Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/14/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/14/06


Written By Julianna
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena enters the hospital.  She says that Alex is her future and   she will not let John destroy it.  In Lois' room, Lois lays on the bed as John paces around her.  John pats her cheek and brushes her hair out of her face, saying that she has plenty more to tell him   (as a result of the truth serum), but Lois says she can hardly keep her eyes open.  He wants to know how long her and Alex have been working together.  As Lois answers, Alex is listening in on their conversation.  Lois tells John that her and Alex have been partners in crime all along and once Marlena is out of the picture, he (Alex) is going to marry her (Lois).  John asks what Alex is planning on doing to Marlena, and Lois says that he is going to kill her.

At Chez Rouge, Philip and Belle are enjoying a Valentine's Day dinner.  They make a toast to each other on Valentine's Day and to Zack.  (Kate is watching Claire)  Belle is a little uneasy about leaving Claire, but Philip says that they need some time together   seeing as they have spent so much time in the hospital and on last Valentine's Day, he was deployed.  He pulls out a medium-small box to present to Belle.  Belle admits she didn't have time to get Philip anything, but Philip says that's ok because he has everything he could ever want.  Belle opens the card.  It reads: "To Belle,   from the man that will always love you".  Belle looks up and sees   Shawn (this is just her imagination, Philip is still there!).  She quickly glances down and around, keeping a small smile on her face.

Philip has a questionable look on his face.  Opening up the gift, she pulls out a locket.  Inside is a picture of Claire.  Belle has a flashback of talking to Caroline, telling her she loves Shawn and she wishes Claire was his baby.  Coming out of her daydream, she says "Philip, there's something I have to tell you"
Shawn, Mimi, and Bonnie are all together in the apartment.  Bonnie is excited about them getting married.  Shawn says that the good news is what his family needs.  Bonnie suggest breaking out the champagne, Mimi scolds Bonnie (since Shawn just came from Zack's funeral), but Shawn says it's ok but instead of champagne, says he'll get the cider (par Bonnie's doctor's orders).  While Shawn is getting the champagne, Bonnie and Mimi talk.  Mimi says it's not right and she's marrying him under false pretenses.  Bonnie shushes her, saying they will have a great future together as long as they get married ASAP.  Shawn passes out the glasses of cider and makes a toast: "To the woman I love, who is beautiful, caring, funny, and honest."  But Mimi interrupts saying "No I'm not...I'm not..."

At the police station, Bo enters with Chelsea and Billie.  Billie wants to know why they would arrest Chelsea on the same day he buried his son.  Bo says that the cops were just doing their job and that they didn't need to let him read Chelsea her rights, they could have cuffed her themselves.  Chelsea says that it doesn't matter who brought her in because she's still going to jail, getting charged with manslaughter, leaving the scene of the crime, etc.  Billie asks her if she really thinks her father is happy about this.  He just buried his son, he doesn't want to lose his daughter too.  Bo says he's going to do everything to keep her out of jail.  Chelsea asks him if he's really going to do this even though Hope is so mad. Billie tells Chelsea that Bo is going to talk to Hope about this. Bo says that he's tried to talk to Hope, but she doesn't want anything to do with him right now

Hope and Patrick make their way up to Hope's house.  She thanks him for bringing her home and she's glad she's not alone, even though she had originally said she wanted to be.  Outside there is a package.  Hope thinks it's a care package from the neighbors. Patrick picks it up and carries it inside.  Hope tells him to open it, in case it's something that needs to be refrigerated.  While Hope is turning the heat up (it's cold in her house), Patrick opens the package.  He sighs and says "My god, how much more could Hope take?"

At the station, Bo says he's responsible about what happened to his son and he's not going to turn back on his daughter.  He says he's going to do whatever he can to help Chelsea out.  Chelsea says "Thank you dad" and gives him a hug.  Bo pulls away saying he needs to make some calls.  Chelsea and Billie stand and watch.  Chelsea asks who Bo is calling and Billie says that he has a lot of influence around here.  A police officer comes out asking for "Chelsea Brady".  He is there to take her to get booked and finger printed.  Billie keeps telling her it's ok, be strong, and they will be right here waiting.  Once Chelsea leaves, Billie turns around and talks to herself, saying that Bo needs to come through.  She has a few tears in her eyes as she looks at Bo on the phone
At Hope's house, Patrick closes the box.  Hope asks what the box is and Patrick says it was sent from Zack's school.  Hope looks in the box and tears up.  It's everything from Zack's cubby hole at school. She pulls out some artwork as tears fill her eyes.  Holding up a Valentine that Zack made her, she goes and sits on the chair. Patrick sits across from her.  She starts to cry as she reads the Valentine out loud.  Patrick takes hold of her hand and says that he's here for her and that he can do something that might help. Hope looks into Patrick's eyes


Alex watches as John tells Lois to stay focused and how does Alex plan to kill Marlena?  Lois says it's a secret.  John says he'll be back and leaves the room.  He walks over to the payphone, just missing Marlena.  On the phone, he calls Marlena, but her machine picks up.  Lois is prancing around her room humming a lullaby and holding a pillow.  Alex is watching her from another room and says "Desperate times, desperate measures"
Shawn questions Mimi as to why she thinks she's not beautiful and honest.  Bonnie interrupts saying that Mimi suffers from low self-esteem and blames herself.  But she says Mimi will come over that now that she's going to be Mrs. Shawn Brady.  Bonnie suggests that Mimi and Shawn go out for a nice dinner, saying that there's nothing to eat in the house because she got her appetite back. Mimi says that Shawn probably doesn't want to go out and besides, there is a lasagna in the fridge.  Bonnie says admits that it's not there anymore, reminding Mimi that she got her appetite back.  Shawn says that he wouldn't mind going out and he goes to change.  Mimi questions her mom about eating the whole lasagna.  Bonnie says that she was worried about Mimi telling Shawn about Claire's paternity. Shawn comes out and says that he can just call his Aunt Maggie and she can get them a table at Chez Rouge.  Shawn kisses Mimi on the cheek and says that he's glad they are spending Valentine's together and he's spending it with the woman he loves.  Mimi goes to change as well.
At Chez Rouge, Belle tells Philip that she needs to be honest with him.  Belle has another daydream about talking to Caroline where she says that men have no idea what woman sacrifice to keep their marriage together.  Coming out of the daydream, Belle tells Philip she is so proud of him and that their love means so much to her.  She says she is so proud of him for what he has done for his country and the people he loves.  He says he wants to make her and Claire happy.  Philip says he has another surprise for Belle.  He stands up and holds out his hand, which she takes


Belle and Philip are dancing together.  Belle is smiling and giggling.  She says that this is amazing and asks if he's been practicing.  Philip says that he's just had a lot of physical therapy and that his new leg is very good.  We see Shawn's face and Belle hugs Philip, saying "Shawn".  Philip questions her and Belle says that Shawn is there with Mimi.  Philip turns around and sees Shawn and Mimi.  Shawn and Mimi are going to their table when Mimi sees Belle and Philip.  The two couples come together and talk. Philip invites them to join them on the dance floor.  Mimi is reluctant at first, but Shawn insists, saying he'd love to be in the arms of the woman he loves.  Mimi agrees and they had off to the floor with Belle and Philip, as Belle has a look on her face.
At the station, Bo is still on the phone as Billie embraces Chelsea in a hug as she comes back into the room.  Chelsea cries about how weird it was being booked and how everyone was so cold to her that she didn't even feel human, and how it made her realize how lonely she will be in jail.  Bo comes back out and says that Chelsea is being released on bail.  He gave his word that she won't flee jurisdiction.  Billie and Chelsea both let out sighs of relief as Chelsea looks down and the other way and Billie says she'll make sure Chelsea doesn't leave town, and that they are both so grateful.  Bo says they can leave as soon as bail is posted and he turns around.  Billie puts her hand on Bo's shoulder, saying that he came through for her and she thanks him many times as Chelsea watches
Hope puts a scarf around her neck as Patrick comes back into the room.  He made her some relaxing tea.  She takes a sip and then rubs her head, saying that her head is killing her.  Holding her head, she walks over and sits down in front of the fireplace.  She looks at more of the drawings in her hand and puts them down.  Patrick places his hands on her shoulder.  Hope looks at him and Patrick says "It's ok".  He pauses for a few seconds and then walks away, saying that Bo should be taking care of her.  Hope says "I wish...I can't even look at him right now."  She tells Patrick that if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't know the truth that Chelsea was driving the car that night.  She says that Bo's betrayed her and because of the choices he (Bo) made, she's lost a son.  How can she forgive him?


Bonnie plops down on the couch, eating some food.  She says that she can go back to her vodka and high fat diet now that Mimi is getting married and living the life she (Bonnie) has dreamed about.  Bonnie sits up in a bit of pain, saying it's indigestion...or at least she hopes
Belle and Philip watch Mimi and Shawn dance.  Shawn says that being with Mimi and knowing they have a future together and that he can count on her is what he's needed.  Mimi is glad he can feel that way.  Shawn says that he's getting married and he thinks Zack would be happy for him.  Shawn has a flashback to when Zack came to him and Belle.  It's when Zack says that him and Belle are meant to be together.  It looks as if Belle was having the same flashback.  Philip says that he's happy they (Shawn/Mimi) are doing normal things together.  Mimi tells Shawn they can get married whenever he is ready and Shawn says that he has a surprise for her
Lois is still prancing around the room humming the lullaby and holding the pillow.  Alex enters the room and asks her how she's doing.  Lois gets all giddy that Alex is there.  Lois asks if he finished off Marlena.  Alex tells Lois to sit down.  They both sit down.  Alex says that Lois has been a little chatty and Lois giggles.  Alex says that she has told John the secrets and now he thinks he can change the tables and take Marlena away from him. Lois says that he wants him and she proceeds to kiss him and ask him questions about when they will be together as Alex thinks to himself that Lois is wrong and he will do whatever it takes to keep her (Marlena).


Marlena looks through her purse and John walks in and sees her.  He says that he's so glad she's alright.  She asks why she wouldn't be and John tells her that Lois and Alex are working together and they are plotting to kill her
Patrick and Hope sit by the fireplace.  Patrick takes hold of her hand and says that he knows she's upset with Bo and he's the last person to defend him, but what's most important is that they (Bo and Hope) love each other.  He says that Hope's going through the most difficult time in her life and that she shouldn't go through it alone.  Hope tells Patrick that Bo is with Chelsea and asks him if he can believe that.  Hope picks up the box as Patrick asks if she's sure she's up for doing that (going through the box).  Hope says that it's something that makes her feel closer to Zack and that's all that matters.  She sits down on the couch and pulls out items from the cards that Shawn gave him, and a little
boat that Bo carved for him.  The boat makes Hope start to cry a little.
She tells Patrick that she wouldn't have known the truth if it hadn't been for him and that she was so grateful.  Patrick tells her that she can count on him and he puts his arm around her. Hope gets teary eyed and eventually goes into Patrick's embrace. She puts her head on his shoulder as he wraps his arms around her. Scene fades out showing Hope holding the boat
Bo says that he's going to go post bail so they can get out of the station.  Once Bo leaves, Chelsea says "I'm really sorry mom" and apologizes for ruining things between her (Billie) and Patrick. Billie shakes her head and waves her hand saying don't worry about her and Patrick.  She walks over to pour herself a cup of coffee.  Chelsea says that now Billie's spending all this time with Bo and that it must be hard for her because she still has feelings for him.  Billie says that her and Bo are very happy that they can be there for her.  Chelsea says that if Bo vouches for her in court he'll make a world a difference.  Billie wants to make sure they are realistic.  She says that Hope is very angry and bitter about what happened and she's probably going to ask for the maximum sentence regardless of what Bo says.  Hope was a cop and she'll have a lot of influence in court.  Chelsea says that she knows that and that Hope's out for her blood.   Chelsea whines about how Hope thinks she did this on purpose because Hope called her a murderer and how Zack's dead because of her and shouldn't that be enough punishment.  Billie nods.   Chelsea goes on saying that Billie shouldn't have to be punished as well.  She just found her (Chelsea) and they just started becoming a family.  Chelsea also says that Bo shouldn't have to lose another kid, (Billie says that he shouldn't) but if the judge listens to Hope, they will all lose.  Bo comes back into the room saying
that Chelsea can go home with her mother.  He also tells Billie to take care of Chelsea and that he needs to go check on Hope.  Billie wishes Bo good luck and Chelsea apologizes again, saying she's sorry about everything.  Bo says "I know you are" and then leaves.  Once Bo is gone, Chelsea proceeds to go on about how she feels so bad for him because of the way Hope's treating him and he didn't mean for this to happen.  Chelsea asks if Hope really thinks throwing Chelsea in prison is going to solve anything or make her feel better.  Chelsea sits down and says that Zack is never coming back and neither are her parents.  Billie pulls a chair over and sits down as well, taking Chelsea's hand and kissing it, telling her it's ok.  Chelsea apologizes once again, this time for her behavior when they first found her.  Chelsea cries, saying that Bo probably wishes he never found her in the first place.  Billie says that is not true and her and Bo both love her very much.  Chelsea says that the only way Hope is going to give Bo another chance is if he takes her side and that Hope's going to make Bo hate Chelsea.  Billie says no she won't.  Chelsea says that they have to do everything in their power to stop her and that they can't let Bo and Hope get back together.  Billie just looks at Chelsea
Lois continues to kiss Alex, asking for the Valentine she wanted (Marlena's heart on a silver platter).  Alex says that he's going to get her a Valentine, something she can hang in her room and it will show how much he feels about her
Outside of the room, Marlena asks John why he's going at this again and why he's listening to Lois ("She's wacky").  John admits to Marlena that he gave Lois truth serum and Marlena questions him.  John says that know he knows that Alex is out to get her, but Marlena brushes it off.  John asks her why she won't believe him and Marlena says that John's called "wolf" too many times and to trust Lois and Lois almost killed her.  John pulls Marlena towards Lois' room
At Chez Rouge, Belle and Philip get their plates taken as Shawn and Mimi kiss.  Mimi asks if Shawn's surprise is the romantic table at Chez Rouge.  Shawn said that he needed the table for his surprise, but he can't tell Mimi what it is until dessert.  

The waiter brings them dessert and on top of the dessert is a ring.  Mimi squeals. Shawn tells Mimi that the diamond on the ring has been in his family for years.  It originally belonged to Tom Horton's mother.  He places the ring on Mimi's finger.  Mimi gets teary-eyed and they both say they love each other and kiss.  Belle and Philip walk over. Mimi shows them the engagement ring.  Mimi starts to say that it's the Horton family ring and Belle says that she knows all about it, but has never seen it.  Shawn says they are moving the wedding up and getting married as soon as possible.  Belle looks at him

Bonnie pours some liquor into her pop.  She burps and says that she's glad it was just indigestion.  She says that once Mimi gets married, she will be set for life and once her son-in-law cashes in on his Kiriakis-Horton trust funds, Mimi will be loaded and she will be living the lap of luxury
Back at Chez Rouge, Mimi and Shawn dance as Belle and Philip do as well.  Philip asks if he can dance with Mimi, so Belle and Shawn dance.  Mimi says that she has the future she's always dreamed about and nothing can come between them.  As she hugs Philip, she says in her head "Unless Shawn finds out he's the father of your baby".  Shawn asks for congratulations from Belle, and Belle says she hopes him and Mimi will be very happy.  She doesn't have a very happy look on her face.  Shawn asks her what's wrong and Belle says that she's fine as she turns away.  Belle turns back to him and says "This is wrong, this is all wrong"
At the station, Billie tells Chelsea she can't believe she just said that she wants to break up her father's marriage and that whatever happens in court she (Chelsea) will have to accept.  Bo and Hope just lost their baby.  Billie stood up, Chelsea does as well. Chelsea tells Billie that Bo and Hope are already broken up.  Hope wants nothing to do with Bo because he lied to cover up for her and that Hope will never be able to forgive him because she's just not good enough for him.  Chelsea finally says that if Bo and Hope
never get back together, that's not such a bad thing for everyone.  Billie turns and looks at Chelsea with a confused and worried look on her face.


Bo makes his way to the front door of his house.  Looking inside, he sees Hope in Patrick's embrace.  He goes in and demands to know what's going on and that Patrick gets his hands off his wife.  Patrick and Hope both look at Bo, as he has an angry look on his face.


John pulls Marlena to Lois' room saying that Alex is a threat to her.  As John finds the key to her room, Alex disappears into the room that he was when he was listening to John and Lois talk.  John opens the door and they are both shocked to find Lois hanging from the ceiling.  Marlena panics and clings to John as John just looks at Lois

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