Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/16/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/16/06


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Mimi paces around the living room.  She has a worried look on her face.  Someone knocks at the door and she goes to answer it.  It's Philip.  Philip says that he woke up in bed and Belle wasn't there.  She's not in the apartment.  Mimi tells Philip that she's not there and Philip suggests that Belle's on the roof.  Mimi tells Philip that if she's there, she's not alone and she's with Shawn.  Shawn and Belle come through the window, Shawn asks what's going on.  Philip says he could ask them the same thing and Belle looks at Philip

At the Cheatin' Heart, Bo is in a drunken brawl.  Billie comes rushing inside and goes over to break up the fight.  She threatens to throw the other men in jail, as well as Bo and says that she can't let him do this
John tells Alex that he can't talk his way out of this one because Abe found him (Alex) in the hallway and John found a pair of scrubs which he tosses to Alex.  Alex says that the scrubs aren't his and John says that he's lying and that no doctor would discard his things.  Marlena says that it doesn't mean that the scrubs are Alex's.  Alex says that he overheard a nurse saying that Lois attempted suicide but John doesn't believe him and says that Alex did this to Lois to shut her up and to keep her from telling the plot to kill Marlena.  Lexie and TEK enter the room (the one that Lois had been locked up in).  Abe tells TEK that they've got the man and for TEK to take him in.  TEK goes to cuff him but Marlena steps in, refusing to let this happen.  She says that John, Abe, and TEK need to stop this witch hunt and she won't let them do this to her husband.  John says that her husband isn't who he says he is and when Lois wakes up, she's going to set the record straight for everyone
At the Cheatin' Heart, Billie continues to break up the fight until she is pushed aside and Bo throws a few more punches, hurting his hand a bit.  Billie rushes back in holding up an ISA badge, shouting "ISA!  ISA!  Shows over!" She tells the biker men that she will take them to jail and impound their bike if they don't stop.  One of the other men in the fight tell Bo that he's lucky this girl showed up in time to save him (Lots of laughs and "Ooh"s).  Bo tells Billie that he could have taken care of them.  Billie tells him to think about what he is doing and he tells Billie to back off and he doesn't her help, but Billie says that she's going to help him whether he likes it or not.  Then Billie brings up Zack, asking Bo what Zack must be thinking.  That Zack must be up there going "Hey God look at my dad!  Look at that punch!  And he's drunk too!  He's using my death as an excuse to blow up the whole town of Salem"  Bo tells Billie to stop it and the two walk over to a bar where Bo sits down and takes another drink.  Billie asks Bo how he expects to make up with Hope when he's drunk and acting crazy like this and Bo turns around, telling Billie that Hope threw him out of the house and that she can't stand the sight of him, his life with her is over.  Billie just looks at Bo and Bo looks away

John tells Alex that Lois is going to make sure that he (Alex) goes away for a long time.  He tells Marlena that she is a smart woman and to wake up.  John says that Alex is disappointed that he didn't kill Lois.  Alex waves his hand, asking why John keeps saying that Alex tried to kill Lois when really it was a suicide attempt.  Lexie interjects, telling everyone not to get their hopes up because Lois is no where near being ready to talk.  Alex brings up when John shot him when he was trying to save Marlena and how many more times is he going to have to pay for something he didn't do.  John proceeds to go on about how he broke out of jail, knocked a cop out, and stole his gun.  What else was he (John) to think?  Alex interrupts saying that John wasn't thinking and he (Alex) was screaming on the top of lungs saying that Marlena's life was in danger and why would he break out of jail and risk his own life if he wanted to kill Marlena.  He said that he could have killed Marlena plenty of times.  Marlena calmly tells John that Lois was the one that tried to kill her and John was there.  Marlena also brings up this point: John was the one that brought Lois to town so this is more his fault than it is Alex's.  John looks down and sighs.  Lexie says that she's going to take Abe back to his room, but Abe doesn't want to, saying that he's not going to take his eyes off of North know that he has them back.  Lexie says that she would much rather have his eyes looking at her and TEK tells Abe to go with Lexie and that he has the situation under control.  Abe agrees and leaves with Lexie.  TEK looks at them as they leave.  Alex asks Marlena to please tell him what's going and what's this ridiculous idea about Alex trying to kill Lois to keep her from revealing some plot to kill her.  Marlena tells Alex about how John gave Lois truth serum and she said something that he (John) thought might incriminate him (Alex).  Alex looks at John furiously, telling him that he could have jeopardized her whole recovery by giving her that stuff.  John tells him to spare the medical ethics and he not only drugged Marlena but hypnotized her.  Alex says that he was trying to help Marlena regain her memory and what he (John) did to Lois was inhumane and he did it for his own personal gain.  Alex turns around and tells TEK that if there is anyone to blame it is John Black and he had no right to give Lois the mind altering drugs against her will.  Alex turns around to John and says that if Lois dies, her death will be on John's hands
Abe and Lexie are walking down the hospital hallway.  Abe is telling Lexie that he is fine.  Lexie tells him she knows what he's doing and he needs to be careful because his corneas are attached with very fine sutures.  Abe laughs as he tells Lexie that he's not planning on rolling out of a moving car or jumping off of rooftops.  Lexie asks him a few questions on his eyes, and Abe says that he has a bit of blurry vision, but that's normal, and all he wants to do is help John.  He has a feeling that Alex has a hidden agenda and he very well might be planning on killing Marlena.  Lexie says ok and just don't overdue it.  She says she feels the same way about Alex as he does and that she had a run-in with him when he first came to Salem.  There is a flashback to when she walked in on Alex hypnotizing Marlena at the wedding.  Coming out of the long flashback, Abe asks what kind of run-in.  Lexie tells him it was a difference of opinion over Marlena's treatment and she feels responsible because she brought him in to help Marlena.  Abe says he feels bad for not being there and he didn't know any of this was going on.  There's another flashback, this time to TEK and Lexie kissing and undressing.  Coming out of this one,  Lexie gets upset.  Abe tells Lexie that she can't blame herself, she was just trying to do what's best for Marlena.  Lexie says that she had no idea that Marlena and Alex were married and Abe talk about how some marriage weren't meant to stand the test of time, but theirs on the other hand...and the two kiss.  Lexie closes the blinds, telling Abe she has some time between rounds and the two start to kiss.  Abe tells him that they can't and Lexie looks at him with a worried look

Belle tells Philip that she couldn't sleep so she went up to the roof and Shawn was there so they started talking.  Everyone around the room has an awkward look on their face.  Belle asks were Claire is and Philip jokes a bit but then pulls out a baby monitor, saying that she's sleeping soundly and they will know if she wakes up.  Shawn asks Mimi why she's still up, Mimi says she couldn't sleep either.  Shawn says that he could make his grandma Caroline's warm milk and vanilla for everyone, but Mimi says that recipe won't help her sleep.  Belle asks if Bonnie's ok.  Mimi says she's fine and Shawn asks what's wrong.  Mimi says she has something to say that will affect everyone.  She says the timing is terrible and they've all been leaning on each other to get through a rough time and she doesn't think they will be able to do it anymore and what she has to say will probably tear them all about.  Everyone looks at each other with a worried and concerned look
Bo gets up with his drink and Billie tells him that she won't let him give up his relationship with Hope and Hope means everything to him.  Bo says that she does but that doesn't matter because she doesn't want her in her life.  Quick flashback to when Chelsea was telling Billie that she (Billie) still loves Bo and always has and the only reason why she was with Patrick was because Bo was taken, but he's not taken anymore.  Billie has a thinking look on her face as she comes out from the flashback and tells Bo to sober up.  She says that what happened between Bo and Hope was the worst, they lost their baby boy and they need to talk and work things out.  Bo says that he tried to tell Hope why he kept the truth from her and that he was only trying to protect her and didn't want her to go through anymore pain, but Hope didn't want to hear it.  Another flashback to Bo and Hope and Hope telling Bo to leave.  He says that him and Hope have always been able to work things about out, but not this time.  Billie tells him to dig deep down into his heart and figure it out.  An officer walks over to Bo and Billie, asking to know what happened.  The officer is surprised to see that Bo was involved and that if the bartender and any of the patrons want to press charges, Bo will have to be arrested.  A couple of the men from the brawl come over and says that he's pressing charges because Bo attacked him and his friend.  The officer says that Bo is a fellow police officer.  The man from the brawl says that he not only wants Bo arrested, but he wants his badge

Marlena says she remembers part of her professional training and agrees with Alex.  She says that John is responsible with what happened to Lois.  John says he gave Lois the serum because that was the only way he could find out what was going on.  Alex says that some of us are doctors and some of us act like James Bond.  TEK tells Alex to shut up, he (TEK) was affiliated with the ISA and John's the best.  Alex says there was nothing proper with any of this and he didn't have the right to administer drugs to a fragile woman without her consent.  Alex says he is a trained psychiatrist and what he did to Lois was enough to make her want to commit suicide.  John answers by saying "Cool, pullin' out all the cards".  John says that he knows that Alex did this to Lois, Marlena tries to defend him but he says that Alex did it
Abe tells Lexie that she told him he shouldn't be bouncing around.  Lexie says he's right and maybe this weekend they should go away together.  Abe says that they can't because he wants to spend some time with Theo.  There is a bit of tension between the two because Lexie feels she was being left out and says she has a feeling something is going on and wants to know why Abe is freezing her out
Shawn tells Mimi that whatever she has to say can't be that bad.  Philip and Belle remark how with everything they've all been through there's nothing that she could say they couldn't handle.  Mimi says that it's not that and that her and Belle are the ones that stand to lose the most.  Philip asks what it is she's talking about and him and Belle look at Mimi.  Belle asks Mimi what it is and Mimi says it's about Claire and that Claire is not who they think she is.  Philip and Belle ask what Mimi is talking about and Mimi says that the little girl doesn't belong to Philip and that she belongs to Shawn.  Shawn looks at Mimi
Bo and the man start to go after each other but Billie and the cop stand in between them.  Another man comes over saying that Bo didn't start anything.  Bo says that he doesn't need anyone to stand up for him and that if he has to go to the station then to take him.  Billie pulls the officer aside and they talk about how Bo's not being himself because they just buried his son.  Billie asks if the officer could just let him go and he agrees.  He also asks Billie to make sure he doesn't drink and to take him home, Billie says she would do anything for him.  The officer hauls off one of the other guys.  Billie goes back over to Bo and says that she told the officer that the biker started it and he (the biker) should be charge.  Bo gets a coffee, but wants a beer.  He tells the bartender he's sorry for the mess, but Bo still wants a beer and thankfully the bartender cuts him off.  Bo gets up and leaves, saying that if they won't serve him, he'll go somewhere that will.  Bo leaves and Billie pulls out her wallet, wanting to know what the damage is.  She gives him a few bills and then hurries out after Bo

Alex says that he was in the hospital, but Marlena says that when he spoke to her, he was in Salem Place.  John says that Alex is a liar and tells TEK to arrest him for attempted murder.  TEK goes to cuff him, but Alex says that he can prove that he didn't kill Lois and he has an alibi.  Flashback to Alex overhearing a couple talking.  Alex reaches into the garbage can and pulls out the bag that the man threw in the garbage.  Coming out of the flashback, Alex pulls out a receipt that was in the bag.  On the receipt, the time is when Lois was being attacked, so Alex must have been in Salem Place then...But John says wait a minute...
Abe tells Lexie he's not freezing her out and Lexie wants to know why Abe is avoiding being alone with him.  She asks if it's because of his problem.  Lexie promises him they can work through this together and there are other things they can do.  She suggests going away together and just see what happens.  But Abe says that no is not the time.  Abe's cell rings and he takes the call.  He excuses himself from Lexie and she leaves the room (after reopening the blinds)

Shawn doesn't understand how Mimi came up with his.  Belle and Philip just look.  Mimi explains the whole blood donating thing.  Mimi says that she did the research and Claire isn't Philip's daughter.  Philip goes into defensive mode, wanting to know if his "best friend slept with his wife behind his back".  Shawn says that this is crazy and they never made love.  Belle says that her and Shawn never slept together.  Mimi says that they did and they just don't remember.  Belle doesn't know how.  Mimi explains the barn situation again and how Belle and Shawn both had a dream about making love.  Shawn starts to put the pieces together and him and Belle hug, smiling and being happy.  Belle turns around and looks at Philip, apologizing to him.  But she's so glad the truth came out.  Belle is very happy about this, but then turns back to Philip and says that she loves him, but Shawn is her first love.  Shawn tells Belle how they were just talking about how they couldn't be together but this changes everything.  Him and Belle kiss as Mimi looks away.  Shawn apologizes to Philip, saying he only stepped aside because he thought she was pregnant with Philip's baby, but now he wants to be with the mother of his baby.  Mimi says that she knew this would happen, but she had to be honest.  Shawn thanks her for being honest and leaves with Belle to go see Claire.  Philip yells at Mimi, asking how she could do this to him and that she took away everything from him.  Mimi tells Philip that he's not the only loser and that she lost Shawn.  Philip yells at Mimi saying that sometimes a lie is better than the truth...and Mimi springs up from falling asleep on the couch.  She calls for Shawn and notices that the window is open
Abe is still on his cell as Lexie watches.  Lexie has a flashback to crying in front of TEK and telling him that things with Abe are getting worse and worse.  Coming out of the flashback, Lexie says that she's needed in ICU in regards to Lois
Shawn and Belle on are the roof.  Shawn asks Belle if she still really loves him and Belle says yes.  Mimi is hiding, listening to their conversation
Bo stands outside of the Cheatin' Heart.  In his mind are the flashbacks to him saying goodbye to Zack, Hope finally learning the truth in the courthouse and storming out, and the conversation Bo and Hope had during yesterday's episode where Hope tells him to leave.  Coming out of the flashbacks, Bo breaks down and starts crying and punching the wall.  He literally falls down on his knees.  As he is bawling, Billie comes walking up behind him with tears streaming down her face
John looks at the receipt, saying that North paid cash for his gift, but thinks it could be a bogus receipt.  Alex asks if John thinks he's now roaming through garbage cans.  John asks to see the gift.  Flashback to Alex looking in the bag.  Coming out of it, Alex hands Marlena a box.  She opens it up and sees the gift, thanking him for it.  Alex thanks John for ruining his Valentine's Day surprise and that him and his wife want to leave now.  Lexie comes in saying that Lois is awake and ready to talk.  John says that now Lois will tell the truth about Alex and everyone will know he's nothing but a cold blooded killer

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