victor were still in Victor's office. Carrie told Victor she will do whatever she has to do to prove herself to the in the company.

Kate and Lucas talked outside of Victor's office. Lucas reminded Kate that she needs to stop pushing Austin and Carrie together or he will make sure that Kate will never see Will ever again. Victor walked out of his office. Lucas excused himself from their conversation. Kate told Victor that she had to talk to him about something. Kate told Victor that she needed advice about John ad Marlena's relationship. Victor advised Kate to stay the hell out of John's and Marlena's situation.

Calliope was still at Mimi's and Shawn's apartment. Calliope talked to Shawn about the wedding. Shawn told Calliope that he did not have much to say and wanted Mimi to plan the wedding. Bonnie and Mimi's went over the guest list for the wedding. Bonnie told Mimi privately that she intentionally took Belle's and Phil's names off of the list. Belle came over to Mimi's and Shawn's apartment. Calliope said "Okay you are so beautiful. You are Marlena's and John's daughter. What do they put in the water...." said Calliope (admiring Belle).

Alex and Marlena were at Marlena's apartment. Alex placed the flowers that he bought for Marlena into a vase. Alex talked about their wedding planner (Calliope). He told Marlena that he did not know that she and Marlena were friends. Alex told Marlena that he bet Calliope is also a supporter of John. Marlena told Alex that Calliope did put in her two cents about her plans to marry Alex. Marlena then wrapped her arms around Alex and told him to not worry. Marlena then looked at her wedding picture with herself and John. Marlena commented about her relationship to John and how everyone thought that she and John were prefect for each other. Alex then asked Marlena if she was having second thoughts about marrying him.

Meanwhile, Hope and Patrick boarded the plan.

The customer service rep at the airport told Bo that TSA gave him permission to search the planes that were about to take off. Bo rushed to the closest plan to see if Hope was on that plane.

Lucas and Carrie were in his office. Lucas went over products with Carrie. Carrie found a note that Lucas wrote to Sami prior to them getting married. Carrie apologized for reading the note after Lucas discovered her reading the note. Lucas told Carrie that he wrote that letter to Sami and was going to give it to her after they got married.

Meanwhile, Calliope continued to talk about how beautiful Belle was. Calliope continued to carry on and tell Belle that according to Marlena's letters that she sent over the years, she always thought that Belle would be the one marrying Shawn and not Mimi.

Marlena and Alex were still at Marlena's apartment. Marlena told Alex that he was the only man that she wanted. Then Marlena picked up the photo of John and talked about how a lot people have told her that John is a wonderful person. Alex told Marlena that John was not a good person. Finally, Marlena really got a chance to look at Alex's face and noticed that his face was badly bruised. "I was John wasn't it?" asked Marlena.

Bo boarded one of the planes before it was able to take off. Bo reached for a woman who he thought was Hope. Bo was not able to find Hope on that plane. The plane that Hope and Patrick were on was already in flight.

Austin and Sami were still at Sami's apartment. Austin found a cufflin on the floor. Sami told Austin that it was Lucas' cufflin. Austin asked Sami is she and Lucas were getting back together. Sami said he just dropped it when he came over to talk to her about Will. Sami then had flashbacks about how that same night she and Lucas had a passionate kiss. Sami then began to talk to Austin about Carrie and told him that Carrie was no longer interested in him.

Carrie and Lucas were still in Lucas office. Lucas asked Carrie if she wanted to have a dinner date. Carrie accepted Lucas' offer to go on a dinner date.

Meanwhile, Victor and Kate argued about Shawn not knowing that he is Claire's biological father. Kate told Victor that Phil's wife and child is his life. "You will take that away from him..." cried Kate.

Marlena was upset from seeing the bruises on Alex's face. Marlena asked Alex why did John beat him up. Alex told Marlena that John just saw him and began to beat him up. Marlena told Alex that she was sorry. Marlena told Alex that she wanted John to stay away from them. Marlena told Alex that they belonged together. Alex thought to himself that "it will be all over soon" (referring to Marlena being dead soon.)

John and Abe talked about Alex. John told Abe that he wanted to kill Alex.

Hope sat in a window seat on the plane. She thought about Bo and Zack and told them goodbye.

Bo returned back to the customer service desk. He asked the customer service rep if they were any other planes he could check. He also asked where were the planes going to. The customer service rep told Bo that the planes were going to different places all over the world.

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