Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/23/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/23/06


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Shawn saw Mimi in the Brady dress. Bonnie told Kate & Mimi that she could tell that Shawn loved the woman who was wearing that dress. Unknowing that Shawn was visualizing Belle in the Brady dress and not Mimi.

John came to Marlena's apartment. John saw Marlena in her wedding dress that Alex bought her. John told Marlena he wanted to make sure that she was not Alex's next murder victim. Marlena told John that she did not believe Alex would kill her because he was her protector. Marlena said that Alex had the gown specially designed for her. Alex stood at the top of the stairway watching John and Marlena talking.

Chelsea came back to Patrick's house. Patrick asked Chelsea what she was doing there and told her to get out. Chelsea said that she just came back to get the rest of her belongings. Patrick told Chelsea that he believes he did the right thing by telling the truth about who really killed Zack. Patrick also told Chelsea that he was leaving Salem.

Bo held Billie in his arms in the hotel, and was dreaming of making love to Hope. Hope and Jennifer walked up to hotel room # 4, the room that Bo and Billie were in. The door was already cracked open so, Hope opened the door and saw Billie and Bo holding each other in bed. Hope walked away looking very upset. Jennifer asked Hope what was wrong and then opened the door to see Bo and Billie holding each other. "Oh my gosh Hope I am sorry..." cried Jennifer. Hope looked inside the room again and heard Billie saying "Make love to me again Bo..." and was holding Bo tight. Jennifer and Hope left "I had enough..." cried Hope. Billie got up after Hope and Jennifer left and wrapped herself into a sheet. Then closed the hotel room shut after Hope and Jennifer left. Billie had flashbacks of her conversation with Chelsea earlier, and when Chelsea told her about Hope coming to the hotel.

Patrick told Chelsea about Bo verbally abusing him when he saw Patrick comforting Hope at Hope and Bo's house. Patrick told Chelsea that he was leaving Salem because he did not want to be the reason Bo and Hope broke up. Chelsea told Patrick that Hope needed him.

Hope and Jennifer arrived back at Jennifer's house. Jennifer said she was sorry that she brought Hope to see Bo at the hotel.

Billie thought about what she had done and thought to herself "Oh my God what Have I done?"

John told Marlena that Alex order her wedding dress to be designed the exact same way as the dress that she wore to her wedding to John. Marlena looked into the mirror and had memories of her wedding to John and of wearing a dress that looked exactly the same.. Marlena turned to John and told him that she was going to respect her marriage vows to Alex and not John.

Kate told Mimi to not have second thoughts about her happiness with Shawn, and advised her to be with the man that she loves.

Belle and Shawn were standing outside of Mimi and Shawn's apartment. Belle told Shawn that she wished Claire was his daughter. Shawn told Belle that he would always love Claire as if she is his own.

Alex finally walked down the Marlena's stairs. John asked Alex the reason he ordered Marlena's wedding dress to be designed the same exact as the dress that Marlena wore to her wedding with John. Alex told John that he assumes that the designer must have thought that Marlena was going to get remarried to John instead of Alex. Marlena said that she loves Alex and wanted to reconfirm her marriage to Alex. Alex told John to leave. John and Alex began to argue. John hit Alex, knocking him onto the floor. Marlena cried and asked John the reason he did that. Marlena told John to leave.

Patrick visited Bonnie at her apartment. Patrick told Bonnie that he was going to leave Salem because he did not want to be the reason that Bo and Hope broke up. Bonnie told Patrick he should stay and let Hope cry on his shoulder. "Hope is prefect for you.." said Bonnie.

Billie and Chelsea met in a local restaurant. Chelsea told Billie that she saw Patrick. Chelsea quickly changed the subject and asked Billie about what happened with Bo. Billie told Chelsea that at she unlocked the hotel room and made sure that Hope saw her and Bo in bed together. Chelsea told Billie that she felt better because she wants to have Bo on her side. Billie became upset "When two people love each other like Bo and Hope they find themselves back together...." said Billie. Chelsea told Billie that Bo will want to be with Billie when Hope leaves him for good. Billie continued to tell Chelsea that Bo and Hope were soul-mates and will find themselves back together again. "I am afraid of prison. I don't know what they are going to do to me there." cried Chelsea. Chelsea told Billie that Hope wants to see her suffer for Zack's death.

Hope and Jennifer were still at Jennifer's house. Hope and Jennifer drank tea and Hope told Jennifer that she and Bo were through for good. "I keep hearing her voice: Bo make love to me again." said Hope. "My husband has decided to stay with his daughter's mother. He has chosen Chelsea and Billie over me..I lost him to Billie forever..." cried Hope. Jennifer and Hope heard someone driving into the driveway. It was Bo. Hope ran to the kitchen so she would not see Bo. Bo opened Jennifer's door asking to speak with Hope. Jennifer told Bo that he could not see Hope.

Shawn and Belle continued to talk in the hallway. Shawn said that he felt committed to Clarie, but continued to remind Belle that Claire was not his daughter.

Mimi and Kate were still talking in Mimi's and Shawn's apartment. They talked about not telling Shawn the truth. Kate reminded Mimi that this was her first chance at happiness. "Sometimes a lie can be your best friends." said Kate. Kate asked Mimi if she wanted to have a future filled with promise or tell the truth and be miserable for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn continued to argue about whether they should be together. "The three of us could never be a family..." said Shawn.

Alex held Marlena and told her he wanted to take her on a nice honeymoon: Somewhere where John could not hurt Marlena. Meanwhile, John was pressing for the elevator in the hallway. John told himself that he would get Marlena away from Alex if that was the last thing that he ever did.
Bonnie and Patrick were still at Bonnie's place. Bonnie continued to try to convince Patrick to pursue his interest in Hope. "Why won't my kids ever listen to me. I am going to do whatever I can to make sure Patrick and Mimi are happy." Bonnie said to herself.

Chelsea and Billie were still at the restaurant. Chelsea told Billie that Patrick was leaving leaving Salem. "I just want Bo to be mad at Hope long enough to keep you out of prison." said Billie. Chelsea thought about a way to get Hope to Morgan Island (Morgan Island is where Patrick plans to go to after leaving Salem.)

Hope left Jennifer's house through the back door, got into her car and drove off. Bo left from the front door and called Hope's name as she drove off "Hope!"

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