Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/14/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/14/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena was still at the hospital walking around. Marlena told herself that she was not going to let John destroy her future with Alex.

John was still in Lois' room. John continued to ask Lois questions about Alex. Lois told John that they were partners in crime and that Alex plans to kill Marlena.

Belle and Phil were having a romantic dinner at a restaurant. They started to talk about Zack and how Zack gave them the greatest gift. Phil gave Belle a Valentine card and also a locket with Claire's picture in it. Belle had flashbacks of when she talked to Caroline about her true feelings towards Shawn.

Bonnie brought out wine to celebrate when she heard that Mimi wanted to marry Shawn as soon as possible. Shawn complimented Mimi. Mimi suddenly said "No, No, No I am not."

Chelsea, Billie and Bo were at the police station. Bo told Billie that he wants to talk to Hope, but she refuses to talk to him.

Patrick brought Hope back to her house after the funeral. Patrick found a box outside of Hope's house. Patrick looked inside the box, "My God, how much more can Hope take..." said Patrick.

Bo told Chelsea that he will do anything he can to help her. After he left, Chelsea asked Billie where was Bo going. A police officer told Chelsea that she was going to be booked for finger printing and a mug shot.

Hope looked in the box and saw that Zack's clothing, toys and personal belongings were inside of the box. Inside the box Hope also found a Valentine card made by Zack for Hope. It said "To mommy be my Valentine, love Zack." Hope cried. Patrick told Hope that he would be there for her.

Alex watched Lois and John from the adjacent room which had a two way mirror to Lois' room in the hospital. "Alex and I will be together just as soon as Marlena is out of the way.." said Lois. John left Lois' room then found the nearest payphone to call Marlena, but Marlena was not at home.

Alex was still watching Lois through the two way mirror and said to himself: "Desperate times calls for desperate measures."

Bonnie told Shawn and Mimi to go out to a nice restaurant to celebrate their engagement.

Belle and Phil were still at the restaurant. Belle told Phil that she had something that she wanted to tell him. Belle had flashbacks of her conversation with Caroline a few days prior. "I want you to know how much your love means to me. I am so proud of you for your sacrifice you made for our country" said Belle. Phil stood up and told Belle that he had a surprise for her. The surprise was a dance. Phil wanted to show Belle that he was now able to dance he said it was due to him continuing to take physical therapy. Belle saw Shawn over Phil's shoulder. And Belle called out Shawn's name under her breath. Phil asked Belle why she called Shawn's name. And Belle told Phil that she just saw Shawn and Mimi in the restaurant. Belle and Phil approached Shawn and Mimi and asked them if they wanted to dance.

Chelsea returned after being booked. Chelsea told Billie that being booked reminded her of how lonely it will be if she goes to jail. Bo saw Billie and Chelsea. Bo told Chelsea that she could leave on bond because he gave his word that Chelsea would not fled.

Patrick made Hope some tea. Patrick placed his hand on Hope's shoulder to comforted her while she looked at Zack's belongings. Patrick told Hope that Bo should be here for her. Hope told Patrick that Bo betrayed her.

Meanwhile, Bonnie was alone and was continuing to eat fatty foods, smoke cigarettes and drink alochol, but this time it appeared that Bonnie was really having chest pains.

Shawn and Mimi, and Belle and Phil were on the dance floor dancing. Shawn had flashbacks about Zack telling him and Belle that they were meant to be together. Belle and Phil stopped and watched Shawn and Mimi dance on the dance floor. Phil told Belle how good Shawn and Mimi looked together. Shawn told Mimi that he had a surprise for her.

Alex came to see Lois. He entered through the secret door that was apparently next to the two way mirror. "Darling, its so good to see you..."said Lois grabbing for Alex. Alex told her to sit down because she told John their secrets. "I can't let that happen." Alex thought to himself.

John saw Marlena in the hospital. He told Marlena "Lois and Alex are in love and trying to kill you.."

Patrick was still at Hope's house. Patrick continued to talk to Hope about allowing Bo to comfort her. Hope told Patrick that Bo was comforting Chelsea and not her. Hope continued to look through Zack's personal belongings in the box. "I never would have known the truth if it hadn't been for you. Your the only one who didn't lie to me." said Hope.

Bo posted bail for Chelsea. He told Billie and Chelsea that he was going to try to find Hope. Chelsea again told Bo that she was sorry. Bo left Chelsea and Billie at the police station Chelsea told Billie that she was sorry she ruin things for her and Patrick. Billie told her that she shouldn't worry about it. Chelsea asked Billie if she was still interested in Bo. Billie told Chelsea that Hope needs Bo. Billie told Chelsea that Hope will try to get the maximum sentence and also that Hope had a big influence that could affect the court's decision. "If the judge listens to Hope, we will all lose." said Chelsea. Chelsea told Billie that the only way that Hope will take Bo back is if he takes Hope's side. Chelsea told Billie that they could not let Bo and Hope get back together. Chelsea continued to tell Billie that she was sorry for everyone she did and for her bad behavior towards Billie in the past.

Meanwhile, Lois and Alex continued to talk in Lois' room in the hospital. Lois told Alex that she wanted Marlena's head on a silver platter.

Marlena did not believe John's accusation about Alex wanted to kill her.

Shawn and Mimi were at their dinner table talking. The waiter brought a platter over to Mimi. When Mimi opened the platter their was a ring underneath it. Shawn told Mimi that the ring was a family heirloom. He told her that the ring belonged to Tom Horton's mother; he said that the ring was refitted to fit Mimi's finger. "This is absolutely beautiful Shawn, Thank you.... I love you" said Mimi. Phil and Belle walked over to Shawn and Mimi's table. Mimi showed them the ring that Shawn gave her. "We are going to get married as soon possible." explained Mimi.

Shawn and Mimi were dancing on the dance floor. Phil asked if he could dance with Mimi, and then Shawn danced with Belle. "Aren't you going to congratulate me?" Shawn asked Belle. "I hope you and Mimi will be very happy." responded Belle. Shawn asked Belle what was wrong while they continued to dance on the dance floor. "This is wrong, this is wrong..." said Belle.

Billie and Chelsea were still at the police station. Billie told Chelsea "Whatever happens in court you have to accept. But for you to want Hope and Bo to break up that is wrong." "If Hope and Bo don't get back together, I don't think that is a bad thing." said Chelsea.

Bo was standing at the front door of his house. He looked though the window into his house and saw Patrick comforting Hope. Bo busted the door open and said "Get you hands off my wife."

John and Marlena were on their way to Lois' room in the hospital. Alex had just left Lois' room through the secret door in the adjacent room. When John and Marlena entered Lois' room, Marlena screamed. It appears that Lois was hanging from the ceiling.

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