Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/24/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/24/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Mimi are in their apartment. Mimi is saying that they have so much to do and won’t be ready. Shawn says that somehow they will get it all done. Shawn is working on some lists Mimi gave him and she says she needs addresses for out of town family members. They start having a little argument about Mimi not having the addresses for Shawn’s out of town relatives and Bonnie rushes in, wondering what they are arguing about

Belle meets her father at the Brady Pub. She shows the paper where the announcement for Marlena and Alex’s wedding is. She questions her dad about it and he says that’s what it says. Belle says this can’t happen and they need to stop it

Marlena walks over to Alex. They are at the penthouse. She asks him if he’s ok. He took a bad fall when John hit him and hit his head. She hands him a glass of water. Alex says that he’s fine because he has a very hard head and he’s survived another attack from her ex. Marlena says that John’s been so goofy and she doesn’t know what he’ll do next. Alex tells her not to worry about it because he can take care of himself and he won’t let anything or anyone take him away from her. Marlena says that’s good because she doesn’t know what she would do. Alex asks if they can change the subject to planning their marriage and then he taking her away from John and everything else here on a second honeymoon. He says that Marlena will enjoy it. The doorbell rings. They question if it’s John and Alex says it’s not. Alex gets the door and a woman runs in and over to Marlena, giving her a big hug. Marlena is confused and asks if she knows this woman. The woman asks if she’s aged that much

Chelsea walks up to the Deveraux’s front door with a bouquet of flowers in her hand. She pauses, flashback of Patrick talking about going to Morgan Island. Coming out, Chelsea tells herself that this is perfect and if she can get Hope there, all her problems are over. Chelsea knocks on the door and then opens it, entering. Abby comes down the stairs, telling Chelsea that she told her not to knock and that she’s staying there. Chelsea says that she knows, but feels bad just walking in. Abby asks Chelsea where her clothes are and that she thought she was going to Patrick’s to get them. Chelsea says that she decided not to bother and that she can live without them. Abby tells her that she finds that very hard to believe (that Chelsea can live without her clothes and shoes). Chelsea says that she didn’t want to see Patrick and she doesn’t think she can ever see him. Abby tells her that he didn’t mean to hurt her, but Chelsea whines about how he turned her into the police, ratted her out to Hope, and made a horrible situation worse. Abby asks Chelsea if she was really going to let Billie go to jail. Chelsea says that Billie wouldn’t have gone to jail, as opposed to her and that all Patrick was doing was trying to score points with Hope. Abby thinks that Patrick was only interested in Billie, but Chelsea says that Hope’s been the one he’s had the hots for. Abby tells Chelsea she remembers when Chelsea thought Patrick was dying for him. Chelsea asks where Jennifer and Frankie are and Abby says that they went to the store and then will probably go see Hope. Abby asks what the flowers are for and Chelsea says that they are for Hope. She was thinking about going over to talk to her. Abby says that’s a good idea and should go over there, she is Chelsea’s stepmom. Chelsea says that she’s her stepmom that wishes she had never been born and hates her guts. Abby says to just go over and talk to her. Chelsea says that she would love to talk to Hope, but she doesn’t want anything to do with her and wants Chelsea to go to jail. Abby says that Hope is still upset about losing her little boy and isn’t herself. She tells Chelsea that they both know how it is to lose someone that you love. Chelsea agrees and whines about how she lost Zack too, but Hope acts like she did this on purpose, but she really didn’t. Chelsea says that she would give anything to take it back but Hope doesn’t believe her and never will

Bo calls his house. The answering machine comes on. Bo leaves a message asking Hope to pick up. Hope is cuddling Zack’s bear and listening to the machine with tears in her eyes as Bo begs her to answer

Bonnie tells Mimi that pushing the wedding date up isn’t a bad idea. Mimi says that there is so much to do. Shawn says that he and Mimi are both feeling a little rushed. Bonnie says that they both have been taking on so much and she has the perfect idea. From now on, just let her (Bonnie) and Kate’s checkbook take over and don’t worry about raising a finger until they need to put the rings on each other. Bonnie is all dressed up. Mimi asks why she’s all dressed up, the wedding isn’t today. They talk about how Mimi’s glad Bonnie’s not taking advantage of Kate’s offer. Someone knocks on the door and Mimi goes to answer it while Shawn and Bonnie talk (about how Bonnie looks). Opening the door, it’s Patrick. Mimi is happy to see her brother and asks what he’s doing there. Patrick says he’s come to say goodbye

Hope continues listening to the message, saying that she needs to give him a chance to explain and they need each other. Bo says he needs her right now and to please give him a call. He hangs up and Hope continues to cry

Abby tells Chelsea not to cry. Bo knows that it was an accident. Chelsea says that she knows, but because of her, he and Hope aren’t talking. Abby says it’s not Chelsea’s fault and Chelsea says it is. That Hope wants Bo to disown her and send her to jail; even Frankie thinks that will happen. Unless Hope can find a way to forgive her. Abby says they’ll have to make sure she does. Chelsea asks how. Abby says the flowers are a good start and she needs to go talk to her. Chelsea says she can’t. Abby suggests that she will take the flowers over and talk to Hope, telling her how sorry Chelsea is and then maybe she’ll agree to talk to her. Chelsea asks Abby if she would really do that for her and Abby says she will, that Chelsea doesn’t deserve to be in jail. Chelsea hugs Abby, saying she’s the greatest friend ever and she really appreciates it. Chelsea says this probably won’t work, but Abby says that it will and Hope will forgive her. She will get time to figure things out and know that it was an accident. Chelsea tells Abby that she was going to suggest to Hope some time to get away. Abby asks where and Chelsea says it would have to be someplace quiet and alone. She tells Abby all about Morgan Island and that she thinks Hope could start to heal there and let go some of her anger and maybe when she came back, she would be in a more forgiving mood. Abby says that it would do her good to get away and Abby says she’ll tell her about it (because Chelsea says that she wouldn’t listen to her). Chelsea hugs Abby again and Abby leaves with the flowers to go to Hope’s. Once gone, Chelsea says to herself that she never thought it would be that easy

Belle and John talk about how they are worried about Marlena and they need to get Alex away from her. John says that whenever he tries to do something, it gets twisted around and he gets blamed as the bad guy. Belle says that she did hear about him getting arrested for Lois’ death. John says he went there to get the truth but Alex was the one that shut her up. Belle is confused and asks John what he means by Alex being responsible for Lois’ suicide. John says that Lois didn’t commit suicide, but rather Alex murdered her and staged it as a suicide. Belle says that she didn’t know Alex was a killer and John says that that is a fact and the worse part is, he doesn’t think Lois was his last victim, but rather Marlena could be next

The woman in Marlena’s place exclaims how she thought amnesia only happened on soaps. Marlena says she guess not. The woman says then it wouldn’t mean anything to her if she said that Eugene misses her and wanted to be here. Marlena says she doesn’t remember Eugene. The woman tells Marlena that she will snap out of it any minute now. Marlena is confused as to why Calliope is there. Alex says that he hired Calliope as their wedding planner. He knew of her and what she does, but he didn’t know that she was a former Salemite let alone Marlena’s friend. Calliope says that she could tell Marlena a bunch of stories, and Marlena says that she would like that. They start to get in a story, but Alex interrupts saying that he has a few errands to run, so he’ll leave the ladies to talk about old times and discuss the wedding. Marlena asks him if he really has to leave and Alex says that he has something to do but Marlena will be fine with Calliope. He gives her a kiss, says he’ll be back soon, and then leaves. Calliope asks Marlena who Alex is and what is she doing with him. Marlena says that Alex is her husband, but Calliope says that she knows all of Marlena’s husbands and he isn’t one of them. Marlena says that she is going to spend the rest of her life with him. Calliope is surprised

Patrick comes inside as Mimi asks him what he means by goodbye. Patrick says he’s leaving Salem, but he doesn’t know where he’s going to end up. Mimi says this is crazy. Bonnie says that Patrick was like his daddy, never wanting to stay in one place for very long. Bonnie says that she knew about Patrick leaving, and tried to talk him out of it. Mimi asks why Bonnie didn’t say anything to her, and Bonnie says that she didn’t want to say anything because she knew Mimi had a lot going on with the wedding. Patrick says that it’s time for him to move on. Mimi questions if it’s about what happened with Billie and Patrick says it’s because of a lot of things. Mimi asks what and Shawn says that if he wants to move on, let him and maybe it’s for the best. Mimi is surprised. Shawn says that Patrick did work for DiMera and Mimi brings up the fact that he did save Bo and Hope’s lives. Patrick says that he knows why Shawn doesn’t trust him, Bo doesn’t trust him either, and that he’s leaving. Mimi is upset that Patrick isn’t saying for her wedding. They hug and Patrick wishes her and Shawn the best of luck

Bo is at the Brady Pub. He just finished talking on his cell and hangs up as a waitress pours him a cup of coffee. He has a flashback to Hope kicking him out. Coming out, Bo tells himself that he’s going to make things right with Fancy Face

Chelsea is pacing around the Deveraux house saying that she needs to get her dad on her side and back with her mom and that’s only going to happen if Hope’s out of the picture and off somewhere with Patrick. She says that Abby has to come through for her

Hope walks into her living room and sits on the couch. The doorbell rings and she says she hopes it’s not Bo. The doorbell rings again and she hears Abby outside. She goes to the door and opens it, hugging Abby. Abby tells her that she wanted to come see her and give her the flowers. Hope takes the flowers, saying they are beautiful and hugs Abby again, thanking her for them. Abby tells her they are actually from Chelsea, as a peace offering. Abby says that Chelsea is really sorry and feels terrible for what happened. Hope asks if the flowers are to make up for killing her son and she tosses them in the basket

John tells Belle that Marlena’s life isn’t in danger at the moment (by Belle’s question) and that Alex plans on going on with this wedding and taking her away on a honeymoon, which is probably when he will do something to her. Belle says they can’t let this happen. John says that if he has his way, which he always does, the wedding won’t happen. Belle asks how he’s going to see to that and John replies by saying that he needs to prove Alex killed Lois. Belle says that could take forever and he should just go over and talk to Marlena. John says that Marlena doesn’t trust her and that the whole situation has been twisted around to make John look like the crazy one so they need to be patient and chill out until he can get the goods on North. Belle suggests that maybe she can help. John tells Belle that she can help by not worrying about Marlena because he won’t let anything happen to her. Belle tells her dad to be careful and they hug, exchanging I love yous. Belle leaves. John gets ready to leave, but stops when he sees Bo. John sits down, asking how he’s doing. Bo says he’s been better. John asks Bo for some help

Calliope says that Marlena has to be kidding and that she can’t believe that Marlena chose Alex over John. Calliope tells Marlena that her and John (well first she says Roman, but then corrects herself, saying she can’t get used to calling him that) were very much in love. Marlena says that she doesn’t remember that and the John she knows now isn’t the one who she wants to be with. Calliope asks if John’s not cute anymore and Marlena says that John scares her. Calliope asks how. Marlena says that John is obsessed with her. Calliope asks how that’s a bad thing and Marlena says it’s because it’s turned violent a few times and something really bad happened. Calliope says that John is probably just provoked by Alex and it can’t be easy for John to see her with another man. Marlena asks Calliope if John sent her here and if so, she needs to leave and never come back. Calliope is shocked and says that that was so cold

John gets a cup of coffee and says he wouldn’t be asking anything of Bo if it wasn’t important. Bo questions him about his arrest. John says he needs help in clearing his name and gets the goods on North. He says that Alex is up to something with Marlena and Lois knew about it and so he murdered her and tried to pin it on John

Alex walks into the morgue, looking at a chart and walking over to pull Lois out of the freeze wall. He pulls the blanket off of her face, saying that he hopes he’s not catching her at a bad time, but they need to talk

Bonnie says that Patrick will be back in Salem in no time and asks everyone to grab a fork and follow her. She has a bunch of food for them to sample. Mimi reminds Bonnie how they don’t want anything big. Patrick helps Bonnie get everything ready and Bonnie says that a big wedding to celebrate is what everyone needs. She says that you only get married once so you need to make it big (that is unless you have bad luck like her). Bonnie says that she wanted this to be a surprise, but she hired a wedding planner and she should be here any minute. Shawn and Mimi are both surprised. Bonnie insists that they both start sampling the food and she digs into it herself. Shawn asks Bonnie if she should be eating all this and Bonnie says she has a clean bill of health. Patrick asks Bonnie what happened with her heart and Bonnie says that they just had a little scare. Shawn says that has to be going to check in with his mom, but he’s sure that Mimi, Bonnie, and the wedding planner will do great. Patrick asks Shawn to give his best to Hope. Mimi says that if he wants to postpone this, she’ll understand, but Shawn says no, he wants to marry her. They kiss, Shawn thanks Bonnie, and leaves

Hope tells Abby that if Chelsea sent her here to plead her case, she’s wasting her time. Abby takes the flowers out of the basket and sits down next to Hope. She tells Hope that Chelsea is really sorry but was afraid to come here. Hope says that she’s sure she’s afraid, very afraid of going to jail and she should be. Hope says that she’s lost her son and she can never get him back. Abby apologizes, saying that she’s sorry for making her upset. Hope says that it’s not Abby’s fault, but she would like to talk about something else other than Chelsea. Abby says that Chelsea’s not the whole reason why she came over, she wanted to see how Hope was doing, if there was anything she needs. Hope says that’s very sweet of her, especially since she knows she’s still grieving for Jack. Abby says that she misses Jack but she knows that losing a child is so much worse than losing a parent. Abby suggests that Hope get away for some time. Hope tells Abby she was thinking of the same thing. Abby brings up Morgan Island, telling her it’s very peaceful and she should check into it. Hope says she will and thanks Abby

Calliope tells Marlena that John didn’t send her, Alex was the one that called her and she’s very sorry if she upset her. She just is having a hard time knowing that John isn’t the love of her life. Marlena says that Alex is the love of her life and wouldn’t like it if someone was telling Marlena to go back to John as Alex walked in. She tells Marlena she was hired as her wedding planner and that’s exactly what she’s going to do. Calliope also mentions that she has another appointment, but has brought over some books. She promises they won’t mention ‘you-know-who’ any more (but she has her fingers crossed behind her back). She goes to give Marlena a hug, but Marlena backs away. So Calliope leaves saying she’ll call to set up a time. Marlena is very confused

Bo tells John that’s he’s on leave from the force so he can’t help. He tells John that his number one priority is getting his family back together and working things out with Hope. John says that he understands and that family comes first, that’s why he’s got to get Marlena away from Alex. Bo says that he wishes he could help John out. John says that he knows Bo has his own issues to deal with and he’ll get Marlena away from Alex his way, one way or another

Alex is talking to Lois, saying that he does know she’s dead as he put her there. He tells Lois he didn’t want to have to do that to her but she had left him no choice. He had said way too much to John, even though it wasn’t completely Lois’ entire fault, as John injected her with truth serum. But he tells her that now he knows Lois won’t be able to say anything else and no one will know the truth until it’s too late and Marlena has already paid the price

Patrick and Mimi hug, Patrick is about to leave. He tells Mimi that he wants her to be happy. Mimi makes him promise that he will stay in touch, and he does. Patrick says goodbye to his mom, but Bonnie says that it’s not goodbye and he will be back soon. Bonnie hugs her son and Patrick leaves. Mimi says that she can’t believe he’s leaving and Bonnie says that she can’t believe Mimi suggested postponing the wedding again. Mimi says she’s sorry but she’s so torn about not telling him that he’s the father of Belle’s baby. Bonnie says that if she tells, she will destroy any chance she has at being happy and will send her mother to an early grave. The doorbell rings, it’s the wedding planner. Bonnie goes to answer it and it’s Calliope. They introduce each other and Bonnie and Calliope both exclaim at the same time how they love each other’s outfit and hug. Bonnie tells Mimi that with Calliope here, what could go wrong. Mimi smiles, but it’s a worried smile

Outside of Mimi’s place, Patrick is on his cell phone, making a plane reservation. He says that it’s for a one way trip and he won’t be coming back

Abby returns home and Chelsea comes out, saying that it was fast. Abby says that Hope wasn’t up for company. Chelsea asks Abby if she actually say Hope and gave her the flowers. Abby says that she did, but Chelsea says that by the look on her face, Hope wasn’t exactly thrilled. Chelsea sighs, saying that Hope won’t be able to forgive her. Abby says that it’s too soon but maybe if she gets away like Chelsea suggested, she’ll have time to think it over. Chelsea asks Abby if she mentioned Morgan Island to her and Abby says that she did and that she liked the idea and she may look into it. Chelsea says that it’s great and makes sure that Abby didn’t tell her it was her idea. Abby says she didn’t. Then Chelsea brings up how they shouldn’t tell anyone about her plan because if Bo finds out, he might try to stop her. Abby says she won’t tell anyone, but she doesn’t even think Hope will go and walks away. Chelsea thinks to herself that Hope better go because her (Chelsea) parents being together is riding on it and so is the rest of her life

At her home, Hope is looking at a picture frame square. The door opens and it’s Shawn. Hope is relieved that it’s him and not Bo. Shawn sits down next to Hope and they hug. Shawn asks how she’s doing and Hope says that she’s thinking about going away for awhile and that being in the house is too sad. She misses Zack too much and everywhere she turns, she sees him, Bo, and the happy family that will never be again. She tells Shawn that she needs to get away and Shawn says that if that’s what she needs to do then she should. Hope says she can’t be in the house alone for another night. Shawn invites her to stay with him and Mimi. Hope thanks him but turns it down. Shawn asks where she’s going to go and Hope tells Shawn that she heard about Morgan Island and she might go there because it’s quiet and remote

Marlena walks over to the door. Peeking she sees Belle. Belle is holding the paper. Marlena says that Belle is upset and asks what’s wrong. Belle says that she saw the wedding in the paper and it can not happen

John asks Bo if he’s had any luck getting through to Hope. Bo says that he hasn’t and it’s taking a long time but he won’t give up. Bo then asks John how he’s going to prove to Marlena that Alex is a murderer. John’s cell rings and he tells Bo that with any luck, this phone call could prove it. Answering his phone, he says it’s good news and he’ll be right down. He hangs up and tells Bo that they have the autopsy reports and with any luck, they’ll be able to prove that Lois was murdered and didn’t commit suicide. John and Bo wish each other luck

Alex tells Lois that she knows she wishes it was Marlena here instead of her, but maybe she’ll rest easier knowing it’s only a matter of time before…he pauses and then says that they’ll just say that what’s going to happen to Marlena would have made her very happy and he’s just very sorry that she (Lois) won’t be around to enjoy it

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