Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/22/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/22/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Bonnie came to visit Shawn and Mimi at their apartment. Bonnie wanted to plan for Shawn and Mimi's wedding. Shawn said he would leave the apartment for a while so they could plan for the wedding.

Both Shawn and Belle were leaving their apartments at the same time, and both saw each other as they were leaving their apartments. Mimi talked to Bonnie about Belle and Shawn talking on the roof and that Belle told Shawn that she still loves him. "What?" asked Bonnie. Bonnie advised Mimi that they needed damage control and that Mimi and Shawn needed to get married as soon as possible.

Shawn and Belle were on the roof talking. Shawn told Belle that he felt guilty about their conversation on the roof top. Belle told him she is glad she ran into him because she made an important decision.

Kate visited John in jail. Kate asked John what happened. John said that Alex framed him for Lois' death

Marlena and Alex were at Marlena's apartment. They talked about Lois' death. Alex said he felt that he failed Lois. Marlena said that it was John's fault because he gave Lois the truth serum.

Jennifer and Frankie were at Jennifer's house. Jeniffer told Frankie that she did not like the idea of Chelsea staying at her house especially since Zack's death. Chelsea walked down the starirs. Jennifer asked Chelsse if she slept okay. Chelsea said No, but thanked her for letting her stay becasue she did not want to stay in the same house as Patrick after he turned hrr in. Chelsea told Jennifer that she would have to live with what she did for the rest of her life. Jennifer looked out her window and saw Hope driving into her driveway. Jenifer told Frankie and Chelsea to talk in the kitchen because she did not want Hope to see Chelsea. Frankie and Chelsea went into the kitchen to discuss Chelsea's case. Jennifer greeted Hope and asked her how she was doing as she walked her into the house. Jennifer asked Hope if she and Bo worked things out. Hope told Jenifer that she put Bo out of the house. "He is gone..." said Hope.

Bo was sleeping in a bed in a local hotel. Billie brought Bo to the hotel so he could get some rest. Billie watched Bo sleep from a chair across the roo. Bo said in his sleep that he loved Hope.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Frankie were still talking in Jennifer's kitchen. Chelsea asked Frankie about what kind of sentence would she get. Frankie told Chelsea that it could be serious jail time, especially if the judge wants to do right by the family. Chelsea asked Frankie what if Bo took her side would it make her sentence any less. Frankie told Chelsea that he did not think that Bo would take her side over Hope's.

Jennifer and Hope were still talking in Jennifer's livingroom. Jennifer told Hope she could n't believe that Hope through Bo out of the house. Hope talked about how Bo verbally atacked Patrick when he busted into their house. Hope told Jennifer that Bo lost her the minute that he lied to her about his involment in Zack's death. Hope told Jennifer that she did not believe that she and Bo would ever get back together.

Kate showed John the headline on the local newspaper.

Belle and Shawn continued to talk. Belle told Shawn that she needs to tell Phil that she still loves him (Shawn). Shawn told Belle that they had no future. Belle said that she woudl not live like this anymore.

Chelsea called Billie and tried to talk to her about splitting Bo and Hope apart. Billie told Chelsea that she and Bo were together at a hotel. Billie said that Bo was drunk and needed a place to sleep. Chelsea was happy to her that Billie and Bo got a hotel room. Chelsea told Billie that this was her opportunity to be with the man she loved and to give Chelsea the family that she deserves.

Jennifer tried to conviencs. Hope to take Bo back. "He loves you. He never meant to hurt you." said Jennifer. Jennifer pleaded with Hope to forgive her. Hope recieved a phone call from a police officer from the unit named Penny. Penny told Hope about Bo being in a fight and a woman helping Bo and bringing him home. After the phone call, Hope told Jennifer about the Bo being in a bar fight. and was taken home by a woman. "I think you can guess who it was." said Hope

Alex showed Marlena the headline in the local paper which had an article about Alex and Marlena getting married. Alex told Marlena that he loved her and that he had another surprise for her.

John and Kate also read the headline in the local paper about Marlena and Alex getting remarried. John told Kate that Alex was going to take Marlena away and kill her. Frankie arrived and talked to John who was still in jail. Kate left while Frankie and John talked about John's bail. Frankie explained that there would be a hitch regarding John's bail.

Caroline brought the Brady dress over to Mimi and Shawn's apartment. Mimi tried on the dress.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle, walked in and saw Mimi wearing the Brady wedding dress.

Hope told Jennifer that she could not believe that Bo was out in a bar with Billie. "She can have him." said Billie. Chelsea listened to Hope and Jennifer's conversation from the kitchen. Jennnifer told Hope to talk to Bo. Hope got a call from a credit card company inquiring about a charge to the Patrkway Budget Hotel. After the call Hope told Jennifer that Bo was at the hotel and she told Jennifer that she thought Bo was at the hotel with Billie. Jennifer inisted that Bo was alone i the hotel and told Hope that to go to the Parkway Hotel and talk to Bo herself. Chelsea was still listening to their conversation from the kitchen "Oh my God, how prefect is thiat.": Chelsea said to hereelf

Billie got another phone call from Chlesea. Chelsea explained that Hope found out what hotel Bo was at and was on her way to the hotel. Chelsea told Billie that she should get in the bed with Bo and make it look like they were sleeping together. That way, when Hope sees Billie and Bo in the bed together she will be upset and will never want Bo back.

The guard in the jail released John.

Alex brought Marlena a huge box. Inside the box was Marlena's wedding dress that she wore with Alex at their wedding. Alex told Marlena that she could get the dress refitted. "its so beautiful. Thank you." said Marlena

Belle walked out of Mimi's and Shawn's apartment looking very upset after seeing Mimi in the Brady dress. Caroline went to talk to Belle who had ran up to the roof. Kate was on her way to the apartment and decided to walk into the apartment to talk to Mimi and Bonnie. Shawn was still outside in the hall way. Mimi told Kate that Belle told Shawn that she was still in love with him.

Caroline met Belle on the rooftop. Belle told Caroline that she told Shawn that she was still in love with him Belle also told Caroline that Shawn told her that they could not be together. Caroline told Belle that what Shawn said was true. "You have to accept its over and your future wiht Phil." Caroline told Belle to let Shawn go.

Mimi, Bonnie and Kate were still talking in Mimi's apartment. Mimi expalined to Kate how she spied on Belle and Shawn talking on the rooftop overheard Belle tell Shawn that she was still in love iwth him. Kate insisted that they had to move the wdding forward. Mimi said "But...." Bonnie said "No!" Kate and Bonnie advised Mimi that what Shawn does not know won't hurt him. Just then Shawn walked into the apartment, looking almost in shock.

Caroline and Belle were still on the roof. Caroline advised Belle that she should respect her marriage to Phil.

Meanwhile, Shawn just stood in amazement staring at Mimi. But what he was actually visualizing was Belle in the wedding dress that Mimi was wearing insist of Mimi. "Wow you look beautiful." said Shawn. Bonnie told Mimi that she could tell how much Shawn loves her based on how he just looked her. (unkknowing that Shawn was really visualizing Belle in the Brady dress and not Mimi)

John walked into Marlena's apartment and saw her in the wedding dress. Marlena told John to leave her apartment. Alex at the top of the stairs watching Marlenna and John talking. "This is shaping up to be better than I had planned." thought Alex.

Billie cracked open the hotel room door then took off all of her clothing then got into the bed with Bo who was still asleep. "God forgive me..." said Billie as she got into bed with Bo. Bo fantaszied that it was Hope getting into bed with hiim. Bo rolled over and held Billie. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Hope walked up to room #4 which was the room Bilie wand Bo were laying in bed in. Hope opneed the door and saw Billie and Bo in bed holding each other.

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