Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/17/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/17/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Austin walks out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. The phone is ringing. It is his friend, Paul, who lives in New York City. Sami comes out from the back room and is messing around with her coat. She overhears Austin telling Paul how Carrie was the CEO of the company he took over. Austin had told Paul about Carrie, about how he liked her. He says to Paul that he blew it and he doesn’t know how to fix it

Carrie and Lucas walk into the Java Café. Lucas says he’ll go order and for Carrie to get a table. He asks Carrie if she wants a double latte with skim milk and Carrie thanks him. Lucas says it’s just coffee, but Carrie thanks him because she needed a friend and he was there for him at Chez Rouge when she needed one

Kate is also at Java Café. She looks at a picture on her phone, it’s Lucas and Will. She says to herself that Austin and Carrie do belong together. Carrie steps over to her and says “It’s not going to happen”

Mimi listens as Shawn and Belle talk together. Shawn asks if it’s true that she still loves him and Belle says yes, that it is and that she has never stopped loving him. Shawn wants to know why she didn’t tell him before. Belle says that she was afraid and felt too guilty to tell him. Shawn asks why she’s telling him this now and Belle says that he’s engaged to Mimi and if they get married, she’ll lose him forever and she can’t let that happen and she kisses Shawn

Billie runs up to Bo and yells at him, telling him to stop hurting himself. She asks him how much he has had to drink and he says not enough. Billie tells him that Zack wouldn’t want this and Bo says that his little boy is dead, his daughter might go to prison, and he can’t lose his wife. Billie tells him to go home to Hope, but Bo says that Hope blames him for what happened and he blames himself. He says that it’s his fault that his little girl was driving the truck that killed his son and that Hope doesn’t want to see him or talk to him. Billie says that Hope didn’t mean that and she’s hurting, just like Bo is. Bo says that she did, she’s lashed out before, but not like this, and they’re through. Billie tells him he doesn’t know that, but Bo says yes, he was just trying to do what was best for her and he thought what he did was right. But Hope threw him out. And now Shawn hates him, Chelsea doesn’t know if she can trust him, and Zack’s dead. His boy is dead because of him and he got what he deserved, he’s alone. Billie says that’s not true and that he has her and he always will

Alex tells Marlena that he didn’t try to kill Lois and Marlena says she does know that. Alex thanks her for believing in him and says that he’s sorry she’s had to listen to all these accusations against him even after all she’s been through. Marlena says that it’s not his fault and that Lois is disturbed. Alex agrees and says that she will say and do anything to come between him and Marlena, and so will John. Marlena says that it doesn’t matter because she will always believe Alex. Alex thanks her and Marlena says that she will be beside him with whatever happens because he’s her husband and she loves him. Alex says the same and the two kiss. John watches them kiss as him and TEK stand outside of Lois’ room (Lexie is in there). John says that if Lois is conscious, she will confirm that Alex tried to kill her and he (John) will be able to get North away from Marlena. TEK says to not be so sure because he slipped through her fingers before, but John says not this time. Lexie comes out and says that Lois is ready

Shawn says that this is wrong and that he’s engaged to Mimi, Belle’s married to Philip and they have Claire, and why didn’t she say anything before. Belle tells Shawn that she didn’t say anything because before she hadn’t watched Claire almost die and before Zack wasn’t dead. She says that those two things made her realize there are no guarantees. She says that Shawn knew she still loved him but she had to try to work things out with Philip. Belle says that life is too precious for them not to follow their hearts and that when she saw the Horton family ring on Mimi’s finger, she had to do something. Shawn tells her there are too many people involved. Belle asks Shawn to not waste anymore time. Shawn says that he’s sorry, but time ran out when she and Philip had Claire. Mimi, still listening in, looks up to the sky

Bo tells Billie that they should be worried about their daughter and that she needs her mother right now. Billie says that she needs both of her parents and to not give up on her after all the time they spent looking for her. Bo says that the people he loves he hurts, but then trails off at the pain in his hand. Billie tells Bo that he never does anything half way and that it should be wrapped up before it gets infected. She also says Bo needs to get home. Bo says he doesn’t have a home, but Billie says he does and it might not be easy at first but he needs to go to Hope. Bo tells her to stop it and he knows that she’s just trying to work things out but he doesn’t want to think about it right now and he’ll worry about where he’s staying in the morning. Billie asks Bo where he’s going to stay tonight and asks him if he’s just going to sleep on a cozy park bench wrapped up in newspaper. Bo says if he has to he will, but Billie says no way

Austin is still on his phone. He’s talking to Paul about Carrie and he says he loves her, but she won’t give him a second chance. Austin also says that maybe he should just give up ARC, which causes Sami to interject, saying that he can’t.

Lucas orders the two coffees. Kate invites Carrie to sit down, and Carrie says that she’s with Lucas. Kate seems a little disappointed, but asks Carrie to sit for a few minutes. Kate says she knows what happened between Carrie and Austin and it’s unfortunate, but she knows that Austin loves her and she loves Austin. Carrie says that Kate is right. Kate says that Carrie needs to give Austin another chance, but Carrie says that he destroyed something very close to her and Austin ended any possibility for her company. Kate says it was just a business deal, but she loved that company. Kate asks if she loved HighStyle more than Austin. Carrie doesn’t answer. Kate says that she can’t lose Austin and if she still loves Austin, she needs to forgive him. Lucas walks up and asks Kate what the heck she is doing

Alex is ready to go in to talk to Lois, but John says he’s not going in. Alex says that if Lois hung herself because of the truth serum, he wants to hear it. John says that Alex tried to kill her, but Marlena defends Alex. John continues saying that the only reason Alex wants to go in there is so he can intimidate her. Lexie interrupts saying that no one is intimidating her and at the first sign of stress, the room will be cleared. Lexie, TEK, Alex, Marlena, and John enter Lois’ room. Lexie introduces TEK to Lois and he asks her to figure out if someone tried to hurt her. He asks her to look around the room and see if there is someone in the room is responsible for what happened. Lois looks at TEK and Lexie, and then at Marlena, Alex, and John. She starts breathing heavily. TEK tells her to point if she can’t speak. Lois points to John and says “You”. John has a weird look on his face

Belle asks what Shawn means by time has run out for them. Shawn says they have both moved on. Belle says that they have planned their whole lives for their future and doesn’t Shawn still love her. Shawn says that he does and probably always will, but he loves Mimi and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Belle asks if this is it and Shawn says they can’t change what happened and Claire deserves to have her parents together after everything that’s happened to her. Shawn asks if Belle has any other reason to justify leaving Philip for him considering Claire. Mimi has a flashback to when Bonnie blurted out that Shawn is Claire’s father. Coming out of the flashback, Mimi whispers to herself that she can think of something

Bo tells Billie he’s slept on worse than park benches and Billie says that if she had a place of her own, she’d let him sleep on the couch and that he probably wouldn’t want to go home with her to Patrick’s, she doesn’t even want to go back there herself. Billie and Bo both agree that they had no idea what she saw in Patrick and that Bo’s glad she got away from him before he hurt anyone else and that she’s better without him. Bo says that he tried to warn Billie and Billie asks if Bo’s worried about her. Bo says that Billie deserves someone that can love her as much as she loves him. Billie has a flashback to when Chelsea said that if Bo and Hope don’t get back together than that’s not a bad thing for anyone. Bo asks what she’s thinking about and Billie says “you”

Sami says she won’t let Austin shut down ARC because he’s trying to score points with Carrie. Austin tells Paul he’ll call him back and then hangs up. Once hung up, Austin asks Sami if she was eavesdropping on his private conversation and Sami says that she wasn’t, she was in her own living room and she overheard him talking. She says that ARC isn’t just about him and that her and Nicole have been working hard for it and that he can’t shut down the company. Austin says that he’s not going to shut it down, he was just saying what if, and that he wouldn’t have turned down a six figure bonus in New York to throw it all away. He says that taking over HighStyle was good business and if Carrie’s mad at him, there’s nothing he can do about it. Sami agree with him. Sami makes a comment about how she was worried about herself because she saw herself in the unemployment line. Austin promises that he won’t do that. Sami tells him that since Nicole is busy working, she’s going to go up to the store and get some stuff to make dinner for them. Austin says she doesn’t have to do that, but Sami says she wants to and she’ll be right back. She gets her stuff and leaves. Austin says to himself that Sami is right, he can’t give up his company, and he needs to get Carrie back and he knows just the person to ask for help

Kate tells Lucas that she is having a woman to woman talk with a friend. Lucas says that Kate has no right to interfere with Carrie’s personal life and Kate says she’s not. Carrie interrupts saying that she started the conversation. Lucas asks why and Carrie says that she does respect Kate’s opinion. Carrie’s cell rings and it’s Becky, she excuses herself. Lucas asks Kate how Kate can talk to Carrie about getting back together with Austin when she (Kate) knows how Lucas feels about her. Kate answers by saying because Austin is her son. Lucas sits down and tells his mom that incase she has forgotten, he is too. Kate tells Lucas that Austin and Carrie love each other and Lucas says that he loves Carrie too. Kate says that Carrie is in love with Austin and Lucas tells her that that’s never meant anything to her (Carrie) before. Lucas says that Carrie’s going to forget about Austin and he’s going to make sure of it. Kate tells Lucas how she still loves John, but if Marlena still has his heart, she has to accept it and Lucas needs to do it as well but with Carrie. Lucas says that Kate has already messed up his relationship with Sami and he won’t let her do it again with Carrie. Kate says that she loves both him and Austin, but Lucas says that she could have fooled him. Kate says that Austin and Carrie belong together and that she wants everyone to be happy. Lucas says no, she wants Austin and Philip to be happy and at least Philip will be happy because he has a sure thing in Belle…unless Kate has done something to mess that up. Kate says that unfortunately there is no such thing as a sure thing and Lucas asks what she means by that. Kate sighs and Lucas says that she did do something to come between Philip and Belle

Lois, still pointing to John, says to herself that John helped her when Alex hurt her. TEK questions Lois asking if she’s sure it was John. John says this is ridiculous and that Lois doesn’t have it together, all he did was ask questions. Alex says that was after he injected her with truth serum. There is a flashback to when John injected her. There is another flashback of Alex telling Lois if she slips and tells she is a dead woman…and then one of Alex choking her. Coming out, Lois points to John and says “You”…but then in her mind says “have to help me again, please”. Alex says that there’s John’s answer and he (John) was responsible

Belle tells Shawn that the only reason that she could give him is because she loves him and she never has and never will stop loving him. Belle sniffles and says that she should have not believed what Jan said and Shawn says that he shouldn’t have left during the time when Marlena was the stalker, but he did what he had to do and Belle did what she had to do and they thought it was right at the moment. Belle says it wasn’t right, and Shawn says they need to accept the consequences and move on. He says it gets better because he’s with Mimi and she’s with Philip and they will always stay friends and their kids will be friends with Belle and Philip’s kids and it has to be that way. Belle says it can’t, but Shawn says it has to because he’s not going to break up her family nor is he going to break Mimi’s heart. Belle asks him what have they done and cries as Shawn hugs her

Bo tells Billie he’s the last person she needs to worry about and he doesn’t need to drag her into the middle of his problems. Billie tells Bo that she’s pulled him into plenty of her problems before and she just wants to help. The first way is by going into the Cheatin’ Heart and getting a towel and some ice for his hand. Bo says it’s not bad and Billie tells him to cut the macho act, it’s just her. Then Billie says she’s going to drive him down to a motel where there’s a nice cozy bed and pillow, Bo says no, but Billie tells him not to argue and to stay right there, she’ll be back. Once Billie goes inside, Bo sits down on his bike, pull out his cell, and calls Hope. Getting the machine, he leaves a message asking her to pick up…no answer…so then he says for her to call him and he loves her

Sami gets back with a bunch of groceries. She calls for Austin, but no answer. Setting the bags down, she sees a note from Austin, he had to run an errand. Sami says it’s perfect because it gives her time to get dinner ready. She says to herself that now he’s finally acknowledge that Carrie won’t forgive him, maybe he’ll finally see her as more than a business partner

Outside of Java Café, Carrie is talking to Becky, telling her that another job will come her way and that the offer with Titan still holds. But Becky doesn’t want that because then she’d have to leave LA. She hears Austin’s voice from behind her and turns around to see him walking inside. A flashback to her telling Austin it’s over, then a long one of them dancing together. Coming out of the flashback, Carrie tells Becky she’s still there and to repeat what she said

Inside, Kate tells Lucas that she hasn’t done anything to come in-between Philip and Belle, Philip’s her son. Lucas says that he is as well and that’s never stopped her before. Lucas asks that if she didn’t do anything, why is she so worried about them. Kate says that they’ve taken a toll and with Claire, that could affect any marriage and that now that they aren’t in panic mode, different emotions could come to surface about it. Lucas says that doesn’t make sense, and Kate says it does. Lucas tells her that if she did something to come between Belle and Philip, she will regret that and if she keeps pushing Carrie into Austin’s arms, she’ll never see her grandson. Kate says that he doesn’t mean that and Lucas says that it happened before, but this time it will be permanent. He says that if Kate succeeds in making sure that Austin and Carrie are together, for the rest of his life he will seek revenge on Austin and that will be on Kate’s conscious. Lucas goes outside and meets Carrie. He tells her that something came up with Will and she needs to go talk to Sami. Carrie says that she needs to go to the bookstore, so he can have some time alone with Sami and they’ll meet up later. Lucas leaves. Kate looks at another picture on her phone of Carrie and Austin and says that they do belong together but how is she going to make sure that happens without destroying the rest of her family. As she is thinking, Austin comes up to her and asks her what’s wrong

Lois is still pointing to John. John says that he’s not responsible and it’s Alex’s fault. Alex says that he couldn’t have done anything because he was even in the hospital at the time and Marlena says that’s right. John asks Lois why she pointed to him and Lois says in her head that John’s the only one that can help her…before she starts having a panic attack. Lexie tries to get Lois to calm down but then Lois goes into cardiac arrest. She tells John, Marlena, and Alex to leave and she applies chest compressions to Lois. Outside of the room, John tells Alex he won’t get away with this. Alex says that he wasn’t the one that hurt her. Marlena says that he gave Lois a controlled substance and he’s not a doctor. John says that he was trained by the ISA to administer drugs like that. Marlena says that they must have forgot to tell him that giving someone unstable those drugs isn’t a good thing, or maybe John just didn’t care. John says that the only reason he gave her those drugs was to get the answers he needed to protect Marlena from Alex. Alex tells John that every time he tried to protect her from him, someone ended up almost dying. Lexie comes out with TEK and says there was nothing she could do. John goes after Alex, but TEK pulls him away. Two cops come over to them and John says that Alex is going down, but TEK tells John that the cops are here for him (John)

A table is set with candles and Sami emerges from her room dressed in a black dress. She goes over and turns out the lights as she hears someone walking down the hall. The person opens the door and Sami kisses him. It’s Lucas

Outside of Java Café, Carrie watches as Austin talks to Kate and says that he hadn’t done what he did, they could have worked things out. She leaves. Inside, Kate tells Austin that she was just thinking about everything that her family has gone through lately and it’s kind of upsetting because all she’s ever wanted was for them to be happy. Austin sits down and says that he knows that and could really use Kate’s help

Shawn tells Belle she has nothing to be upset about and that she has a great life. Belle says it’s not the life she’s always wanted and Shawn says they can’t be together, but he’ll always be there for her as a friend. Mimi climbs back inside and says that Shawn loves her, he told Belle that. But if he finds out the truth, that will all change and Bonnie’s right, she can never tell Shawn the truth or her nightmare will come true. Someone knocks on the door and Mimi peeks through the peek-hole to see who it is. She closes the hole and says “My god, not you…”

Bo puts his phone away and says that Hope isn’t going to answer his calls. He looks at his wedding ring and kisses it. There is a flashback of Hope telling Bo he doesn’t deserve to be there and she wants him out. Bo puts on his helmet and drives off just as Billie is walking out. She yells at Bo and tells him to wait, but he drives off

John says that he and TEK know that Alex is to blame. TEK says that John isn’t getting arrested, but he does need to answer some questions. John tells TEK to ask away, but TEK says that the officer should do it since him and John are friends. John goes off to the side with the officers. Lexie says that she’s going to have it arranged for Lois to be moved to the morgue, but TEK stops her, asking to know how Abe’s doing. Lexie says that he’s fine. TEK asks if things have changed in the bedroom and he hates to say he told her so. Lexie tells him not to then. Alex says that he and Marlena should head home since there’s not much for them to do there. Marlena agrees and asks for Alex to give her a second. Giving Marlena her time, Alex looks at Lois who is covered up with a blanket and Lexie who is on the phone. Going back over to Marlena, she’s ready to go. They put their arms around each other and leave. John is shouting that Marlena can’t go with him because her life is in danger. He tries to get over to her, but the cops restrain him.

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