Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/27/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/27/06


Written By Tasha 
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie waited for Abe at the hospital while he had a follow up exam. Abe told Lexie that Dr. Gibbs thinks he will be seeing 20/20 vision very soon. Lexie suggested that she and Abe celebrate with wine and a nice fire in their fireplace. Abe became upset by Lexie's suggestion and told Lexie that fire and wine will not cure his impotence.

Billie and Chelsea were at Patrick's house. Billie and Chelsea talked about when Billie and Bo were in the hotel together the other night. Billie told Chelsea that she was going to check on Bo. Chelsea continued to tell Billie that she should break Hope and Bo apart.

Bo and Caroline were at the Brady Pub. Bo told Caroline that Hope kicked him out of their house. Caroline advised Bo to give Hope time. Bo told Caroline that he was angry with himself because he felt that Zack's death was his fault.

Shawn visited Hope at her house. Hope told Shawn that she was going away for a while. Shawn told Hope that he understood that she needs time to get away from it all. Hope thought about it, then told Shawn that she could not leave because she did not want to miss Shawn's wedding to Mimi.

Belle came to visit Marlena at Marlena's apartment. Belle held the newspaper headline about Marlena and Alex getting remarried. Belle accidently told Marlena that Shawn and Mimi could not get married, when what she meant to say was that Marlena could not marry Alex. Marlena picked up on Belle's slip and suggested that Belle was still in love with Shawn.

John arrived at the morgue and asked for Lois' medical records. While John was waiting he noticed that Alex was in the morgue talking to Lois' corpse.

Lexie tried unsuccessfully to convince Abe that his impotence was psychological. Abe told Lexie that he did not want to talk about it. Then told Lexie that he had a meeting with John, then left. Meanwhile, Tek was listening to Abe and Lexie's conversation. Tek waited until Abe left then approached Lexie.

Belle was still talking to Marlena in Marlena's apartment. Belle admitted that she was still in love with Shawn but said that she was dedicated to Phil and Claire. Belle also continued to tell Marlena that she should not marry Alex.

Meanwhile, Alex was still in the morgue talking to Lois' corpse. Alex talked to Lois' corpse about how he killed her (Lois) and how he intends to kill Marlena. John charged into the room where Lois' body was held, and grabbed Alex.

Patrick was now at his house talking to Chelsea and Billie. Patrick told Chelsea that only a judge and jury will decide Chelsea's fate. Billie asked Patrick about whether it was true that he was leaving town. Patrick told Billie that he needed to get away from everything. Chelsea told Patrick that he should find himself a new woman on the beach. Patrick asked Chelsea how did she know that he was going to the beach. Chelsea told Patrick that she just made a guess that he would go to the beach to get away from everything. After Chelsea left the room, Patrick told Billie that she needs to watch Chelsea because he believes that Chelsea was "working" Billie.

Caroline comforted Bo at the Brady Pub. Bo and Caroline talked about Chelsea and Billie. Bo said he had to spend time with Chelsea. Caroline reminded Bo that if he continued to spend time with Chelsea, Hope would think that he was talking Billie's and Chelsea' side.

Lexie told Tek to leave. Tek told Lexie that he heard Abe rejecting her and accused Abe of neglecting Lexie's sexual needs. Lexie asked Tek if Abe saw him walk into her office. Tek told Lexie that he wanted to be the man that gave her pleasure and that he wants to give her the attention that she needs. Tek kissed Lexie passionate, and Lexie kissed him back.

Shawn and Hope were still at Hope's house. Shawn told Hope that he loves Mimi a lot. Hope told Shawn not to tell Bo her plans to leave town. "Don't worry, I will be back in time for the wedding." said Hope.

Marlena and Belle were still at Marlena's apartment. Marlena urged Belle to listen to her heart when it comes to Shawn. Belle asked Marlena how could she be so right about Shawn but so wrong about not following her heart when it comes to John.

Meanwhile, John grabbed Alex in the morgue and demanded that he told him what he plans to do with Marlena. Alex playfully told John "That's is for me to know and you to find out..." John thew Alex against a wall and threatened to pull out his eye. Finally Alex said he planned to afflict pain on Marlena. John asked Alex if he killed Lois, and Alex admitted to killing Lois. Abe found John beating Alex in the morgue. Alex had a badly bruised and bloody face. John explained that Alex admitted to killing Lois and plans to kill Marlena. Abe asked Alex was this true and Alex told John that he did not have a tape recorded confession, then he told Abe that it was not true.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Billie continued to talk about Chelsea. Patrick told Billie that Chelsea was selfish. Billie told Patrick that Chelsea was selfish because she (Billie) was not there for Chelsea growing up.

Hope was still at home. She called the airline and confirmed her airline reservations. Then continued to pack her belongings for her trip.

Chelsea saw Bo at the Brady Pub. Chelsea asked Bo about setting up consultation for her defense. Bo advised Chelsae that they could wait because it would be a while before Chelsea's case was ready for trail. Chelsea told Bo that she hopes he and Hope get back together. Chelsea also told Bo that she feels bad about about what happened and knows that Hope hates her. Bo told Chelsea that he knew where Hope was coming from regarding her feelings about what happened. Shawn entered the Pub and saw Bo talking to Chelsea. "No wonder mom wants to get away..." said Shawn. Bo asked Shawn where Hope was going. "As if you care..." said Shawn. Bo go up from his seat and ran out of the Pub. Chelsea said to herself. "Dam you Shawn, Now he is gong to stop her."

Lexie smacked Tek for kissing her. Tek said he knew that she wanted him to kiss her. Tek continued to tell Lexie that Abe would not be able to satisfy Lexie and never will. Tek told Lexie that he wanted to have sex with her and that she should be honest with herself.

Chelsea was still at the Pub. Chelsea tried to talk to Shawn. She asked him if his mother was planing to leave Salem. Chelsea then told Shawn that she was prepared to take whatever punishment she would be given in court. Shawn was very upset with Chelsea and told her that all of this was her fault.

Alex, John and Abe were still in the morgue. Alex explained that the reason he was in the morgue was to tell Lois good bye one last time.

Patrick continued to talk to Billie at his house. Patrick told Billie that he was leaving Salem for good and then wished her a happy life. Billie told Patrick that he did not have to leave on account of her. Patrick told Billie that he didn't want to be the one who caused Bo and Hope to break up. Billie suggested that Patrick had feelings for Hope and accused him of running away from his feelings. Patrick walked out of the house.

Bo arrived at his house and saw that Hope was gone. Hope left a note for the maid. Bo called the airport trying to find out where Hope was going. Bo was unable to get information because he did not know what airline Hope was taking.

Meanwhile, Tek and Lexie were still in Lexie's office. Tek told Lexie that he did not want to stop kissing her and that he wanted to make love to her. Lexie and Tek began to kiss passionately and then began to make love on top of Lexie's desk.

Belle was still talking to Marlena at Marlena's apartment. Belle continued to tell Marlena that she respects the vows that she made to Phil. Marlena told Belle that she knew that she loves Phil but also knows that she loves Shawn more. Marlena urged Belle to live her life without Shawn or stop Shawn and Mimi's wedding. Marlena also told Belle that she shouldn't live a miserable life.

Chelsea returned back to Patrick's house. Chelsea asked Billie if Patrick had left. Chelsea then continued to talk to Billie about breaking up Bo and Hope. Billie thought about what Patrick said when he told her that Chelsea was "playing" her.

Bo arrived at the airport looking for Hope. Hope was sitting in a chair in the airport, and Patrick sat across the room in another chair.

Alex, John and Abe were still at the morgue. Alex told Abe that he did not confess to anything. John finally realized that Alex set him up to come to the morgue and overhear him talking to Lois' corpse. Alex immediately told Abe that he wanted to press charges against John. Alex then prepared to leave. Before he left he told John that he could not wait to see Marlena in the wedding dress and especially could not wait to see her take off the wedding dress. After Alex left, John continued to tell Abe about Alex's intention to kill Marlena. John told Abe " I will protect Marlena even if it means that I have to die..."

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