Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/15/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/15/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

John and Marlena found Lois hanging from the ceiling in her hospital room. John told Marlena that Alex did this. Abe and Lexie came into Lois's room and also saw Lois hanging. John told Abe that Lois could not have hung herself because she was hung eight inches off from the chair. "She couldn't have done this..." said John. Marlena told John that it was not Alex.

Chelsea and Billie were still at the police station talking. "I'm going to loose everything..." said Chelsea. Chelsea told Billie that Bo was better off without Hope, and that it was better for her and Billie if they broke up. "This is your chance to be with the only man. The one person you ever loved." said Chelsea.

"Get away from my wife. Get the hell out of my house." said Bo when he opened the door and saw Patrick comforting Hope. "Patrick is a friend. He told me the truth which is a hell of a lot more than I can say about you." said Hope.

"It's hard to know what the right thing is. I don't know who to trust. I don't know if I can trust my own father" said Chelsea. "Hope is furious with Bo. You and dad just got back. You have a better chance to get together. Do you want to be with the only man you ever loved?" said Chelsea. Billie said she won't try to get Bo. "Please mom." Said Chelsea "Sorry Chelsea, but the answer is no..." said Billie.

Bo told Hope he wants Patrick out. Hope refused to tell Patrick to leave. Bo told Hope that he wanted to be the one to comfort her. Hope questioned Bo about where he was and after she found out that he was with Chelsea and Billie Hope became even more upset. Hope found out that Chelsea was out on bail because of Bo.

John told Abe that Lois might not be dead. Marlena said that Lois attempted to commit suicide. Marlena blamed John for causing Lois to hang herself. Marlena continued to defend Alex and told John that Alex was in the mall during the time of the incident. Lexie told John and Marlena that Lois was still breathing but was unconscious. Lexie tried to tell Marlena that she did not believe that John was responsible for Lois being hung. Lexie told Marlena that John was a good man and she was sorry that she brought Alex into her life.

Alex checked his cell phone and answered Marlena's call. He told Marlena that he was at Salem's Place Mall, when in fact he was actually in the hospital. Alex heard John and Abe talking as they walked down the hallway in the hospital. Alex was standing behind a wall while he was talking to Marlena on the phone. Alex claimed that something was wrong with his phone and hung up on Marlena in mid conversation.

Belle went outside of the restaurant crying. Shawn followed behind Belle. "Its okay to cry. You been going through a lot " said Shawn. Belle told Shawn that her pain did not mean anything compared to his lost of his little brother Zack. "If you marry Mimi you will be making a huge mistake....I still love you..."said Belle. "I know the timing is bad. I still love you. It's not the depression talking anymore. " said Belle. Phil and Mimi walked out of the restaurant to see what had happened. Phil thought about it, and assumed that Belle was being emotional because of the lost of Zack. Phil suggested that they all end the night and go home.

Billie and Chelsea were still talking in the police station. Billie told Chelsea that breaking up Hope and Bo was not the answer to her problem. "Give me a family. Give me a mom and a dad. If you don't I am going to prison for the rest of my life and my life will be over. " cried Chelsea.

Hope and Bo argued over loosing Zack and Bo taking Chelsea's side. "What the hell is wrong with you? She killed our son Brady. "said Hope. Bo told her to let him take some of her pain. Hope grabbed the box that Zack's preschool had left in front of their house and gave it to Bo. "Our lives have been ruined. If you don't leave I will." cried Hope. Bo told her she could stay and he would leave. Hope walked to the door and told Bo that he did not deserve to be in the house with her. She opened the door and told Bo to leave. Meanwhile, Patrick was still there and watching silently at what was happening.

Abe asked Tek and Lexie what were they whispering about.

Chelsea told Billie that she knew that Patrick was not good for her. "He turned me in...Patrick is all about Hope these days." said Chelsea. Chelsea told Billie that she should seriously pursue her interest in Bo. "You told me I was conceived out of love. So now you have the chance to be with the only man that you ever loved. I will be free and you will be with the only man that you ever drempt for most of your life." said Chelsea

Bo got into a fight at a local bar.

Mimi and Shawn were finally home. Mimi told Shawn that she felt special knowing that her ring was a family heirloom. Shawn sat down thinking about Belle telling him that she is still in love with him. Shawn changed his thought to focus on Mimi. Shawn kissed Mimi passionately.

Phil and Belle were also home and they were getting ready for bed. As Phil got into bed he told Belle that he thought Shawn and Mimi would be good together. Phil noticed that Belle looked upset. He asked her what was wrong. Phil again assumed that Belle was upset because of the lost of Zack and not Shawn. Phil told Belle that he was glad Mimi and Shawn moved up their wedding date. Belle told Phil that she thought it was a bad idea. Phil told Belle that he wanted to make love. Belle told Phil that she was exhausted and not in the mood.

Lexie managed to think up a lie to tell Abe for the reason she and Tek were whispering to each other.

Marlena and John were still in Lois' room. Alex watched Marlena and John from the two way mirror in Lois' room. "My Alex is a caring, gentle, thoughtful and fabulous doctor. You are wrong. " said Marlena. Alex had a wicked smiled in response to Marlena's comment about him.

John found the hidden door in Lois' room. By this time. Alex had already left the room. John found scrubs in the room. Abe found Alex. Abe brought Alex into Lois' room to show him to Marlena and John. John and Marlena walked out of the hidden room after hearing Abe. John told Alex that Lois was hung and when Lois gives a statement she will tell everyone that it was Alex who tried to kill her.

Belle layed in bed thinking of Shawn and Shawn layed in bed thinking of Belle. Belle left her room and went onto the fire escape to go to the rooftop. And Shawn, who was sleeping on the couch with Mimi decided to get up and go to the rooftop. Belle was there alone at first, she asked herself out loud why she told Shawn that she still loves him. By that time, Shawn was on the rooftop and asked Belle the same question.

Patrick was still by Hope's side at her house. Hope told Patrick to leave. After Patrick left he still stood by the door for a while and watched Hope through the window in the top of the door. Hope began to cry. Patrick told himself that Bo did not deserve Hope.

The bartender in the bar where Bo was having a fight decided to call Billie because he knew that she and Bo were close. The bartender told Billie that Bo was having a fight with a Biker and he thought he would call her to help Bo instead of calling the police. Billie told Chelsea that she had to go because Bo needed her. "I never thought it would be this easy. Mom and dad will be together after all. " Chelsea said to herself.

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