Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/21/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/21/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Sami prepared a romantic dinner with candlelight for Austin.

Phil asked Mimi if she had seen Belle because she got up from bed in the middle of the night. Mimi had flashbacks of when she heard Belle tell Shawn on the roof top that she was still in love with him.

Belle and Shawn were still on the roof top. Belle told Shawn that she was living a lie and wanted to tell Phil the truth about her still being in love with Shawn.

Bo was at Zack's grave drinking alchol. It was raining. Billie walked up to Bo from behind him. Bo was standing there looking at Zack's grave. Billie then walked in front of Bo and said to him "Thank God I found you." Bo began to talk to Billie about Zack's death and how it still felt unreal. Bo got down on his knees and cried. "Why did this have to happen. Why my little boy had to die?"

Kate met with Austin in a restaurant. Kate told Austin that she loves him but she did not think that he could make things right with Carrie. Kate and Austin talked about how Carrie's company was her life after her marriage to Mike failed. Austin told Kate that he loves Carrie and wants her to forgive him. Kate had flashbacks of when Lucas told her in a recently conversation that Kate would never see Will again if she continues to push Austin and Carrie together.

Lucas opened Sami's apartment door while she was preparing for her romantic dinner with Austin. Sami thought it was Austin. So Sami kissed Lucas as soon as the door was opened. Sami and Lucas had a passionate kiss. Carrie passed by Sami's door and caught some of what happened. Sami told Carrie that she did not have feelings for Lucas anymore. Lucas called Sami a sex starved manic. Lucas told Sami that the only reason he opened her apartment door was to talk to her about Wil. .Sami asked him to tell her what he had to say about Will. Lucas told Sami that he didn't want to talk about it and decided that he should leave. Carrie decided to stay and talk to Sami. Lucas stood outside the door with Sami's front door cracked so he could hear their conversation.Lucas had flashbacks of his kiss with Sami. Meanwhile, Carrie tried to tell Sami that Sami was still in love with Lucas. Sami told Carrie that she and Lucas was through. Sami told Carrie that she wanted a husband. Carrie told Sami that she also wanted to have a husband and children.

Mimi asked Phil the reason he thought that Belle and Shawn would be together. Phil asked Belle where was Shawn

Shawn told Belle not to tell Phil she do not love him anymore. "The two of you have a beautiful daughter. Everything will turn out the way it is supposed to." said Shawn. Shawn also told Belle that they will never be together anymore. Belle told Shawn that she could not accept that he and her never had a chance to be together.

Billie comforted Bo while he was crying at Zack's grave. "My little boy....its my fault my son is dead...." cried Bo. Billie told Bo that there was no way that anyone could foreseen that this would happen. Bo told Billie that Hope kept telling him that Chelsea needed to complete her driving lessons before she should go out on the road again. Bo told Billie that he did not deserve Hope's love and that he should be alone for the rest of his life. Bo cradled Zack's grave as he continued to cry. Billie continued to hold him.

Kate and Austin were at a local restaurant. Kate told Austin the she did not think he had a chance with Carrie. "You need to focus on your company. You need to make sure Austin and company are in order. Think of how miserable you would be if all of your work went down the drained." said Kate. .Austin told Kate that he was afraid that he would loose Carrie to Lucas.

Carrie and Sami were at Sami's apartment. Carrie told Sami that she wanted her to be happy. Sami said that she was not like her. She did not want a career. "All I ever wanted was to get married and have children. I wanted a guy to love me I feel this chance with Austin is my last hope..." said Sami. Carrie asked Sami if she felt afraid to get back with Lucas because she did not want to get hurt. Meanwhile, Lucas was listening at the door and told himself that he did not want Sami back. "The only man that I want is Austin." said Sami.

Phil asked Mimi if Shawn was in his room. Mimi lied and told Phil that Shawn was in his room, when in fact she knew that he was on the roof with Belle. Phil walked towards Shawn's room to wake him up. Mimi stopped Phil and told him not to "wake" Shawn up.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle were still on the rooftop talking. Shawn told Belle to accept that he was getting married to Mimi. Shawn told Belle that he and Belle were over. "You and Phil are a family." said Shawn. Belle talked about wanting Shawn and her having the same dream, when Zack said that they were meant to be. "Life don't happen the way we would like it to Look at Zack." said Shawn. Shawn told Belle to move on. Belle told Shawn that she did not want to move on.

Billie and Bo knelled at Zack's grave and rearranged the flowers that were scattered because Bo was laying on Zack's grave. Bo had flashbacks about the times he had with Zack, Hope and Shawn as a family. "We were so happy. nothing will ever be the same." said Bo. Billie watched as Bo continued to place the flowers on Zack's grave.

Austin and Kate were still a the restaurant. Austin told Kate that he will try to get Carrie back. Austin and Kate then began to talk about how happy Phil was. Kate told Austin that nothing would disrupt Phil's happiness. Austin finally left. Kate told herself: "One of my sons is going to get his heart broken. And I am afraid that it is going to be you Austin. "

Sami told Carrie that Austin forgave her and Lucas could not forgiven her and this is the reason she wants to be with Austin and not Lucas. Sami told Carrie that Lucas was stubborn and vindictive."If Austin thinks he still has a chance with you he couldn't consider being with me." said Sami. Carrie told Sami that she did not want to stand in between her being happy. Carrie told Sami to pursue her interest in Austin if that was what she wanted. Carrie told Sami that she wanted to leave before Austin got back to Sami's apartment.Carrie told Sami to enjoy her dinner. Lucas was waiting outside of Sami's door when she left. Carrie told Lucas that she was sorry that she thought he and Sami still had "sparks" between them. Lucas started talking about Carrie about how he wanted to have more children. Carrie told Lucas that she did not know that he wanted more children. Austin arrived on of the elevator as Lucas and Carrie were talking. Austin said hello to Carrie. Carrie responded by saying "Austin." Sami immediately opened the door. Austin walked into Sami's apartment. Austin talked about seeing Carrie and Lucas in the hallway. Sami told Austin that she spoke to Carrie about him. Sami told Austin that Carrie did not want to have anything to do with him. "I am sorry." said Sami.

Mimi told Phil not to go onto the roof. Phil told Mimi that he would go to check for Belle on the roof anyway. Just when Phil opened the door to Mimi's apartment to leave, he saw Belle walking to their apartment in her robe. Phil made a comment about Shawn sleeping through all of Phil knocking on Mimi's and Shawn's door and then talking loud in their apartment. Just then, Shawn emerged from his own apartment and stood next to Mimi in the doorway. Phil told Mimi and Shawn that he would give them their privacy. Shawn and Mimi closed the door and went back into their apartment.

Meanwhile, Billie and Bo were still at Zack's grave. Billie placed her arms around Bo and told him to let her take care of him. "Thank you " Said Bo. Billie said he didn't have to thank her. Bo told Billie that he did not know what he would do because he did not think that he would have made it through that night if it was not for her. Billie told Bo that she will be there for him no matter what Billie and Bo finally left Zack's grave and left the graveyard.

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